TOEFL Registration 2020: Application Process, Exam Fee, Cancelling and Refund

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    For non-native English speakers, TOEFL is required to prove language proficiency. Most test-takers who want to pursue higher education or employment opportunities in English speaking nations write TOEFL. More than 10000 educational institutions and organizations across 150 countries accept TOEFL score as language proficiency marker.

    All around the year, test takers can register for TOEFL at preferred locations. Every year, test takers get 50 different dates to choose for the exam. TOEFL test centers are located in most of the metro cities of India. A candidate can appear for TOEFL five times a year. In a period of 12 days, test takers cannot take TOEFL more than once.


    TOEFL Eligibility 2020

    Educational Testing Service or ETS conducts TOEFL for the test takers who want to pursue higher education or migrate to foreign nations. ETS does not mention any eligibility criteria for TOEFL.

    • Test takers must complete 10+2 level of education from any recognized institution.
    • Candidates should have valid passports as identity proofs

    Very few institutions also mention no requirement for TOEFL Score if the applicant has following criteria

    • Non-native speakers should hold a degree or diploma certificates from any institution located in English speaking nations
    • Non-native speakers should have completed two years course of education from any institution located in English speaking nations

    TOEFL Registration 2020

    TOEFL 2020 registration opens 3-4 months before exam dates. Aspirants can register for TOEFL either online or mail or via Phone application. It is advisable to register early to get preferred TOEFLexam dates and test centers as thousands of candidates appear for TOEFL every year. Before TOEFL registration, candidates should have note following instructions:

    • Should hold a credit or debit card, or an e-check, or PayPal, to pay fee for TOEFL registration
    • Never use “Back” buttons during registration
    • While payment process is initiated never double click
    • Registration date comes to an end 7 days before the exam date
    • If a candidate proceeds with late fine to complete registration, then has to pay $40 as fine
    • One can register for an exam via TOEFL app or via mail. To register via phone, candidates should have a credit or debit card or an e-check.

    Steps for online Registration for TOEFL

    How to Register for TOEFL Exam online

    Step 1: Login

    First time appearing candidates have to sign up to create a profile in ETS with a username and password. Those who have already registered can login with proper user id and password

    Step 2: Create a Profile

    In this step, candidates have to provide all necessary personal information and contact details. Spelling of the name should be checked properly according to passport.

    In the next few fields, candidates have to provide identification numbers and information like Passport, driving license etc.

    In next step, candidate has to create a proper user name followed by password

    Next, candidates have to answer few security questions for easy recovery of account if required

    After checking the box, a confirmation page will be displayed after submission of registration form

    Step 3: Log in with Personal Username and Password

    Here the candidate has to login with registered User Id and password if anyone forgets password and id can click forgot password/forgot user id to retrieve it.

    Step 4: Accessing Homepage

    Here the candidate has to access profile and check for test center and available dates. One can edit information in the profile in this step.

    Step 5: TOEFL Registration

    Candidate has to click “Register for a test/order score report” under “My Tests” category

    Step 6

    In this step, candidates have to click “TOEFL Test” and enter with “Continue”. If a candidate wishes for more score reports then one has to click “TOEFL Services.”

    Step 7: Confirmation

    Before moving forward the next step, candidate has to verify all necessary stuffs. Finally one has to click the “I Agree” checkbox at the bottom.

    Step 8: Test Center Location

    As per convenience, candidates have to select preferred location for TOEFL exam. A list of available dates will be provided to the candidates to select the exam dates.

    Step 9: Select Test Dates

    On the next step, candidates have to select preferred date and TOEFL exam centers from the list given. Then one has to click “Search” button.

    Step 10: Select Test Center

    After clicking “Select Test Center Link”, the candidate has to select preferred location on preferred date.

    To complete next few steps, a candidate gets only 20 minutes

    Step 11: Confirmation

    After providing test center details, candidates will be redirected to confirmation page. Here one can edit information if possible and after that click Continue button.

    Step 12: Select Score Recipient

    In particular, candidates have to select score recipients. Candidates can select up to 4 institutions to receive TOEFL score reports directly. In this step, candidates can add or edit recipients.

    Step 13: Receiving of Scores

    Candidates can ask for a soft copy for TOEFL Score card or hard copy for score card. Then click Continue button.

    Step 14: Questionnaire

    In this step, candidate has to answer few demographic questions required for better analysis of test group

    Step 15: Verification

    On this step, the candidate has to go through minute details properly. After checking all necessary information, the candidate has to click “Confirm Order”. If one needs to edit any detail, you have to click “Modify” link. For cancellation, candidate has to click “Cancel” button.

    Step 16: Payment

    Candidate has to process a payment for registration fee via credit or debit card, or via electronic check. Then click “Continue” button after clicking payment option

    Step 17: Mode of Payment

    Candidates have to enter all necessary details like Name of Card Holder, Card Number, CVV, and Date of Expiry of card. If the candidate has any voucher number, then that can be redeemed in this step.

    Step 18: Payment Confirmation

    After completing fee payment successfully, a screen containing registration confirmation and order receipt will appear. Candidates can also add TOEFL ibt sample papers in cart to purchase. If the candidate wants same details via email, you can click “Email” link.

    TOEFL Registration via mail

    • First download registration form of TOEFL in PDF format from the official website of ETS. Spell name properly as it appears for passport
    • Always fill up the registration form either in blue or black ink
    • Choose any of payment method as listed
    • Mail the form and pay your registration fee to nearest Regional Registration Centre (RRC)
    • To find nearest RRC as per preferred location, candidates have to visit
    • Forms must be received by RRC at least a month before exam date
    • If the candidate has not received confirmation, then need to call RRC where one sends the paper at least 3-4 business days before registration deadline
    • If candidate registers via mail has to put some code manually available online. One can find out code lists from the official website only.

    TOEFL Registration via Phone application

    TOEFL registration can also be processed via phone. Candidates have to install TOEFL Phone app from the Play Store.

    • After installing TOEFL app in phone, candidate has to sign up if he/she is a new user
    • If already registered, then candidate has to enter user id and password
    • Like Online registration, here also candidate has to provide all necessary personal details and contact details
    • Rest the steps are similar just like online registration

    Candidates have to make an online payment via credit or debit card like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. Late fee of $40 will be charged from those candidates who want to make a late fee payment.

    Documents Required

    TOEFL Registration: Documents Required

    As it is a globally acclaimed examination, candidates have to keep all necessary documents before initiating registration process. Applicants have to bring that valid id whose details are given at the time of registration to the test center. Applicants will not be allowed for exam if valid id is failed to provide. Candidates should know these details before registration

    • Only the original document is accepted. No photocopy or soft copy will be acceptable
    • ID card issued by the national authority
    • Expired ID proof will not be acceptable
    • Required recent photograph
    • Full signature of the applicant
    Payment Mode

    TOEFL Exam Fee and Payment Mode

    Candidates should know that exam fees vary across nations due to change of rates in currencies. For payment mode, candidates should have either a credit or debit card, PayPal account or an echeck account. TOEFL fee varies between $160 and $250 for iBT whereas TOEFL PBT fee is $180. List is provided with all necessary fees related to TOEFL.

    TOEFL Test Registration FeeFees vary by country.
    TOEFL Exam Fee after Late registrationUS$ 40
    Rescheduling Fee of TOEFL ExamUS$ 60
    Reinstatement of canceled scores FeeUS$ 20
    Additional score reports (per institution or agency) FeeUS$ 19 each
    Speaking or Writing Section Score Review FeeUS$ 80
    Speaking and Writing Section Score Review FeeUS$ 160

    Payment Policies

    Test takers should know the policies behind registration fee and payment services. Kindly note the following policies

    • Payment made by check or money order must be made in full
    • Cheque must be dated within 90 days of date of receipt
    • Candidates should make payment in US dollars drawn from any US bank in favor of ETS TOEFL
    • ETS will never accept any payment made via demand draft or cash

    Note: If candidate fails to process TOEFL Registration fee then ETS will not release exam scores

    Modes of Payment

    Unlike other language proficiency test, ETS- TOEFL accepts payment only through following modes of payment

    • Credit/Debit Card: Payments can only accepted via banks like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB

    *If payment via Credit or Debit card is chosen, then payment option can be changed before clicking “Submit” button to complete fee payment.

    • For Electronic Check: Candidates staying in US and its territories, payment should be done in e-check
    • PayPal: ETS TOEFL also accepts payment through PayPal
    • Three kinds of cheques are acceptable by ETS TOEFL- Personal Paper Cheque, Euro Cheque, Canadian Cheque
    • Western Union Quick Pay: it is the only payment mode for those candidates who register via mail. After processing fee payment, candidates have to send it as “Pay To:”

    Education Testing Service

    • Registration form has to be sent with the original receipt marked “Agency’s Copy” along with the form. No Customer’s Copy will be accepted

    Instructions to the candidates while making payment through e-check

    Candidates before registration must go through the details. Account number of the bank, Bank routing, transit number are few documents required before submitting e-check. Sum of the amount will be debited from the account on the same day.

    Instructions to the candidates while making payment through Paper Check

    While making payment via Paper Check, candidates are asked to note following information should be printed on check

    • Bank Name
    • Account Number
    • Address
    • Money Order Number
    • Payee’s Name
    • Payee’s Address
    • Signature

    One must know that post dated cheque may result in rejection of TOEFL registration form. So before initiating final payment, one should know dates, currency and other details. Following are the list of currencies accepted by ETS via paper checks

    • US Dollar
    • Euro
    • Japanese Yen
    • Hong Kong Dollar
    • Australian Dollar
    • Denmark Krone
    • New Zealand Dollar
    • Singapore Dollar
    • Norway Krone
    • Sweden Krona

    TOEFL: Accommodation for Test Takers with Health-related Needs and Disabilities

    ETS believes in providing best possible accommodation to the test takers with disabilities or health-related difficulties in TOEFL exam hall. While registration, test takers should go through all possible requirements provided by ETS. For requesting accommodation, test takers have to register it via personal account. Firstly, test takers have to click “Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-related Needs” option under Home Page. From there one has to navigate to “TOEFL Accommodation Status/New Request” for any kind of accommodation requirement at exam hall.

    One can request either via mail or email.


    Mail: to the RRC as per preferred location


    TOEFL 2020: Refund

    Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if anyone cancels registration then a partial amount of registration fee will be initiated. One should cancel registration at least 4 days before exam date. A refund of half the registration fee will be refunded to bank account of the candidate. Refunds will be in US dollars.

    Time FramePercentage Of Refund
    0–7 days after registration (except for (i) 3 or less days before the TOEFL test date, or (ii) on or after TOEFL test date)100% test fee refund
    8 days after registration to 4 days before the TOEFL test date50% test fee refund
    (i) 3 or less days before the TOEFL test date, (ii) on or after the TOEFL test dateNo refund

    *If candidate has registered after deadline can also get fees refund

    **Candidates have to cancel registration at least 4 days before exam date of TOEFL

    ***Refunds will be half the total fees amount paid in favor of ETS. At least 12 weeks are required to process the refund (if payment is made in non-US funds drawn on a bank outside US)

    TOEFL 2020: Registration form Cancellation or Rescheduling

    Candidates who want to cancel or reschedule TOEFL test can be done only 4 days before exam date. Test takers have to make a payment of $60 after rescheduling TOEFL exam. This payment has to be made before changing date. Note the following methods to cancel or reschedule TOEFL test

    Online: Test takers of TOEFL can reschedule or cancel exam if any unavoidable circumstances appear after log into personal account. Candidates have to go “View Orders” present on home page. Now as per requirement, either modify or cancel the fields

    Via Phone: Candidates have to visit the official website of ETS. Candidates have to click “Contact Us”. Candidates have to choose preferred location as per available dates before submission. Candidates will get all necessary information of a particular country as chosen.

    Note: Before contacting any personnel, test takers have to make a call at 1-443-751-4862 or 1-800-468-6335.


    TOEFL 2020: Dates

    Around the year, candidates get 50 dates for TOEFL. This exam can be retaken by any candidate as many times as possible but one cannot take the exam more than once in a period of 12 days. One cannot register for the next TOEFL test if already having an appointment for the test. Test takers have to book preferred dates at least 2 months before the date they wish to sit for exam. List of dates for TOEFL given below till July.

    February 15, 2020
    February 28, 2020
    February 29, 2020
    March 7, 2020
    March 14, 2020
    March 15, 2020
    March 20, 2020
    March 28, 2020
    April 3, 2020
    April 4, 2020
    April 11, 2020
    April 18, 2020
    April 25, 2020
    April 26, 2020
    May 1, 2020
    May 2, 2020
    May 10, 2020
    May 16, 2020
    May 24, 2020
    May 30, 2020
    June 13, 2020
    June 20, 2020
    June 27, 2020
    July 4, 2020
    July 11, 2020
    July 18, 2020
    July 25, 2020

    TOEFL Sample Papers


    Ques. How can I register for TOEFL?

    Ans. TOEFL registration is quite a simple and easy process. The candidates can take the exam anytime in the year according to their convenience. But one thing which the candidates need to know is that they can reschedule their next attempt only after 12 days of taking the first attempt and a candidate is also not allowed to give more than five TOEFL exams in one year.

    Ques. Am I supposed to make a new account every time I apply for the TOEFL Exam?

    Ans. The candidates are supposed to create a new account in case they are giving the test for the first time, they can also log in to an already existing account by visiting the official website.

    Ques. When can I register for the TOEFL test?

    Ans. Since the seats for the TOEFL exam fill quickly, the candidates are advised to register early for the TOEFL exam. It is suggested that they must register at least 3 to 4 months before they plan to take the test. Also, the test date should be at least 2-3 months before the nearest application deadline of the university planning to apply. 

    Ques. How can I find a suitable test center?

    Ans. Choosing a test center for TOEFL is quite simple. Once you have successfully logged in, you can check the register/test center dates button. There you can select your preferred location and dates on which you can give the exam.

    Ques. Once I have registered successfully, can I change the allocated center?

    Ans. In case you are unable to take the test at your assigned center, then you have to write to TOEFL RRC to reschedule an allocation for another test center on the date printed on your admission ticket, but there is no guarantee that you will get the space or test materials at the particular center.

    Ques. Can I change the dates of the TOEFL test, once I have registered for a particular test center?

    Ans. You are not allowed to make the changes in the test date, once you have successfully registered for the test. However, you may ask for a partial refund. Cash refunds are not available. In case you want to take a test on some other date, then you have to submit a new registration form and test fee for the same.

    If you are unable to appear for the exam due to unavoidable health issues, you can ask for rescheduling exam for another date. 

    Ques. What will I need to be allowed to a particular test center?

    Ans. To be allowed to a particular test center, you need to show an admission ticket or official authorization, your official identification document, and a completed photo file record with a recent photo of yourself attached.

    Ques. Is there any other way apart from online, to register for the TOEFL exam?

    Ans. There are basically the following ways to register for TOEFL which include:

    • Online registration – You can visit the official website and follow the procedure to mentioned there to successfully register for the test. You need a valid credit card at the time of registration and for paying the registration fee. You can register online anytime, registration is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Mail registration: In case you wish to register by mail, then you need a print version of the Information Bulletin and then you can complete the scannable registration form.
    • By phone: You can also call on 1-800-GO-TOEFL (1-800-468-6335) to register by phone for TOEFL.

    No matter whichever method you are using to register for TOEFL, make sure that you are doing registration early as some test centers fill up very quickly. You are not allowed to by writing a personal letter, telephone, fax, cable, or electronic mail.

    Ques. Can you explain in brief the process to register for TOEFL through phone?

    Ans. You can register for the TOEFL exam by talking to the executives of TOEFL at the TOEFL exam center. The experts will confirm your seat for TOEFL 2020 test. In case you are planning to register for the test through phone, then you must do the same at least 7 days before the exam.

    • First of all visit the TOEFL website
    • Then choose your region and find a phone number allocated for your region
    • Provide the required details and schedule your TOEFL examination with the executive over the phone
    • You are supposed to pay your TOEFL registration/exam fee through Credit card or Debit card or Paypal or an e-check.
    • Your registration is confirmed then.

    Ques. What fees do I need to deposit at the time of registration?

    Ans. The fees for TOEFL iBT fees vary from USD 160 to USD 250, the fee charges depend on the region you are selecting to give the test. The fee for TOEFL PBT is USD 180 worldwide. In case, you fail to register for the TOEFL test within the required time frame, then you are entitled to pay USD 40 as late fees.

    Ques. What documents do I need at the time of registration?

    Ans. The candidates planning to give the TOEFL test are supposed to provide a valid ID at the time of registration. The spelling and order of the applicant’s name in the registration must match the spelling mentioned in the ID. The candidates need to bring the same document at the center while giving the test.

    Ques. What if I mentioned the wrong date of birth at the time of registration?

    Ans. The candidates must enter the correct name and date of birth at the time of registration. IN case you want to make some amendments in your name or date of birth, then you have to contact TOEFL RRC by mail or through a call as well.

    Ques: What kind of tasks will I have to complete in the Listening Skills section?

    Ans: You will be asked to listen to lectures, conversations and classroom discussions. Thereafter, you will be given questions to answer on the basis of what you were made to listen to.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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    Shruti Verma

    What is the cutoff of Universities in UK?

    22 Nov, 2020 23:36


    TOEFL Scores Required for Top Universities

    Columbia University100600
    University of Oxford110 ( Listening 22, Reading 24, Speaking 25, and Writing 24)600
    University of Cambridge100600
    Imperial College London85600

    23 Nov, 2020 01:28
    Shivkumar Dama

    Can I apply for TOEFL using someone else's email address?

    20 Nov, 2020 23:06

    Hi Shivkumar

    You can apply from any Email address but remember that all the information will be shared on the Email you have given so don’t forget the email id.

    21 Nov, 2020 18:53
    Sunny Pandey

    Can I apply for the next year exam even though I will be waiting for my degree?

    16 Nov, 2020 19:17

    Hi Sunny, you can apply for the exam. For more details visit: TOEFL EXAM

    16 Nov, 2020 20:14
    Kunal Thakrar

    Do I need to submit essay as well?

    13 Nov, 2020 21:46

    Hi, If a college says the essay is “optional,” you should still send one. It can only help you. The reason essay optional schools include that option is so when they are deciding between students with similar qualifications, they can look to see if there are other possible factors to judge.

    15 Nov, 2020 23:24
    Divakar sharma

    What does transcript include?

    13 Nov, 2020 21:41

    Hi, It includes your enrollment history, grades that you got, credits earned and attempted and average of grade-point. Usually a transcript covers educational history of the college or university that has issued it. An official transcript is in printed form, faculty-approved and has your university seal on it.

    15 Nov, 2020 23:25

    Can I apply 5 times within consequent 3 months?

    12 Nov, 2020 22:23

    Hi, Yes, There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test. You simply cannot take it more than once in a 3-day period. 

    12 Nov, 2020 23:23

    What is the cost of revised TOEFL paper delivered test?

    11 Nov, 2020 21:11

    Hello Vipasha,

    The revised test fee is $180.

    11 Nov, 2020 21:14
    Nafisa Khatoon

    From when will the registration for exam for next year will start?

    10 Nov, 2020 20:06

    Hi Nafisa, TOEFL 2021 registration process and dates will be announced soon. Check here for TOEFL Registration details.

    12 Nov, 2020 09:17
    Sourajit Mukherjee

    Can I apply even if I have not got my result yet?

    10 Nov, 2020 19:55

    Hi, sourajit

    If you are talking about the 12th exam result, then yes you have to wait for results to get declared. 

    12 Nov, 2020 01:50
    Utkarsha Khatri

    I have still not got my passport, am I not eligible for the exam?

    03 Nov, 2020 21:01

    Dear Utkarsh Khatri

    Greetings from Collegedunia. TOEFL Test is accepting only a valid Passport as a Photo Identity Proof. No other ID proofs are acceptable at Exam Centers. So, Please wait for the passport to come and then, appear for the TOEFL Test. For more information, kindly go through this link – TOEFL TEST 2020 ID Proof Guidelines 

    04 Nov, 2020 11:32

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