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TOEFL Score 2021: Score Range, Score Calculation, Score Percentile, Average Score, Score Reporting, and Score for Top Universities

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Indrita Ganguly

Content Curator | Updated On -Jun 10, 2021

TOEFL Score is calculated on a range of 0 - 120 points. Candidates receive TOEFL results with two types of scores: TOEFL Total Score and TOEFL Scaled Score. Each of the four sections of TOEFL syllabus is marked on a range of 0 - 30 and that is the scaled score. TOEFL total marks are the ultimate score out of 120. The average TOEFL score ranges between 85 to 95. TOEFL score validity is for two years.

Average TOEFL score Graph

The above graph shows the average TOEFL score of candidates pursuing different levels. The levels include candidate in high-school, college students, undergraduate students, graduate students applying in both business, and non-business programs, applicants for English language school professional licence, employment and immigration. Below are few points studied from the above graph:

  • The highest average TOEFL reading score is obtained by the graduate students applying in non-business program
  • Graduate students applying for non-business programs again obtained the highest average TOEFL listening score
  • Highest average TOEFL speaking score is obtained by grad students applying for non-business and business programs, and immigration candidates
  • The highest average TOEFL writing score is obtained by graduate students applying for non-business programs

TOEFL Score Range

Each of the four sections of TOEFL exam pattern has four to five proficiency levels. These levels determine the performance of the candidates based on their TOEFL exam total marks. TOEFL highest score one can obtain is 120.

The below TOEFL score table describes the performance in each section:

Sections TOEFL Score Range Level
Listening Section 0-30 Advanced (22–30) high-intermediate (17–21) Low-Intermediate (9–16) Below Low-Intermediate (0–8)
Speaking Section 0-30 Advanced (25–30) High-Intermediate (20–24) Low-Intermediate (16–19) Basic (10–15) Below Basic (0–9)
Reading Section 0-30 Advanced (24–30) High-Intermediate (18–23) Low-Intermediate (4–17) Below Low-Intermediate (0–3)
Writing Section 0-30 Advanced (24–30) High-Intermediate (17–23) Low-Intermediate (13–16) Basic (7–12) Below Basic (0–6)
Total TOEFL Score 0-120 -

TOEFL Score Calculation

TOEFL score calculation is based on a conversion from the raw score to the scaled score. A raw score is the total number of correct answers a candidate obtains. Examiners convert those raw scores into TOEFL iBT scores. Below are lists explaining TOEFL score range conversion from raw to scaled:

TOEFL Reading Score Conversion

There are a total of 30 to 40 questions in TOEFL reading. Below is the TOEFL exam score conversion from raw to scaled:

No. of correct answers TOEFL Scaled Score
32-33 30
30 28-30
25 23-26
20 17-22
15 10-17
10 2-10
5 0-2

TOEFL Listening Score Conversion

There is a total of 28 to 39 questions in TOEFL listening. Below is the TOEFL score conversion:

No. of Correct Answers TOEFL Scaled Score
28 30
25 25-30
20 19-24
15 13-18
10 6-12
5 1-4

TOEFL Writing Score Conversion

Below is the TOEFL score conversion from raw to scaled score of TOEFL writing section:

No. of Correct Answers TOEFL Scaled Score
10 30
9.5 29
9 28
8.5 27
8 25
7.5 24
7 22
6.5 21
6 20
5.5 18
5 17
4.5 16
4 14

TOEFL Speaking Score Conversion

Below is the TOEFL score conversion of TOEFL speaking section:

Raw Score TOEFL Scaled Score
16 30
15 28
14 26
13 24
12 23
11 21
10 19
9 17
8 15
7 13
6 11
5 9
4 8

TOEFL Score Percentile

TOEFL score percentiles help candidates understand their performance as compared to other test-takers. Below is the TOEFL score percentile table:

Total Scale Score Percentile Rank
120 100
116 99
112 96
108 92
104 86
100 79
96 71
92 63
88 55
84 47
80 40
76 33
72 28
68 23
64 18
60 14
56 11
52 9
48 7
44 5
40 3
36 2
32 1
28 1
24 .
20 .
16 .
12 .
8 .
4 .
0 .

Candidates need to aim for a TOEFL score percentile of 79 and above to obtain a good TOEFL score. There is no TOEFL maximum score or TOEFL minimum score that candidates need to aim for. If the candidate can achieve the TOEFL cutoff of their selected universities, it means they have achieved the TOEFL passing score. Most universities have a requirement of a TOEFL band score of 100 and above.

TOEFL Average Score

According to ETS TOEFL Results’ data, the average TOEFL score of the four sections have been stated below:

  • TOEFL Reading: 21.2
  • TOEFL Listening: 20.9
  • TOEFL Speaking: 20.6
  • TOEFL Writing: 20.5
  • Average TOEFL Score Percentile: 83

How to Receive your TOEFL Score?

Candidates can either check TOEFL scores online or through the mail. Most candidates opt for the online method, and the steps to check TOEFL score online is given below:

  • TOEFL exam score is available approximately 6 days from the TOEFL test date and can be checked through one ETS account
  • The candidate will be informed about the availability of TOEFL score through their registered email account
  • To check TOEFL score candidates need to log in with their username and password
  • On successful log-in, section-wise and overall TOEFL test score will be displayed on the screen
  • PDF score reports are typically available for download within 8 days after the test date
  • Download the TOEFL scorecard once it is available

Candidates can also view their TOEFL unofficial score of the listening and reading sections instantly after finishing their test. This is helpful for candidates to understand their performance before leaving the TOEFL test center.

How to Send your TOEFL Score?

There are two ways of TOEFL score reporting: Before the Test and After the Test.

Before the Test:

TOEFL score reports will be automatically sent to the four selected universities that the candidate has chosen before the test. TOEFL score sending fee of these four reports is already included in the TOEFL fee. Any alteration can be done before 10 p.m of the day before the test. The delivery time of each of the mediums of sending TOEFL score are stated below:

  • Through ETS Data Manager: 6 to 8 days
  • Scorelink Service: 8 to 10 days
  • Postal Mail: 9 to 100 days excluding mailing time.

After the Test:

Candidates can request for additional TOEFL score reports within two years of TOEFL score validity. They need to pay an additional fee of US$20 for each university/college they are selecting. There are three ways of sending TOEFL score:

  • Through ETS Account: Candidates need to select the ‘Send Additional Score Report’ option and pay. It takes 3 to 5 official days.
  • By Fax: Candidates need to fill ‘Additional Score Report Request Form’, include payment and appointment number information. The fax is to be sent to +1-610-290-8972. It takes 10 official days.
  • By Mail: This takes 10 days to send the candidates’ TOEFL best score. Fill out the TOEFL IBT Additional Score Report Request Form and mail it to:


P.O. Box 6153

Princeton, NJ 08541-6153 USA

TOEFL Score Requirement for Universities

Most of the top TOEFL accepting universities require a TOEFL cutoff of around 90 to 100 and above. The required TOEFL score for US universities is around 80 to 100. Candidates need to aim for TOEFL max score after noting the score requirements of the universities. Below is a list of TOEFL score of top universities:

Harvard University 100 – 105
Oxford University 100; Listening: 22 Reading: 24 Speaking: 25 Writing: 24
University College London 92 or above (minimum 24/30 in reading and writing, 20/30 in listening and speaking)
Columbia University 100
Cambridge University 100; 25 in each skill
California Institute of Technology 78
UC Berkeley 100
Edinburgh University 92; 20 in each section
King’s College, London 109; Writing: 27 25 in remaining skills
Duke University 90
Brown University 100 or above
University of California, Los Angeles 87
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 88 – 100; 23 minimum score in each section
Northwestern University 100 for Ph.D.; 90 for MS
Stanford University 100
Yale University 100
University of California, San Diego 85

Candidates can know their performance in both IELTS and TOEFL by comparing TOEFL score to IELTS. This way they can understand if they should take IELTS or TOEFL.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


surabhi s
Do I need to submit the score on mail or through the official website?
diya suresh

There is no need to submit the score in person or via mail but it will be automatically sent to the preferred 4 options selected by the candidate at the time of registration. The fee is inclusive of the registration fee but in order to send the score to additional college, extra fees will be required. It will take around 6-10 days for the college to get the result. Find more details at TOEFL results 2021.

mohammed najamuddin
Can I submit my result to the Universities one week after the declaration?
diya suresh

The exam result will be generated after around 6 days of the test on the official website and pdf format of the same will be available within 8 days for download. As the validity of the score is 2 years it is suggested to send the scorecard to the Universities at the earliest so as to avoid any kind of delays. Also, it will take around 5-6 days for the result to reach the University. To know more details visit TOEFL score report 2021.

surabhi s
What is the procedure to send my score to the Universities?
diya suresh

Candidates need to select 4 options of Universities day before the test and these 4 colleges recieves the score automatically when the results are published. The fee for sending score is included in the exam fee and the respective college will recieve the scorecard in around 6-10 days depending upon the country. In case, a candidate wants to send the score to more than 4 universities, additional fees need to be paid. Find more details at TOEFL results.

mohammed najamuddin
In which countries can I use my result to get admission?
nitin yaduvanshi

TOEFL scores are accepted in universities spread across 150 countries including the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and widely accepted in Canada. You should know that TOEFL is not a requisite for your country student visa but is a requirement in your university admission process.

vikram dewan
Can I check my result only from the official website?
diya suresh

TOEFL results will be available on the official website of ETS around 6 days after the exam. The validity of the exam score is 2 years and one needs to send the scorecard to different Universities within this time period only. The result includes score of different sections along with performance feedback of different skills. Once the results are declared, candidates will get a mail regarding the same. To know more details visit TOEFL results 2021.

karan rathod
Can you explain the procedure to submit my score in the Universities?
nitin yaduvanshi

Through Your ETS Account

Access your account online or via the TOEFL official app and use the "Send Additional Score Reports" option. Pay by credit/debit card, e-check or PayPal®. Score reports are mailed 3–5 business days after your request is received.

You can submit your score by Mail and Fax also.

utkarsha khatri
Is there any way to apply for re-evalution of my score?
diya suresh

Yes, there is option for score review for speaking and writing section via ETS score review process on the official website upto maximum 30 days after the test date. Candidates can either review one section or both and need to submit request accordingly. For score review of each section, additional fee required is USD 80 and score review result will be available after 3 weeks of receipt of request and payment.

Can you suggest me some way to improve my listening score?
diya suresh

Try using official reosurces for preparation as they are reliable and answer this section first than other sections. Some of the tips that can be used for better score are:

  • Take notes while listening to a passage
  • Evaluate tone in the test
  • Practise more and more with sample papers
  • Try expanding your vocabulary
  • Attempt online test

To know more details visit TOEFL listening preparation tips.

ibashisha mukhim
How is my speaking raw score calculated for the exam?
diya suresh

For calculating speaking score, human raters are assigned and the band score is scaled from 0-4. These scores are then averaged to give raw score on a scale of 0-4. A students is analysed not on the basis of raw score but on the basis of raw score range. Different Universities have different score requirement so prepare accordingly.

ankita sasmal
What are the Universities included in Ivy League schools?
spandita hati

There are eight universities in the Ivy League Schools. They are: 

  • Harvard university 
  • Yale university 
  • Princeton University 
  • Columbia University 
  • Brown University 
  • Dartmouth University 
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Cornell Unievsrity 
How long will my score remain valid?
diya suresh

The score of TOEFL test will remain valid for 2 years and it is recieved within 6 days of the test. The score can be downloaded in pdf format from online website or official TOEFL app. The score date is the date of exam and not the declaration of result. After 2 years time, the score will be invalid and you cannot access it from the website as well. To get more details visit TOEFL score validity 2021.

For how long can I use my TOEFL score?
diya suresh

TOEFL test scores are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of exam. TOEFL scorecard can be downloaded in PDF form from the online website or from the official TOEFL app. It is suggested to downlaod the scorecard soon after getting the result and sent it to the desired Universities as after 2 years, the score will be invalid. For more details visit TOEFL score validity 2021.

Is there any University in India which accepts TOEFL score?
diya suresh

No, TOEFL or IELTS is an english proficiency test that is manadtory only for english speaking countries and other selected foreign countries ,but as India is not an english speaking country, the score is not required for admissions in the colleges of the country. Countries like Canada, Europe, USA, UK etc. makes it mandatory to produce TOEFL score for admissions.

riya gupta
What should be my average score in the exam to get admission in good college?
manisha malik

The good overall average score in TOEFL is considered to be 82. In each section your average score must be:

  1. TOEFL Reading – 20.5
  2. TOEFL Listening – 20.2
  3. TOEFL Speaking – 20.4
  4. TOEFL Writing – 20.9

For TOEFL iBT, the average score is around 82-83 out of 120. 

yash raj singh
Will i receive hard copy of my TOEFL score card this year?
devnath tiwary

Dear Yash Raj Singh

Greetings from Collegedunia. Once you have done with the TOEFL Exam, the result will be out within 6 days. The score report will be sent to you by email. You can check your score out of the overall score of the TOEFL Test. For more information, kindly go through this link – TOEFL Score Report

What will happen if my TOEFL score is good but IELTS score isn’t?
swati srivastava

Hi Taniksha, if your TOEFL score is good, you can carry yourself forward following the same and apply for colleges. For more details visit: TOEFL EXAM

ambar ahirawar
What will happen if I clear the exam and don’t take admission in the college that year?
swati srivastava

Hi Ambar, the TOEFL score is valid for 2 years. you can take admission the following next year. For more details visit: TOEFL EXAM

Is it compulsory to score good in every section or exam or do they consider the cumulative?
swati srivastava

Hi Devi, you need to score in every section of the exam. For more details visit: TOEFL EXAM

simran nigam
How can I check my result?
manika gupta

Hi Simran, You can view your scores in your ETS account approximately 6 days after your test date. You'll receive an email when your scores are available, and you can access your account online or via the official TOEFL app.

akansha gupta
What is the average TOEFL score in India?
devnath tiwary

Dear Akansha Gupta

Greetings from Collegedunia. The Average TOEFL Score in India is 90. There is various cut-off TOEFL score accepted in various Universities all over the world. For more information, kindly go through this link – TOEFL Exam Pattern