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    The TOEFL score is demanded by the abroad universities to be submitted to ensure a proper admission process. It is often noticed that candidates come across issues regarding TOEFL preparation. Now, TOEFL comprises of certain distinctive categories each comprising of their sub-sections. To learn about the TOEFL preparation time, let us first study the TOEFL exam pattern in details.

    TOEFL Syllabus

    To know about the TOEFL preparation time required, the candidates first need to have a proper idea of the syllabus that they need to study.

    TOEFL Syllabus

    The candidates are marked in a raw score of 0 – 4 in each of the sections which are then converted to a scaled score of 0 – 30 section-wise and eventually the marking is done on a total of 120.

    TOEFL Preparation time

    The higher the overall TOEFL score, the better for the students. But candidates are bewildered mostly when they have less time to prepare for the exam or even if they have ample time they are bemused with what to start with and what to finish with. Therefore, today let us discuss the TOEFL preparation time.

    1. If the candidate has a flair in understanding English as a language then it will be comparatively simplified for them to prepare for the exam. The time taken can, therefore, be around a month.
    2. If the candidate is familiar with the subject but is alien to the format of the TOEFL exam then it may take them around 1 to 3 months’ time. The TOEFL syllabus along with the breakdown of the time durations.
    3. But if you are nowhere nearby understanding the basic of the subject then it can take the candidate years to score really high.

    These tips underneath will not only help in a one-month study plan but also less than that.

    TOEFL Preparation Time: Vocabulary section

    TOEFL is all about the perfect vocabulary and placing it in the right place. There are around 1,200 new words to be found in the exams and it is generally instructed that the candidates read and memorise them thoroughly. During paraphrasing, these TOEFL vocabularies can be effective in making it look intricate and compelling.

    • Always pen down the new words in a notebook
    • Repeat the words
    • Utilize the words during speaking and writing

    TOEFL Preparation Time: Reading section

    • Time management in TOEFL reading and comprehension practice is mandatory. To manage time, the candidates need to have a proper idea of the language – sentence structures and vocabularies.
    • Perceiving the 12 different types of questions – ‘inference’ and ‘negative factual’ questions can be complicated and therefore can be avoided if the problem persists.
    • Practising TOEFL reading passages will let the candidate understand if they have certain issues decoding the meaning and if they have, they must give time to solve it

    TOEFL Preparation Time: Listening section

    • During TOEFL listening section preparation, listen to every academic thing possible – history, biology, physics, archaeology, zoology, literature, and so on. It is a need to have preliminary knowledge about these subjects as it may appear
    • While listening, note the crucial nouns, ideas, vocabularies stated like – cause-effect, comparison, contrast and like that. If possible note them down and use during answering questions
    • Struggling with one lecture? Listen to it so many times that you almost memorise it, thereby understanding most of it
    • Listen to English podcasts on a daily basis

    TOEFL Preparation Time: Speaking section

    • In the TOEFL speaking section, the most motivating thing is to listen to yourself speaking and practice speaking regularly as it is the only way to bring flair. At the same time, pay heed to the grammar, vocabulary, intonation, pronunciation and organization.
    • Start practising from the sample answers to note the sounds of the pronunciations and usage of grammar
    • Learn new words and use them in your practice
    • While listening to a lecture from the TOEFL listening practice papers, listen to the relationship, nouns, main ideas and more
    • Youtube can be of great help in speaking practice

    TOEFL Preparation Time: Writing section

    • TOEFL Writing preparation starts with reading and candidates need to start reading proper essays to create an idea in their head about what exactly to write during the exam.
    • If somebody is weak in the writing section then rigorous TOEFL writing practice of the integrated and independent essays is a mandatory thing
    • Brainstorming is a good way to find new ideas
    • Anticipating the different types of prompts in the TOEFL independent writing section
    • Penning down a precise essay on the question asked
    • Making use of transition words to connect the sentences

    Utilizing the ten-minutes break

    The TOEFL exam provides a ten minutes break after the completion of the reading and listening sections, after freshening up and eating something, ask for a fresh scratch paper and start preparing for the TOEFL speaking section during that time. Make the template for the speaking section during that time.

    A very vital thing to keep in mind – do not study the day before the exam as it will just ace up the anxiety game. It is always recommended to take proper rest and calm down before the exam. What you need to do on that is to prepare the documents needed for the exam day. Therefore, keep calm and start practising hard.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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