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    Test-takers of TOEFL commonly have numerous questions regarding the expiry of the TOEFL scores right after the completion of the exam. The candidates are eager to know the TOEFL score validity as they have to pay $160-250 for TOEFL IBT and $180 for TOEFL PBT during TOEFL registration. In general, all TOEFL candidates want to know how long they can use the TOEFL Score? In this article, we will learn about it.

    How Long Are TOEFL Scores Valid for?

    TOEFL score comes with a validity time is two years. It means if a candidate appears in TOEFL in November 2020, the score will remain valid until November 2022. After 2 years, TOEFL scores are considered as an expired score.

    Remember, TOEFL score is available within 6 business days. Sometimes, it may take 7 days too. However, they can view the scores after 3-5 days of the exam.

    TOEFL score validity is counted not from the day of publication of result; rather, it is counted from the day of the exam taken.

    Due to the global pandemic, the conducting authority permitted the test-takers to take the test from their homes, in case centers are not reopened; however, no changes were made on the score validity.

    Exam Retake and TOEFL Score Validity

    TOEFL offers the facility to retake the exam if a candidate cannot meet the minimum TOEFL cut off for his/her desired institution. As per the changes made in August 2019, a candidate can retake the exam after a week or 7 days. Previously, a candidate had to wait 12 days for retaking TOEFL. However, a candidate will be charged separately for each retake.

    Moving on to the TOEFL score validity for the retakers, it is also two years from the date of the exam retaken.

    What happens once the TOEFL Score is Expired?

    After the expiry, the candidates will not be able to send the TOEFL score as a proof of their English language proficiency to the colleges, universities or organizations anymore. From the official website, TOEFL scores are disappeared after 2 years.

    Is It possible to Access The Expired TOEFL Score?

    No! After two years, you will not have the access to any official record on the website. Yes, you may have saved PDF files in the personal drive; however, these will not be considered as the official document. These will not be accepted in the universities as well.

    Why Does The TOEFL Score Expire?

    The universities required qualified candidates, plus their qualification needs to be of recent times. That’s why TOEFL score comes with an expiry date.

    A person, who had cracked TOEFL in 2015, may not be that much efficient in English in 2020. TOEFL score expiry date ensures that the candidate has not forgotten his/her commands over the English language and the candidate is still having a good vocabulary and grammatical knowledge of English.

    So, there is no better alternative than utilizing the TOEFL score when it is valid or within 2 years of the exam. Here, is how the candidates can do that:

    • Check the admission deadline of the universities you are planning to study.
    • Prepare accordingly.
    • Find a suitable TOEFL date and TOEFL exam center from the official website of ETS.
    • Remember, the result can be obtained after 6-7 days of the exam – consider this as well as the end-date of the admission during registration.
    • Register when you are fully prepared (registration is possible two days before the exam.
    • Few universities have different requirement for TOEFL score validity, check that.
    • While retaking the exam, make sure there that admission deadlines are not over.

    That’s all about TOEFL score validity. Candidates must be serious and sincere regarding the score validity, and they need to apply with the TOEFL score within 2 years. Once this time is over, the scores will be of no use, no matter how good the score is. We recommend the candidates to prepare with proper planning and time-calculation, so that the test-takers can make the best use of TOEFL scores.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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