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TOEFL 2021: Dates, Fees, Registration, Pattern, Eligibility, Preparation Tips, Sample Papers

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Study Abroad Expert | Updated On -Jun 14, 2021

TOEFL is a computerized exam conducted by ETS that tests the candidates’ English knowledge required to study, work, or migrate abroad. The TOEFL exam pattern comprises four sections: Reading, listening, speaking, and writing. TOEFL Registration can be completed following few simple steps. The duration of TOEFL is around 3 hours 30 minutes. The score range of TOEFL is 0-120 in which each section has a score range of 0-30. There are two versions of TOEFL – Computer-based exam and Paper-based exam, the latter is only functional in places where there is the unavailability of the internet. During COVID 19 pandemic, ETS launched TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition as the test centers are closed. This version of the TOEFL iBT home edition has a similar syllabus to the original exam. Candidates will not receive any hard copy of the TOEFL scorecardbut within 6-10 days of the test, the online report will be available on the official website. TOEFL Exam Fees in India is INR 13560 ($185).

TOEFL iBT Home Edition

ETS has arranged an at-home edition for the candidates who are finding it difficult to reach the TOEFL test centers due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Since health is the first priority, the at-home edition of TOEFL can be taken. The at-home edition is available worldwide apart from Mainland China and Iran.  The format is totally identical to the general TOEFL exam, along with the scoring method. The test is monitored by a human proctor through ProctorU®.

Mandatory Requirements for TOEFL iBT Home Edition:

  • Desktop or laptop
  • Check if the browser can be downloaded and installed
  • Run the ProctorU equipment check
  • Use only internal or external speakers

Latest News: TOEFL ITP®  Plus for China Solution: Since GMAT test centers in China have been closed for quite some time, the joint effort of ETS and TOEFL program has resulted in the TOEFL ITP program for China Solutions that offer a combination of a similar pattern of TOEFL paper-delivered test ITP Level 1 test with a brief, unscored video speaking interview arranged by Vericant. Candidates are advised to keep an eye on the official website for further updates on this. 

Why take TOEFL?

More than 9000 top universities of the world accept TOEFL scores as a prerequisite for English language proficiency. Indian students take this language proficiency test to measure their Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing skills. Candidates pursue TOEFL for different reasons like high school degree, bachelor's degree, job, or higher education. Indian students prefer TOEFL over IELTS due to their good scores in this language test. ETS shows Indians scored an average of 24 out of 30 in Speaking, Writing, and Listening. In the Reading section, Indian candidates score the least for their intense vocabulary. With an overall average score of 95, candidates can easily secure TIER 2 colleges in the USA and Canada. Students can apply for TOEFL Scholarships as per the score secured in the exam.

TOEFL 2021: Highlights

Test takers must know few details before appearing for TOEFL

TOEFL Full Form Test of English as a Foreign Language
Official Website
Level of Exam International
Conducting Body Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Exam Pattern iBT and PBT
Duration Around 3 ½ hours
TOEFL ibt fee INR 11468 – INR 17919
TOEFL PBT fee INR 12901
Score Range 0-30
TOEFL Test Centers 4500 across the world
TOEFL Helpline Number 1-609-771-7100/ 1-877-863-3546

TOEFL Eligibility 2021

To appear for the exam, ETS did not mention any mandatory eligibility criteria for TOEFL. Before registering, candidates must go through certain guidelines as mentioned on the official website. ETS did not mention any age limit for the applicant. As per educational eligibility, candidates must pass out a higher school degree.

TOEFL Registration 2021

Test takers can complete TOEFL registration either online or offline or via the TOEFL official app available on the play store. The application process for the exam is open throughout the year.

TOEFL Online Application

Candidates will log in to the official website of TOEFL to create a validated profile. You should carry the passport as one of the primary documents while registering for TOEFL. Your name should be spelled correctly. One needs to follow a few easy steps to complete the registration.

  • Fill out all necessary information as required during registration
  • Review the information provided by you
  • Finally, pay the TOEFL application fee to complete the registration

TOEFL Offline Application

Test takers have to send TOEFL registration form via mail to the registered address.

  • The candidate firstly has to download TOEFL registration form
  • Candidates have to fill up specific codes(available online) required to fill up the registration form manually
  • One can initiate a payment from the options mentioned in the form
  • After filling up the form, the candidate has to send the form to RRC(Regional Registered Centers)
  • Mail should be received by them at least a month before the test date
  • If the candidate does not receive a confirmation, then h/she must call RRC at least three days before the registration deadline.

TOEFL Registration via Phone App

  • Visit the official website of TOEFL to find out the contact number of RRC (+91-124-4147700) near the preferred location
  • Candidate can pay the registration fee via credit card or debit card or an e-check
  • Fill up with personal details
  • Online registration via phone will end a week before the exam date
  • If the candidate registers lately then a fine of $40 will be charged

TOEFL Exam Pattern 2021

As TOEFL is a language proficiency test, mostly the ETS TOEFL measures the language skills of the candidates through the following sections : 

  • TOEFL Reading – In TOEFL Reading, candidates will have to read 3-4 passages of 700 words and answer 30-40 questions that include 10 types of questions.
  • TOEFL Writing – TOEFL writing section comprises two tasks – TOEFL integrated and TOEFL independent tasks.
  • TOEFL Listening – In TOEFL listening, candidates will have to attempt  28-39 questions within 41-57 minutes 
  • TOEFL Speaking – TOEFL speaking section comprises one independent and three integrated speaking tasks. 

TOEFL is of two types: TOEFL ibt and TOEFL PBT. Exam Pattern for TOEFL ibt 2020 is explained widely below

TOEFL Sections

TOEFL Score 2021

For each section of TOEFL, the range of scores is between 0-30. TOEFL score has been measured through computational methods. India is a land of many cultures where candidates across regions appear for TOEFL either for a job or higher education. ETS surveyed data about the test takers from India and their performance level for the language proficiency exams.

TOEFL Score Breakup

From the above-mentioned graph, one can easily recognize the usage of different languages in India's mainland. The average score of the candidates from India is 90. As compared to other regions, South Indian language-speaking people perform better in TOEFL. Average TOEFL score secured by the candidates speaking regional languages is 23 in the overall band score.

What is a good score on the TOEFL?

Scoring in the range of 90 to 100 is generally considered a good score on TOEFL. Universities generally require this TOEFL score range as this states that the candidate has a good hold of English. Whereas, if you achieve in the range of 100 to 110 then your chances of getting admitted to the top universities increases. 

TOEFL Result 2021

TOEFL scorecard will be sent over mail within 10 days of taking the exam. To download the scorecard, candidates need to log in with the registered ETS user id. TOEFL ibt score has been evaluated differently as compared to TOEFL PBT score.

TOEFL ibt Score

TOEFL ibt score is measured in the range of 0-120. The scaled score of each section of TOEFL is added together to get the total score of the TOEFL scorecard

Reading 0-30 A score of 22 to 30: High level A score of 15 to 21: Intermediate level A score of 0 to 14: Low level
Listening 0-30 A score of 22 to 30: High level A score of 15 to 21: Intermediate level A score of 0 to 14: Low level
Speaking 0-30 A score of 26 to 30: Good level A score of 18 to 25: Fair level A score of 10to 17: Limited level A score of 0 to 9: Weak level
Writing 0-30 A score of 24 to 30: Good level A score of 17 to 23: Fair level A score of 1 to 16: Limited level
Total 0-120 -


TOEFL iBT Score TOEFL PBT Score Level of Expertise
118-120 ≥ 645 Expert User
115-117 626 - 644 Very Good User
110-114 610 - 625
102-109 581 - 609 Good User
94-101 560 - 580
79-93 546 - 559 Competent User
60-78 530 - 545
42-59 516 - 529 Modest User
35-41 490 - 515
32-34 450 - 489 Limited User
0-31 400 - 449 Extremely Limited/Intermittent/Non User

Check TOEFL Score validity

TOEFL Exam Dates 2021

Test takers must register beforehand as per the availability of TOEFL exam dates. Candidates get around 50 exam dates for TOEFL. Before the pandemic outbreak, test takers could have taken exam at the registered test centers. Now test-takers can appear for online exams at home under surveillance.

TOEFL Exam Centers 2021

Around 4500 TOEFL exam centers are located across 165 countries. In 59 cities of India, test takers can register for available exam centers as per convenience. Available exam centers for TOEFL in India are provided in the map

TOEFL Preparation Tips 2021

Candidates must spend ample time to find out the weakness and strengths of TOEFL. ETS uploads sample papers online for easy access. TOEFL preparation tips must comprise of particular target score to secure with proper guidance to reach the goal. Few tips for the exam are as following

  • Use flashcards to learn vocabulary
  • Try to work in groups for better performance
  • Learn vocabulary from different academic topics
  • Always go through the questions before attempting
  • Practice skimming and scanning for passages.
  • Watch English news and movies to understand the native accent

TOEFL Preparation Books

  • ETS’s Official Guide to TOEFL-5th Edition - Check PDF
  • Barron’s How to Prepare for TOEFL - Check PDF
  • Cracking the TOEFL iBT-Princeton Review - Check PDF
  • Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL test – Check PDF
  • Kaplan TOEFL iBT-4th Edition – Check PDF


Ques. What is the TOEFL test?

Ans. The TOEFL test measures non-native English speakers' capacity to utilize and comprehend the English language as it is heard, verbally expressed, read and written in the college study rooms. It has a few points of advantages over other English language tests that measure your aptitude for English and encourage you to stand apart among different candidates

TOEFL scores are acknowledged by over 11,000 colleges and different institutions worldwide, including colleges of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K., the United States, and across Europe and Asia.

The TOEFL iBT test is given on fixed dates, more than 50 times a year.

Ques. How would I discover testing centers/areas and dates?

Ans. Pick an accessible test date from among testing areas around the globe. Register through your ETS account (either on the web or using the TOEFL official application), via mail or by mobile phone to find the test center and date suitable for you.

Ques. Would I be able to retake the test?

Ans. Yes, you can. There is no restriction to the number of times you can take the examination, however, you can't take it more than once in a 3-day time span. If you have a test arrangement, you can't enroll for another test date that is inside 3 days of your current arrangement. The enrollment charge is expected each time you register for a test date.

This strategy will be authorized regardless of whether a violation is not immediately identified (for instance, because of conflicting enlistment data like an error in name, address, etc).

On the off chance that the violation is recognized after enrollment, yet before the test date, your test arrangement will be dropped and your test expense won't be refunded.

On the off chance that the violation isn't recognized until after your scores have been accounted for, your scores will be dropped. You and any score beneficiaries will be told through an official letter. Your test fee won't be refunded.

Ques. When would I be able to register myself for the test?

Ans. Seats can get filled rapidly, so register early. We prescribe that you register 3 to 4 months before your ideal test date to save your seat. Your test date ought to be 2 to 3 months before your admissions application or other deadlines if any.

Ques. How can I discover a test center?

Ans. At the point when you select an area and date range in the online enlistment application form, you'll see a rundown of test destinations around there. You can look by site or date to discover a match to your requirements.

Ques. What should I do if I commit an error while entering my name or date of birth.

Ans. When you enter your name and date of birth, you can't change those fields. On the off chance that you have to roll out an improvement in your name or date of birth, contact TOEFL Services:

Phone:1-877-863-3546 (Toll-free for test-takers in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada)
+1-609-771-7100 (all other locations)
September–May: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–7:45 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time, except for U.S. holidays
June–August: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5:45 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time, except for U.S. holidays
Note- Phones are busiest on Mondays.

Ques. For what reason wouldn't I be able to get the test date I need?

Ans. You have to enlist before 4 days of the original test date. For instance, if the test is on a Saturday, the cutoff time to enlist is Tuesday. On the off chance, if that test date you need isn't recorded, the cutoff time for enlistment may have passed, or all seats may have been filled.

Ques. I missed the deadline for scheduling a test. What should I do?

Ans. Unfortunately, you will need to select another test date.

Ques. What should I do if I have to drop or reschedule?

Ans. You can reschedule or drop your registration as long as 4 days before your test date. That implies if your test is on a Saturday, you should reschedule or drop by Tuesday. The charge to reschedule is US$60 and it must be paid before you can enroll for another date. You can reschedule through your ETS account either online or via the TOEFL official app, or contact us by phone:

United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada — +1-443-751-4862 or 1-800-GO-TOEFL (1-800-468-6335)

All other locations — contact your Regional Registration Center

Note: You cannot reschedule or cancel your registration via mail or email.

When you reschedule, you need to provide your appointment number and the full name you used when you registered.

Ques. What is the ideal time to register in advance?

Ans. Register 3 to 4 months before the test date.

Ques. Where are TOEFL test scores accepted?

Ans. More than 11,000 colleges, universities, and agencies in 150 countries accept TOEFL test scores. You can even use your TOEFL scores to satisfy visa requirements in Australia and the U.K.

Ques. What is the most ideal practicing approach to get ready for the TOEFL test?

Ans. Rehearsing your English reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills as much as you practice will help you feel confident and prepared on test day.

You need to go through the paper's exam pattern to have a clear understanding of the paper.

Sections Questions & Duration Tasks
Reading Questions: 30–40 questions
Duration: 54–72 minutes
Reading 3 or 4 passages from the academic texts and answering questions based on them
Listening Questions: 28-38
Duration: 41-57 minutes
Listening to lectures, conversations, classroom discussions, and, then answer questions based on them.
Break 10 minutes
Speaking Questions: 4 tasks
Duration: 17 minutes
Candidates need to express their opinion on a topic familiar to them and speak based on reading and listening tasks.
Writing Questions: 2 Tasks
Duration: 50 minutes
Task 1: Integrated Task
Task 2: Independent Task
Candidates need to write an opinionated essay to express logic

Ques. How can TOEFL Practice Online be helpful to prepare for the test?

Ans.With TOEFL Practice Online you can solve real test questions and get scores and results input 24 hours. Complete practice tests are accessible on the TOEFL Practice Online site and can be taken in coordinated mode to recreate the genuine TOEFL iBT testing condition.

Ques. How long is the test session?

Ans.The entire TOEFL iBT test session (including check-in) is approximately 3½ hours. The test itself is 3 hours. Check-in time is 30 minutes.

Ques. What can I take into the test center?

Ans. Identification documents are the only personal items allowed in the testing room. You cannot bring phones, watches or any other electronic devices.

Ques. What are TOEFL test scores like?

Ans.The TOEFL test provides scores in 4 skill areas — Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing — and a total score:

  • Reading–30
  • Listening–30
  • Speaking–30
  • Writing–30
  • Total Score–120
  • The total score is the sum of the 4 skill scores.

Ques. How long are scores valid?

Ans.ETS reports scores for 2 years after the test date.

Ques. Would I be able to demand a test score audit of my Speaking and Writing answers?

Ans.Indeed, you can demand a test score audit for as long as 30 days after your test date.

Ques. Who do I contact if I have questions about my score report?


Phone: 1-877-863-3546 (Toll-free for test-takers in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Canada)
+1-609-771-7100 (all other locations)
September–May: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–7:45 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time, except for U.S. holidays
June–August: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5:45 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time, except for U.S. holidays

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


shreya sarkar
How can I pay the fees of TOEFL offline?
simran singh

No, the fees of TOEFL can not be paid. Unaceptable mode of payments are Cash, any other currency than U.S. Dollar, receipts for bank chques, UNESCO COUPONS, Western Unions.

tanishka shah
Will TOEFL exam be given by the candidates from home or from any exam center this year?
simran singh

TOEFL Exam can be either given from home or at the exam centre. TOEFL iBT home edition allows student to take the exam from the safety. Majority of the students opt for  TOEFL iBT. To know more, refer this link: TOEFL iBT 2021

parth bhikadiya
canadian univercity allowed TOEFL exam?
simran singh

Yes, Canadian Unvirsity do accepts TOEFL Exam scores. More than 9000 top Universities Accept TOEFL scores. It is computerized exam which tests the candidates English knowlede required to study abroad. With an overall average score of 95, candidates can easily secure TIER 2 Colleges in the USA and Canada.

How many attempts are allowed to the international students?
diya suresh

TOEFL exam does not specify any eligibility as such and there is no limit to the number of attempts as well. The exam is conducted over 50 times in a year and for the same application process is open throughout the year. You cannot take the exam within 12 days of the previous attempt. The validity of TOEFL exam score is 2 years, and it will be invalid after this time period. Find more details at TOEFL Registration 2021.

arushi thankur
Will there be TOEFL PBT this year?
diya suresh

Out of the two versions of the exam, PBT or paper based test is conducted in places where there is no internet. Owing to COVID pandemic, many available test centers were closed and hence home edition of the exam was introduced, where a candidate can take the exam from the comfort of his/her home. Application fee for different versions will differ and you can apply in both online and offline mode. Find more details at TOEFL 2021 registration.

Will there be any extra facility provided to the disabled candidates?
diya suresh

Please specify your question as to facility at registration stage or exam stage. For those with inconveniences, can opt for home edition of the exam this year owing to the pandemic situation. There will be no concession in application fee on the basis of category. You can get more details of the exam and fees applicable at TOEFL fees.

What should I do in case of payment errors?
diya suresh

Fee payment is important for completion of the application process and if you are not able to complete the process, then unfortunately application has not been submitted. You can retry with another updated browser later or register for another slot as the requested slot must be unavailable. Cash, bank cheques, Western Union, are not acceptable. Find more details at TOEFL fees.

rohan bharti
What is the eligiblity criteria for scholarship on the basis of TOEFL score?
diya suresh

Yes, you can avail scholarships and financial assistance on the basis of TOEFL score. Those with higher TOEFL score, will be more eligible to get financial assistance from Universities. A minimum of 100 TOEFL score is required for financial assistance  including deducation in tuition fee or accomodation charges.

The score for scholarship might differ from one university to other but 100 is minimum requirement. Find more details at TOEFL scholarships program 2021.

ananya pandey
Is there need to submit bank statement during admission?
diya suresh

Yes the bank statement in original must be required at the time of admission using TOEFL score. It is usually required to check the fund details available which is mandatory to study in foreign countries. An affidavit for financial support must alos be attached. Admission process though varies from one university to other.

How many times am I allowed to give TOEFL in a year?
diya suresh

There are fixed dates for attempting TOEFL test and it is conducted for more than 50 times a year. More than 11000 institutions across the world accepts the test score for admission and migration purpose. There is no limit to the number of attempts for the exam you can't take it more than once in a 3-day time span. 

rohan bharti
Can TOEFL be given by candidate of any nationality?
diya suresh

There is no specific eligibility criteria set by the conducting body for TOEFL exam apart from ID prood requirement and educational qualification. A candidate of any nationality can appear for the exam either to get admission in english speaking countries or to get work there. Score requirement for different universities and countries will be different. For details visit TOEFL Eligibility 2021.

rinki mahapatra
Do I need to bring ID proof with me to the exam center?
manisha malik

Yes, it is important for the candidate to bring and Identity proof to the exam center while giving TOEFL. This can be either Passport or Driver’s license. It is mandatory that the document must not have expired, else it will not be considered valid.

rohan bharti
Can TOEFL be given by the candidates only taking admission in PG program?
diya suresh

No TOEFL can be taken to test your reading, writing, speaking and listening capabilities for english speaking countries. This test can be given for the purpose of high school degree, Bachelor’s degree, higher education or job purpose.

gouri kumari
Will TOEFL score remain valid for more than 2 years?
aditi arun

Hello Gouri,

No, the scores are valid for two years. After two years, the score will get disappear and you can not send it to the universities. For more information, visit – TOEFL Validity.

ibashisha mukhim
Can I give TOEFL offline next year?
gurpreet singh

Hi Ibashisha

There are two modes of exam one is online based and the second is pen and paper based. You can choose any one 

Is TOEFL exam good enough to get admission in best law colleges?
diya suresh

Hi Drona, Yes most Universities and students prefer TOEFL over IELTS for admissions as they provide better scores in language test. So higher the score in exam, higher will be your chances of getting admission in best foreign Universities. You can check details of TOEFL exam from here.

Can TOEFL candidates get any sort of sports related scholarship?
devnath tiwary

Dear Riyaz

Greetings from Collegedunia. We are sorry to inform you that there is no scholarship provided by TOEFL to applicants in relation to sports criteria. The Scholarships are given to the doctoral, graduate, and English Teachers. For more details, kindly go through this link – TOEFL Scholarships

shivkumar dama
How much score in TOEFL is good to get admission at top Universites in the world?
devnath tiwary

Dear Shivkumar Dama

Greetings from Collegedunia. The average score of Indian Candidates is 90 and if we are talking about regions-wise, then South Indian Students perform better in TOEFL whereas other regional languages speaking students have scored 30. But, the Overall Average Good Score is 90 to get the best Universities for pursuing a Master’s Degree all over the world. For more details, kindly go through this link – TOEFL Overview

Is TOEFL score important than GRE score?
devnath tiwary

Dear Muheshraj

Greetings from Collegedunia. Yes, TOEFL is important than GRE because you have to score good average marks in the Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Section to qualify for admission to top universities in the USA and Europe. For more details, kindly go through this link – TOEFL 2020

shatakshi patki
Do In need to submit SOP?
manika gupta

Hi, The Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose (SOP) remains the most important element of the admissions process. It allows the admissions committee to peek into your background, almost a narrative to your entire application. The SOP should hit a strong note with the admissions officer reading it.