TOEFL 8 Weeks Study Plan

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    Week 1

    Preliminary TestsPreliminary test to understand the strength and weaknesses in each TOEFL section.
    • Reading Section: 60 minutes
    • Listening Section: 20 minutes
    • BREAK: 10 minutes
    • Speaking Section
    • Writing Section: 20 minutes; 30 minutes
    Move on to lessons and practiceAfter finishing the preliminary test, head on to watching video lessons which will create an idea of what the TOEFL exam is, how it should be dealt with and what types of questions are found.
    Then start practising the questions, start with ten questions and slowly develop the idea of how the question types can be handled. Once you start grasping them by practising reading, writing, listening and speaking, it will become easier.
    Introduction to 4 sectionsOnce the video lessons are watched, it is time to focus on particular sections for better understanding.
    • Starting with reading, focus on how to pace up while reading – Remember there is a time limit and you’ve speed up your reading to save time. Read about inference and purpose.
    • Watch video lessons on how to practice speaking and other people speaking. Learn about ‘choose one from two’ and also sample answers.
    • After you’re done with watching the videos, practice the reading and speaking sections specific to the videos as it will provide an idea about the things you just watched.
    • Start with listening section after that by listening to the recordings and try answering the questions. Learn about writing down notes, about the main idea while listening. Similarly, practice the questions.

    Week 2

    Devote Time To Speaking SectionStart by practising the TOEFL speaking practice tests of the speaking section and complete as many as possible. While solving them, mark the places you’re facing difficulties.
    • Practice task 1 ‘choose one from two’ and also their sample answers.
    • Practice task 2 ‘conversation and reading’ and their samples.
    • Practice task 3 ‘lecture and reading’ and their samples.
    • Lastly, practice task 4 ‘lecture’ and its sample.
    Give time in understanding if you’ve made any mistake while speaking, re-attempt to make it sound better by rectifying the mistakes. Listen to sample speaking answers by listening to CDs and remember to record the answers you speak to review them later on.
    While practising the speaking section every day, including new vocabularies every time you speak.

    Week 3

    Devote Time To ReadingStart with practising TOEFL reading questions and read as much as possible especially the more complicated ones.
    • Then focus on solving reading questions by giving yourself a strict duration of 54 minutes and score yourself along with marking the incorrect answers.
    • The official TOEFL practice tests give a real-time experience, practice another paper after reading more. Keep on practising till the end of the week and review the answers. Remember, the more answers you review, the better you’ll understand the issues going through.

    Week 4

    Devote Time To Listening SectionStart with completing the campus conversation segment then head on to the other parts;
    Complete TOEFL listening questions related to archaeology, astronomy, sociology, biology, botany and film history, history, ecology, earth science, literature, marine biology, marketing, psychology, geology; During the end of the week, thoroughly practice the questions

    Week 5

    Devote time to WritingAfter practising the TOEFL writing questions, move on to understanding the in-depth concepts;
    Practice Independent writing concepts:
    • ‘preference’ questions
    • ‘agree/disagree’ questions
    • ‘if/imaginary’ questions
    • ‘comparison/contrast’ questions
    • ‘description/explanation’ questions
    • Practice integrated essays

    Week 6

    Practice full TOEFL practice testsNow when you’ve completed the section-wise lessons, it is time to practice the full TOEFL practice test. This time you’ll examine the differences and changes that will occur after a proper understanding
    Work on SpeakingReview the speaking recordings and practice the speaking part;
    Review the previous answers that you’ve recorded and analyse

    Week 7

    Practice an online TOEFL practice testAn online practice test will give a real-time experience and during the second last week, this is a proper thing to do;
    This will also give an idea of the time-management part

    Week 8

    Practice test, test-day checklist and gather documentsTake another test during the last week; tick the test day checklist, and also gather the documents needed

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