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    The Ultimate 2 Weeks TOEFL Study Plan

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    If you are someone who has their TOEFL exam knocking the door but your preparation is still under question then this 2 week TOEFL study plan will help you out. Though it is always advisable that TOEFL being a standard English proficiency metric for international students, should be devoted a 1 – 2 months time.

    A standard time of 1 month is required to study for TOEFL aspirants to devote. Nevertheless, a TOEFL 2 week study plan will help those out who are in dire need of a tactful and explanatory study plan.

    TOEFL 2 Week Study Plan

    The following TOEFL study plan for 2 weeks can be modified according to the need of the candidate. There are test-takers in abundance who are working professionals or students pursuing their undergrad, they can always shift the study hours to their need.

    Before starting off, candidates need to gather a few vital TOEFL study materials:

    1. Official TOEFL Full-length Practice Tests,
    2. TOEFL Practice Sets,
    3. Flashcards
    Week 1
    Day 1Start with a diagnostic test;
    Devote complete 3 hours:
    i) 41 - 57 minutes TOEFL Listening,
    ii) 54 – 72 minutes for TOEFL reading,
    iii) 50 minutes for TOEFL writing and,
    iv) 17 minutes for TOEFL speaking
    Assess the stronger and weaker sections;
    Day 2Start with TOEFL reading:
    • Filled in Text,
    • Questions of sentence simplification,
    • Finding Strategies,
    • Vocabulary,
    • Credible information,
    • Negative credible information
    Solve related questions from the practice sets
    Day 3Complete one practice test and note down the problem areas; Complete the remaining TOEFL reading topics:
    • Reading comprehension sets,
    • Inference,
    • Reference,
    • How to boost reading,
    • How to Speed up reading
    Day 4Select a practice test, complete it and note down the issues; Start with TOEFL listening:
    • Overview,
    • The technique to jot down vital notes,
    • Producing a passage map,
    • Main idea and function questions,
    • Literary comprehension,
    • Tone or outlook questions,
    • Detect the arrangement of information
    Day 5Take another practice test; Complete the listening section:
    • Definite point questions,
    • Findingthe meaning of the quote questions,
    • Tone or outlook questions,
    • Recognizing the arrangement of information,
    • Producing conclusion questions
    Day 6Devote your time in reading and listening practice sets and noting down the parts you’re facing problem with; Watch an American TV show for half an hour and focus on the accent;
    Day 7Now take another practice test as we’re almost halfway;
    Week 2
    Day 1Focus on TOEFL speaking:
    • Tutorials on how to speak fluently,
    • Sample TOEFL Speaking questions,
    • Time-management in speaking,
    • Maintaining proper speed
    Practice TOEFL speaking questions
    Day 2Learn the 4 speaking task types:
    • 1 – Independent speaking task,
    • 2 – 4 Integrated speaking tasks
    Take a practice test to solve these;
    Day 3From the TOEFL writing section learn;
    • Method to create a better essay,
    • Approach to boost your comprehension and writing,
    • Sample TOEFL writing questions
    Day 4Go through the main writing modules:
    Day 5Take another full-length practice test;
    Day 6Create an exam like environment and take another full-length practice test;
    Day 7Relax on the last day

    Never study before the test day or on the test-day as it will only build up stress and not confidence. Gather the documents required for TOEFL registration and take enough rest.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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