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    Candidates interested in pursuing their higher education abroad, the TOEFL exam serves as a crucial performance indicator for their English proficiency. For taking admission to the best universities, the candidates are always concerned about how high their TOEFL scores should be. The TOEFL average scores will provide an idea about how the candidate’s scores should be when compared to that of the university.

    What is TOEFL Average Score

    The overall TOEFL average score according to ETS can be stated as:

    SectionsTOEFL Average Score
    TOEFL Reading20.5
    TOEFL Listening20.2
    TOEFL Speaking20.4
    TOEFL Writing20.9
    Total TOEFL Score82

    Therefore, 82 is the average score for TOEFL.

    From the above table based on the average score for TOEFL, we have curated a few important points:

    • Any TOEFL iBT score which is above 82 or 83 out of 120 can be termed as the above-average score.
    • Any score below 81 is a below-average score.
    • Therefore, 82 is the perfect average score of TOEFL.
    • Each of the average scores of the four sections is rounded to either 20 or 21.

    Note: Only whole numbers are considered in TOEFL. Therefore, any number which is 0 – 19 is termed as below average and any number which is 22 – 30 is considered above average.

    TOEFL Average Scores by Academic Levels

    The average score for TOEFL based on academic levels provides an idea of how the required TOEFL scores change according to the seniority of the educational programs.

    TOEFL Average Scores by Academic Levels

    From the above TOEFL Average Score chart, we can point out some vital factors:

    • The highest TOEFL score is scored by the graduate students of both business and non-business – 86. (Since grad-level students prepare hard for their course curriculum)
    • The lowest TOEFL average score is scored by high school students – 72. (Justified as their knowledge level is not equivalent to the grad students).

    TOEFL Average Score by Genders

    The average scores for TOEFL have been explained according to the genders.

    TOEFL Average Scores by Genders

    From the above graph of TOEFL average score based on genders, we have curated a few important factors:

    • Females have scored better than men with a score higher by 1.1 points;
    • Apart from the TOEFL reading section, each individual scores of females are higher than that of men;

    As it is evident, the difference in scores is slight. Therefore, it can further be streamlined that there is no comprehensive difference in scores when it comes to gender.

    TOEFL Average Score by Country

    The countries mentioned here will give us an idea of TOEFL average scores by country.

    South Africa2325262499
    United States2123232289
    Saudi Arabia1416181564
    United Arab Emirates1720222079
    New Zealand2425242496

    Hereafter studying the average TOEFL iBT score by the country we can witness that the Western and North-European countries are on the highest ranks and not even the most famous English speaking nations:

    • New Zealand: 96
    • Canada: 95
    • UK: 94
    • Australia: 91
    • US: 89

    Is the TOEFL Average Score Enough for Admissions?

    After studying the TOEFL average scores on the basis of genders, academic levels, and countries, candidates will be curious to know if the average scores for TOEFL would be suitable for their admission. Every student prepares for TOEFL to achieve a high score, and a good TOEFL score is the one that meets the TOEFL requirements of the universities. Every university has their set TOEFL sectional scores determined according to the programs. Therefore, for a candidate to figure out if the average score for TOEFL is enough for securing admission, they have to research the required and recommended TOEFL scores of their selected universities.

    Points to remember:

    • Always search for the recommended TOEFL scores and try to score higher than that;
    • A university might state a minimum requirement of a TOEFL score 70 but only considers applications of scores higher than 80;
    • Try to achieve a TOEFL score of around 100 which is accepted by certain renowned universities like Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, and more.


    Ques. Is 100 a good TOEFL score?

    Ans: A TOEFL score range of 90-100 is considered a very good score by universities.

    Ques. What is the minimum TOEFL score for Harvard?

    Ans: For Harvard MBA and doctoral programs it is recommended to have a minimum score of 109.

    Ques. Is 86 in TOEFL a good score?

    Ans: A TOEFL score of 86 s considered a good score by many universities accepting low scores of 70. though renowned universities will accept a TOEFL score of around 110.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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