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    The TOEFLexam is necessary to seek admission in any of the reputed universities abroad in the UK, US, Canada Australia or New Zealand. TOEFL score tests the English proficiency of the candidate by testing their listening, writing, speaking and reading skills. To score high in the TOEFL examit is mandatory for the candidates to understand the format first and then jump directly to practising for the exam. TheTOEFL listeningsection can only be excelled if the candidate practices thoroughly and the questions below will help them do it.

    The TOEFL iBTor internet-based test is the one which is opted by most of the students as it is available throughout the world. The candidates are provided with a computer screen and headphones for the needed section and they are also instructed about the volume change. The TOEFL iBT listening practice questions are filled with passages which have to be answered after thoroughly listening to the audio. These scripted passages along with the questions will give an idea to the candidates about the type of questions that appear in the exam as well the complexity of it. The students have to score accordingly in each of them to study in their dream institute.

    The TOEFL listening comprehension test measures how fluently the candidate can understand the English language. It is very much needed of the candidate to have a good flair in it, as lectures in universities, as well as daily communications, will be based on this particular language.

    Toefl Listening Practice

    SAMPLE PAPER 1.pdf

    SAMPLE PAPER 2.pdf

    SAMPLE PAPER 3.pdf





    TOEFL Writing Independent task sample 1.

    TOEFL Writing Independent task sample 2.

    TOEFL Writing Independent task sample 3.

    TOEFL Writing Integrated task Sample 1.p

    TOEFL Writing Integrated task Sample 2.p

    TOEFL Integrated Task 3.pdf

    TOEFL Integrated Task 4.pdf

    TOEFL Independent Task 4.pdf

    TOEFL Independent Task 5.pdf

    TOEFL independent writing sample 6.pdf

    TOEFL independent writing sample 7.pdf

    TOEFL Writing Integrated Sample 5.pdf

    TOEFL Writing Integrated Sample 6

    TOEFL Writing Independent Sample 8

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    TOEFL Independent Sample Essay - Persona

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