TOEFL Score Required For Australian Immigration

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    Test of English as a Foreign Language is not just an important examination to get admission in the universities of foreign countries. TOEFL is equally important for settling in any English-speaking country. 

    A Quick Glance At Immigration In Australia

    Every year, a huge population from Asian countries steps in Australia for a better future. Australia is as good as Canada, the USA, UK, and Germany, for the immigrants due to the economy and available facilities. 

    TOEFL Immigration in Australia

    This graph clearly indicates how popular Australia is among the immigrants and immigrant population growth from 2018-2019 conforms encouraging attitude of the Australian government towards the immigrants. The reasons behind such an attitude are:

    • Improving productivity and economy by filling the gap in the labor market
    • Cultural diversity
    • Reuniting Australians with their families staying overseas

    The two main streams of the Australian migration program are:

    • Skilled stream – Visa placements are done in this stream for the workers
    • Family stream – Visa placements are done in this stream to unite family members
    TOEFL Immigration in Australia

    The above graph shows that a major percentage of Australian immigrants are from the skilled stream and the following graphs show the fields they are enrolled in and the breakup of family stream. 

    TOEFL Immigration in Australia
    Family Stream breakup

    It is not difficult to understand that most of the immigrants in Australia are either employer-sponsored or state/territory nominated. It also indicates that the Australian companies are open for all – a candidate with working knowledge and skills are always welcomed in Australia. The number of employees in global training programs in Australia is 5000 which is pretty good and highlights the sufficient number of scopes in diverse fields. 

    On the other side, most of the immigrants of the family are the partners. So, it is quite clear that Australia is a destination for settling down and has an outstanding lifestyle.

    As per the report of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), right now, 7.54 million immigrants are living in Australia and among them, 3.5 million are employed which is near about 50%. A major portion of the rest of the percentage of immigrants is studying there. 

    Indian Immigration In Australia

    For Indians too, Australia has become a great destination to settle in. The predicted Indian population in India will comparatively be 30% higher than in 2018. As per the updated news of January 2020, India holds the third position in the number of immigrants in Australia and comes right after England and China.

    TOEFL And Australian Immigration

    Just like a sufficient TOEFL score is needed for admission in Australian universities, it is mandatory for immigration purposes. In Australia, English language skills are mandatory as it is the primary language here. For student visas, skilled visas, and some permanent visas, immigrants need to prove their language skills. TOEFL score for Australian immigration varies based on these. 

    Australia PR English Requirement: Reasons

    English is the primary medium of communication here. The qualifying scores in English language proficiency tests show that the candidate is eligible to handle day to day conversation in the work environment as well as in the neighboring areas. 

    The accepted English test for Australian immigration is TOEFL IBT or TOEFL PBT or IELTS or CAE or PTE. By checking the score in any of these, the Australian immigration department confirms that they have selected a candidate who will hardly have any difficulties in communicating with others or to understand what others are trying to say. TOEFL score required for Australian immigration to grant access of the candidates to a foreign land. 

    TOEFL IBT Score For Australian Immigration

    In Australia, a candidate can prove his or her skills of 

    • Functional English
    • Vocational English
    • Competent English
    • Proficient English
    • Superior English

    For each of these, above 90 or to be more specific around 98 TOEFL score happens to be a good score with a sectional cut off 24 for Listening, 24 for Reading, 27 for Writing, and 23 for Speaking.

    What Is The Minimum TOEFL Score Required For Australian PR

    As English Language Requirement for Skilled Migration varies based on different jobs and organization, the table below can help you for a better idea of specific TOEFL scores: 

    Organization NamePurpose of ApprovalReadingListeningSpeakingWritingTotal
    CPA AustraliaProfessional Registration – General Skills24242327n/a
    Professional Registration – Provisional Assessment13121821n/a
    Engineers AustraliaProfessional Registration13121821n/a
    Surveying and Spatial Sciences InstituteProfessional Registration13121821n/a
    Australian Health Practitioners Regulation AgencyProfessional Registration2424232794
    Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation CouncilProfessional Registration for overseas-based applicants (not AU based)2424232794
    Australian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in MedicineProfessional Registration24242327n/a
    Australian Community Workers AssociationProfessional Registration2424232794
    National Accreditation Authority for Translators and InterpretersCourse Admission and Registration for Certified Interpreters24222521n/a
    Australian Veterinary Boards CouncilProfessional Registration2424232794
    Office of the Migration Agents Registration AuthorityProfessional Registration2020192494

    Here, CPA includes the accountants of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australasia (ACCA) and the Institute of Public Accountants, Australia (IPA). Health practitioner boards include the following professions: 

    • Chinese Medicine
    • Chiropractic
    • Dental
    • Medical
    • Medical Radiation Technology
    • Nursing & Midwifery
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Optometry
    • Osteopathy
    • Pharmacy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Podiatry
    • Psychology

    Validity of TOEFL Score for Australian Immigration

    In this matter, the Australian immigration department is a bit strict and they want the applicants to qualify the language tests before 1-2 years of applying for Visa. For some areas, 3years is also acceptable. 

    Generally, the score validity of TOEFL is 2 years but here the candidates need to plan according to the demands of the immigration department. So, the candidates need to check before applying. 

    So, plan before you apply for Australian immigration and secure the highest possible score in TOEFL with TOEFL preparation tips and TOEFL practice papers

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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