TOEFL Integrated Writing Task 2020: Task Type, Types of Topics and Preparation Tips

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    Pursuing a degree in abroad universities require international students to be competent in English speaking, writing, listening, and reading. The TOEFL exam is the gateway for them to renowned universities as it examines the performance level of the candidates. Writing forms an integral part of both academic and work-life, and TOEFL writing features a cross-functional testing method where along with the writing, the reading and listening skills of the candidates are also examined.

    TOEFL writing is the last section of the TOEFL exam pattern, which comprises of 2 different tasks. TOEFL IBTwriting task 1 or integrated writing task and TOEFL IBT writing task 2 or independent writing task. This article will discuss the TOEFL integrated writing task or task 1 in detail.

    TOEFL Integrated Writing Task: Task Type

    TOEFL integrated writing task asks the candidates to read a text and listen to a recording of the same topic. The main task of the test-takers is to summarize both the passage and the recording and write an essay of 150-225 words.

    TOEFL writing topics may vary from academic to generic topics. The recording happens to be a lecture. The candidates will be first reading the TOEFL integrated writing task’s reading passage, followed by listening to the recording whose content will question and confront the reading passage. The TOEFL integrated writing task carefully analyses the test taker’s ability to handle the different functionalities at the same time as they would do in real life – both in the workplace and classrooms. 

    The important factors of TOEFL Integrated writing task to remember are:

    TOEFL Integrated writing task

    TOEFL Writing Integrated Task – Topics

    The reading passage and the recording of the TOEFL integrated writing task will be of similar topics, but both might show different perspectives. It is recommended for the test-takers to have contemporary knowledge of the world as the topic of the TOEFL integrated writing task can be really diverse. The topics may include:

    • Any academic subject of humanities, commerce, or science
    • Any notable incident in any part of the globe
    • Business deals
    • Education system
    • Environmental changes
    • Foreign policies and business deals
    • Games, tournaments, and any sport reports
    • Latest invention
    • Latest political and economic changes
    • Newspaper report
    • Scientific invention

    The reason for such a plethora of topics for the TOEFL integrated writing task is to establish the competency of the test taker’s knowledge before universities and working places.

    Securing a good score in TOEFLwriting tasks indicates that the candidates have a strong base of writing, reading, and listening. TOEFL practice papers can give the candidates an idea of the topics for writing integrated task TOEFL.

    TOEFL Integrated Writing Task: Reading Passage

    The reading text of the TOEFL integrated writing task has 4 or more paragraphs and it is mostly like a persuasive essay. There will be an introduction with a thesis statement, followed by 3 body paragraphs with 3 arguments with examples. You can check the integrated writing task TOEFL examples to be familiar with reading passages.

    TOEFL Preparation Tips For Reading The Passage

    The test-takers will get only 3 minutes to read this entire passage and they need to follow a few TOEFL practice tips at the time of reading:

    • Understanding the thesis statement (main idea) at the end of the introduction
    • Read the first few lines of the next paragraphs very carefully to understand the idea of the arguments
    • Don’t forget to take notes of the important points at the time of reading

    TOEFL Integrated Writing Task: Recording

    The recording will be a lecture where the professor will agree or disagree with the content of the reading passage. It will be a lecture of 2-minute and not only its topic is the same as the reading passage, but also the speaker will talk about each point or argument presented in the reading passage.

    As the lecture recording will be played only once, the test-takers need to be very attentive. For sample recordings of this task, check TOEFL writing sample integrated task. The recording or the links are attached to it.

    TOEFL integrated writing task practice sets are the only thing that can lead the candidates to success. Alternatively, they can record a speech on a topic that has a newspaper report to practice TOEFL integrated task writing at home.

    TOEFL Preparation Tips For Listening to the Recording

    At the time of listening in TOEFL integrated writing task,

    • Take notes of the keywords
    • Listen to the transitional words to understand there will be a new argument

    That’s about the reading and listening, now let’s move on to the main task – writing.

    TOEFL Integrated Writing Task: Preparation Tips

    Here, you are asked only to write the TOELF integrated writing task essay by:

    • Summarizing what you have read and listened to;
    • Denoting how the lecture opposed to the contents of the passage

    You don’t need to derive any point from your knowledge or any external sources. You can go through TOEFL integrated writing task sample questions with answers to understand this. These are equally helpful for solid practice.

    Remember, for plagiarized content marks will be deducted. So, don’t simply copy-paste the words from the passage or recording. Write in your own words can help the test-takers to secure a good score here.

    With these simple TOEFL writing preparation tips, the test-takers can ace this task:

    • Keep it simple, short and crisp
    • Follow an essay template to structure the essay
    • Don’t forget to add a thesis statement at the end of the introduction
    • Do not make more than 2-3 body paragraphs
    • Body paragraphs must contain the arguments of the reading and how the speaker in the lecture agreed or opposed to it
    • Pull the examples used in the lectures and the passage
    • Constant focus on the topic
    • Follow logic while writing
    • Refer to the passage and recording
    • Use Diverse vocabulary and transitional words to show compare and contrast
    • Paragraphs must be interrelated
    • Keep the conclusion short and to the point
    • Try to write in a single tense throughout
    • No spelling and grammar mistakes
    • Don’t exceed the word count
    • Don’t use much passive voice
    • Do not state your own opinion

    For more writing tips, click here and know proper essay structure. Don’t forget to consult with TOEFL writing integrated task sample to get an idea of how to write these. Practicing more can bring a better score in TOEFL writing integrated task. So, don’t compromise with it.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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