TOEFL 2020 Practice Papers

    It is the dream of numerous students to pursue their academic career in the universities of US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand where most of the renowned universities are housed. TO secure admission, the TOEFL exam is the gateway for them as the score is instrumental in attaining the seat. TOEFL is the English proficiency test that measures the candidate’s listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills and examines if they are eligible to study in those universities or work in those places. 

    The TOEFL exam comprises of elements of those English speaking nations like vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, accent and more. The candidate is expected to understand the change and respond with a relevant answer. They are asked different kinds of questions in the forms of comprehension, passages, MCQs, playing audios, presenting pictures, and so on. To ace all these exercises, the TOEFL practice tests come as the saviour as they gear up the flair of the candidates along with increasing confidence. 

    Why are TOEFL Practice Tests Crucial?

    We have always heard that practise leads to perfection and the same is the case with the TOEFL score. TOEFL is mostly given in the internet-based form which is known as the TOEFL iBT and it needs the candidate to have a proper understanding of the mechanism of the computer as they are supposed to answer there. The practice papers will give the candidates an idea of how the exam is going to be, with the type of question papers and representation of question format along with the complexity of the questions. All these may make the candidate nervous on the day of the exam and end up ruining the score. 

    Rigorous practice of the exercise will build the confidence of the candidates alongside improving their skills in each of the sections. 

    TOEFL Reading Practice

    TOEFL reading is an essential part of each type. In TOEFL IBT reading section, candidates get 3-4 reading comprehension with 30-40 questions which means there are 10 questions from each passage. 

    TOEFL IBT is an unpredictable exam and TOEFL reading passages can be an academic passage or a general passage. The more the candidates prepare, the higher the chance of answering the questions in minimum time. Time management is very essential because the allotted time for TOEFL reading is 54-72 minutes. So, the candidates must have a daily practice of this. 

    TOEFL reading practice tests can help aspiring candidates to prepare for TOEFL. The TOEFL reading practice papers can make the candidates familiar with the length of the passages and difficulty level of the passage as well. 

    TOEFL Listening Practice

    TOEFL is the English proficiency test which measures the listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of the candidates interested in studying abroad. TheTOEFL practice tests are the ultimate helpers when it comes to scoring real high. TheTOEFL score is mandatory for the students to submit at the universities and it must be noted that the majority of the universities have their setTOEFL overall score and sectional scores.To excel in TOEFL practising enough practice papers is a necessity as this is a language and practising each of its skills as well as adapting to it will need time and practice.

    Here, you will get ampleTOEFL listening practice papers which will aid in improving the listening skills if the person already has an idea about the language. If you are someone who is not fluent in it, then you should start practising these papers to increase your chance of getting accepted in those universities. 

    TOEFL Speaking Practice

    TOEFL speaking section consists of 4 tasks among which task 1 will be an independent task and the rest of the 3 tasks will be integrated tasks. The independent task is comparatively easy as it asks general questions and questions where the candidates can speak about their preferences and opinions.

    In the TOEFL iBT speaking integrated tasks, candidates will listen or listen and read to speak about it. The listening excerpts include lecture or conversation and the reading passage will be a short passage on the same topic. These integrated tasks ask an in-depth understanding of the lecture and the conversation and the reading passage from the candidates. 

    As the candidates of TOEFL are mostly from the non-English speaking countries, they struggle in TOEFL speaking section more compared top rest of the 3 sections. Most of the globally top universities ask for TOEFL sectional cut off and the cut off for TOEFL speaking section is around 24. 

    To achieve this cut off in TOEFL speaking, proper practice is much needed. TOEFL speaking practise papers can help the candidates in this. 

    TOEFL Writing Practice

    TOEFL Writing is the last section of this exam and it has two tasks in it. One is the integrated task and the other one is an independent task. 

    For the TOEFL writing integrated task, the candidate needs to read a passage in 3 minutes and listen to a lecture. After that, the candidate needs to prepare and write an essay in 150-225 words based on the passage and lecture in 20 minutes. Here, the candidate does not need to include anything from outside, summarizing the passage and lecture will be enough to write the essay. 

    For TOEFL independent writing task, the candidate needs to respond to a prompt in 300 words in 30 minutes. Here the candidates can use own opinions and experience to construct the essay. Each task needs enough writing speed and practice with TOEFL writing practice papers can assist the candidates in this matter. 

    Click here for a free mock test of TOEFL and you can check the attached practice papers to achieve perfection. 

    Practice Papers

    SAMPLE PAPER 1.pdf

    SAMPLE PAPER 2.pdf

    SAMPLE PAPER 3.pdf





    Independent writing task 1.pdf

    1593424999Independent writing task 2.pdf

    1593425183Independent writing task 3.pdf

    1593425216Independent writing task 4.pdf


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