Magoosh TOEFL Preparation Review

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    How does it sound to get hold of a TOEFL preparation course which offers you ample practice questions, explanatory lesson videos, customer-focused, and offers user-friendly design at an affordable price?

    Guessed it right, it is the Magoosh TOEFL prep course which is one the best TOEFL preparation online. Test-takers have acclaimed about their practice tests which resemble that of the actual TOEFL exam.

    Is Magoosh good for TOEFL?

    We have curated the most promising features of the Magoosh TOEFL prep course which will help in understanding why Magoosh is considered the best TOEFL preparation online by many students.

    Magoosh TOEFL preparation

    Magoosh TOEFL Preparation: Pros

    The above factors provide an idea of how Magoosh is good for TOEFL. Let us study the Magoosh TOEFL preparation pros in details.

    Magoosh's TOEFL App

    Magoosh TOEFL Preparation Questions in Abundance

    Magoosh TOEFL preparation knows very well that only practising will fetch a candidate high TOEFL scores. Therefore, they have housed 420+ TOEFL practice questions which are attached with video explanations. These videos explain the way to approach related questions. practising all the TOEFL questions means the candidate is already introduced to the actual TOEFL questions.

    magoosh toefl app practice questions

    This picture clearly states how convenient it is for the candidates to access the practice questions whenever necessary and excel accordingly.

    How much does Magoosh TOEFL Prep cost?

    Magoosh TOEFL preparation has gained most of its praise from its very affordable pricing.

    Preparation1 Week - $291 Month - $396 Months - $79
    140+ video lessonsYesYesYes
    420+ practice questionsYesYesYes
    Explanatory video lessonsYesYesYes
    Study PlansYesYesYes
    Email assistanceYesYesYes
    4+ point score guaranteeNoyesYes
    7 day refundNoYesyes

    Magoosh TOEFL Preparation through Progress Tracking

    Magoosh TOEFL preparation provides an insight into the score results of the candidates received from the numerous practice questions and tests. They automatically track the answers and assess the scores derived, eventually tracking the progress.

    For further understanding, they can also click for a detailed view option whereby the questions they’ve answered will be displayed.

    Magoosh TOEFL Preparation through Mobile App

    Study from wherever you want with the help of the Magoosh TOEFL preparation app having a friendly user-interface. It lets you study while travelling to school, or while in a queue, and learning in shorter bursts have always proved beneficial. The TOEFL flashcards are of big help in the Magoosh TOEFL preparation app which boosts the vocabulary knowledge of the test-takers.

    • Vocabulary plays a very crucial role in escalating the TOEFL score and the more you learn new vocabulary
    • Learning the English language through vocabulary through a flashcard has been instrumental in increasing marks since school days and same is applicable here.
    • The vocabulary flashcards are digital – this makes way for even more effortless view through desktop and phone.
    magoosh toefl mobile app

    The above picture demonstrates the easy way of handling the app with hardly any hyped features needing breakthrough.

    Magoosh TOEFL Preparation through Video Explanations

    To understand the 4 sections of TOEFL, video explanations are the best option which is provided in plenty by the Magoosh TOEFL preparation. Explanations of English grammar, as well as videos after every practice question, proves to be very helpful. One can go back to them whenever they feel the need and study.

    Magoosh TOEFL Preparation is a ‘one-stop-solution

    The site, as well as the app, has every kind of preparation resources needed. From student dashboard to flashcards, TOEFL study plan, writing and speaking templates, preparation tips – they have got it all. It tops the list of best preparation online because of its accessibility.

    Magoosh TOEFL Preparation: Cons

    The only limitation in Magoosh TOEFL preparation is the fewer number of full-length practice tests. The only way to handle these issues is to sync other TOEFL practice tests.

    To conclude, Magoosh TOEFL preparation comprises of striking features which enhance the TOEFL scores of candidates. Its user-friendly interface is one of the biggest catch for test-takers and they generally opt for Magoosh also because of its popularity in the entrance exam segment.

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