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    The US is a constant favorite study destination among international students and for this purpose qualifying, TOEFL is mandatory. In US universities, the accepted TOEFL score varies depending on the programs. Also, to evaluate TOEFL cut off scores US universities have different ways of evaluating TOEFL scores. Here, check the TOEFL IBT score requirements of US universities.

    Universities In The US and Required TOEFL Cut Off

    Below, top universities of the US and their required TOEFL cut off score are mentioned: 

    Harvard University

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 100 for undergraduate programs, 80 for graduate programs and 109 for MBA.

    With a student and faculty ratio of 7:1, Harvard University comes in the first position in Times Higher education. Among 36,000 students, this university holds 13% international population. The MBA program at Harvard Business school is worldwide popular. Along with this, 105 doctoral degrees, 149 masters’ degrees, and 89 undergraduate degrees are offered here and for each of these, TOEFL is the primary requirement. 

    New York University

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 100 

    New York University offers about 4000 graduate and undergraduate courses. This university also claims to have the largest employment rate (over 19,000 employees in New York City only). For MS in the US, this college is one of the best destinations for its MS in computer science, data science, mechanical engineering, and lots of other programs. This university is in 39th position in QS world ranking, 31st in TSH. 

    Fluency in the English language is a must-have for studying in this university and that’s why the TOEFL cut off score is strictly 100 here. 

    University of Chicago

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 100 for undergraduate programs and 104 for graduate and business programs. 

    University of Chicago takes pride in its racial diversity and 5:1 student to faculty ratio. in computer science and MBA are the top programs and TOEFL clearing is necessary for both cases. 

    University of Oxford

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 100 (listening -22, reading - 24, speaking - 25 and writing - 24), for higher-level courses, it is 110. 

    University of Oxford is most popular for the philosophy, political science, and economics courses and 43% of the total population is international here. This university has a specific sectional cut off for the specific courses and the candidates of non-English speaking countries have to meet that to study in this university. 

    Yale University

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 100 

    Yale University provides almost 2000 courses and among the total population, 11% is international. Among the most popular subjects taught in this college, some are political science, economics, and history. In addition to this, M.Sc. Computer Science, MBA, M.A. in Statistics and Data Science and M.Sc. in Nursing are some of the top programs in this university. For enrolling in any program, the minimum TOEFL cut off score is 100. For the graduate and MBA, the requirement is even higher. 

    Massachusetts University of Technology

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 90

    Massachusetts University of Technology offers 54 major, 58 minor programs, and this university claims 82% employment rate every year. Engineering and Computer and Information Science programs are the most preferred by the candidates all over the world here. Average 90 is the accepted TOEFL score in this university. 

    Florida Institute of Technology

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 79

    By offering 37 undergraduate and 55 graduate programs in diverse fields, Florida Institute of Technology is one of the greatest preferences of modern students. Most preferred courses of this university are Master's in Aerospace Engineering, Master’s in Chemistry, Master’s in Physics, and lots of others and to enroll in these courses meeting the TOEFL requirements is mandatory. 

    Columbia University

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 100

    As per, Columbia University is the best college for philosophy and the international student population is above 15,000. For IBT: 100 and for PBT: 600 is the minimum requirement for the courses. Apart from philosophy, this university’s most preferred courses are M.Sc. Computer Science, M.Sc. Data Science, MBA, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, and B.Sc. Computer Science. 

    Rollins College Crummer School of Business

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 80

    For business courses, this college has shown its excellence since the beginning, and Rollins College Crummer School of Business is famous for its application fee $50. Among the international students, this college is famous for any business specialization courses and to enroll the TOEFL IBT score requirement is 80. 

    University of Virginia

    Required TOEFL IBT score: 90

    With a 95% graduation rate and 15:1 student-faculty ratio, the University of Virginia proudly offers diverse courses of different streams including 69 masters’ degrees and 55 doctoral programs. MBA, EMBA, B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, B.Sc. in Nursing, and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering are the most preferred courses here among the international students who need to qualify the TOEFL for admission. 

    TOEFL Score for Undergraduate Courses

    According to a report of 2017, qualifying or above TOEFL cut off score helps the candidates to get admission in the US universities. At the time of preparation, a candidature should target a minimum score of 100 to be selected in their desired college for the undergraduate programs. 

    In some of the universities, the minimum accepted TOEFL cut off score for a few programs. Plus, there are a few universities having sectional cut-off requirements like the Northstream University asks for at least 22 in listening and at least 24 in speaking. 

    To know the TOEFL cut off for US universities, candidates need to check the undergraduate program and university in which they are planning to enroll.

    TOEFL Requirements for Graduate Programs

    For the graduate programs, the average requirement of the TOEFL cut off score is a bit higher compared to the scores of undergraduate programs. In general, the students are asked to secure 108 to 112 along with strict sectional TOEFL cut-off scores. 

    Sometimes students with a score below 105 are enrolled under specific conditions like going through a language course under that university. Additionally, the cut-off score of TOEFL for MS in the US is comparatively high (above 100).

    How TOEFL Scores Are Evaluated?

    Different universities have different processes of evaluating the scores of TOEFL. US universities have 3 ways to evaluate TOEFL cut off scores:

    • A floor or meeting the minimum requirements of the university.
    • A pole vault or reaching the average percentile TOEFL score declared by the university.
    • An option where the university authority determines language accuracy through interviews. 

    For the third case, TOEFL score means an added advantage for the candidate. So, prepare according to the requirements of your desired US universities.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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