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    Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is one of the most important examinations to crack in case a candidate is willing for admission in the globally ranked universities. This test is designed to test the English language skills of the candidates who are from non-English speaking countries. In 

    Aspiring candidates of TOEFL often have a query regarding the minimum score requirement of TOEFL and this article focuses exactly on that.

    What Is the Minimum Score For TOEFL IBT

    TOEFL exam pattern shows that at present this test has 4 sections: reading, speaking, listening, and writing. This test is conducted as TOEFL IBT and TOEFL PBT; however, about 98% of the candidates apply for TOEFL IBT. So, we will be discussing the minimum score requirements of TOEFL IBT. TOEFL IBT has a total score of 120 and accepted TOEFL Scores happen to be different for different universities. 

    The answer to the question above has no definite answer because the TOEFL requirement of the universities is not specific. There are universities that ask around 105 from the international students for admission in the top courses. Plus, there are universities which accept around 70 score for the admission purposes. 

    Along with this, the TOEFL score requirements for different programs can be different. 

    Minimum TOEFL Requirements For Colleges With Global Ranking

    Roughly, a TOEFL score between 65 to 110 is needed for admission purposes. The higher the rank of the university is the higher their TOEFL score requirement will be. 

    The table below shows the globally top universities and their minimum TOEFL score requirements:

    UniversityTOEFL score requirements
    Brown University90
    Chalmers University of Technology90
    Columbia University100
    Cornell University100
    Dartmouth College100
    Erasmus University90
    Harvard University100 for undergraduate programs
    80 for graduate programs
    109 for MBA
    Jonkoping University90
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology90
    Leiden University90
    London school of economics100 with a minimum of 27 in Writing 25 in Reading 24 in Listening 24 in Speaking
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)100 (90 for a few programs)
    Newcastle University100 overall score with a minimum score of 19 in listening, 20 in writing, 22 in speaking, 22 in writing
    Northeastern University99-107
    Princeton University108 overall score with the sectional cut off Listening 28, Reading 29, writing 24, and Writing 27.
    Radboud University90
    University of Notre Dame105 overall, with nolower score than 28 writing and 24 in others
    University of British Columbia90
    University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)100
    University of Cambridge110 with 25 in each section
    University of Chicago100 for undergraduate programs
    104 for graduate programs
    104 for business programs
    University of Glasgow100 with 23 in each section
    University of Manchester100 with 22 in writing and speaking; 21 in reading and listening
    University of Oxford100 with sectional cut off - listening -22, reading - 24, speaking - 25 and writing – 24
    For higher-level courses: 110
    University of Pennsylvania100
    University of Sydney96 (sectional cut off: 27 for writing, 24 for listening, reading, and 23 for speaking.
    University of Toronto89-110 for undergraduate programs
    93 for graduate programs
    University of Virginia90
    Washington University (St. Louis)90
    Yale University100

    For program-specific TOEFL requirements, candidates can search for programs on the university page.

    The table shows that the globally ranked universities have a really high TOEFL requirement for admission. Stanford TOEFL minimum score or Harvard minimum TOEFL score or minimum TOEFL score for UCLA or minimum TOEFL score for northeastern university is around 100. Sometimes it is even higher. 

    Seeing from the country perspective, the minimum TOEFL score for German universities and the minimum TOEFL score required for Canadian universities are not much far behind. As this table shows the TOEFL requirements of US, Canadian, Australian, UK, German, and Netherland’s top universities, we found 90 is the minimum TOEFL accepted score here. Sometimes, knowledge in the local language is essential with English proficiency. 

    Moving on to the programs, minimum TOEFL score for MBA in us and TOEFL minimum score for MS in the US are nonetheless high and students may find it difficult to score. 

    Universities With A Lower TOEFL Minimum Score Requirement

    Compared to the universities mentioned in the table above, the following universities have lower score requirements for TOEFL.

    Name of the universityTOEFL Score requirements
    Brigham Young University–Provo80
    Arizona State University80
    Ball State University79
    Florida Institute of Technology79
    Imperial College London82 (minimum 17 in the sections)
    Indiana State University79
    Iowa State University80
    Rollins College Crummer School of Business80
    University of Birmingham80 and a minimum of 19 in listening, 19 in reading, 21 in speaking and 19 in writing
    University of Durham88 overall, with a sectional cut off of 22 in each section
    University of Lancaster87 (sectional cut off: 17 in listening, 18 in reading, 17 in speaking, 20 in writing)
    University of Liverpool88 overall score with 20 in listening, writing and reading, 22 in speaking
    University of Melbourne79 (sectional cut off: 21 for writing, 18 for speaking, 13 for writing and listening)
    University of Queensland87 (sectional cut off: 21 in writing, 19 in reading, listening and speaking)

    Arizona State University minimum TOEFL score and minimum TOEFL score for community colleges are like the hope for the candidates who are not able to score higher. For program-specific TOEFL score requirements of these universities, check the official website. 

    Minimum TOEFL Score For Scholarship

    It is probably known to all that the international students with academic excellence are eligible for multiple scholarships which include university/college-specific scholarships and governmental scholarships. 

    Candidates with a lower TOEFL score often have the opportunity to enroll themselves in the language programs to enhance their proficiency in English. In that case, the candidate may not be eligible for the scholarships. As per the data of 2016, candidates need a minimum of 78 in TOEFL if they want to opt for the scholarships. For a guaranteed scholarship a candidate has to secure the minimum TOEFL score of 100 or more. For Ivy League schools, it can be even higher.

    So, the answer to what is a good TOEFL score or what is the minimum TOEFL will depend on the country, university, and program. Though TOEFL does not have a passing score and universities sometimes accept around 65 TOEFL score, candidates willing to study aboard need to target 95-100. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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