TOEFL Scores Required For Ivy League Schools: 8 Ivy League Schools and Their TOEFL Score Requirements

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    Studying in US universities is like a dream for all and Ivy League schools are the are the most esteemed and prestigious universities. These schools (8 universities that rank within 20 of QS, TSH,, and so on) have a different appeal to the students due to their top-class studies and worldwide acclamation of the degrees. Ivy League schools have strict admission requirements and TOEFL score plays a vital role here.  Find out the specific TOEFL score requirements for these Ivy League schools. 

    TOEFL Score Requirements For IVY League Schools

    Compared to other universities of the US, the accepted TOEFL Score percentile is a bit higher in Ivy League schools. Check out the following table to know university-specific TOEFL IBT requirements: 

    University nameTOEFL scoreMost preferred courses
    Harvard University100 (26 in speaking)M.B.A. Business & Environment
    M.Sc. Data Science
    M.Sc. Applied Computation
    Master of Management
    M.Sc. Computational Science & Engineering
    Yale University100 (25 in each section)M.B.A.
    M.Sc. Computer Science
    M.Sc. Nursing
    M.A. Statistics and Data Science
    Princeton University100 (108 in last session with a sectional cut off for 28 in listening, 29 in reading, 24 in speaking, and 27 in writingM.Sc. Computer Science
    Master of Architecture
    Master of Finance
    M.Sc. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    M.Sc. Computer Science
    Cornell University100 (30 in reading)Master of Engineering [M.Engg.] Computer Science
    Master of Business Administration [M.B.A.] Cornell Tech
    Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Applied Economics and Management
    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] Computer Science
    Master of Engineering [M.Engg.]/Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]
    Brown University90B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
    B.Sc. Computer Engineering
    M.Sc. Computer Science
    M.Sc. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
    M.Sc. Biostatistics
    University of Pennsylvania100B.Sc. in Nursing
    M.Sc. in Robotics
    B.Sc. in computer science
    Columbia University100M.Sc. Computer Science
    M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
    B.Sc. Computer Science
    M.B. A.
    M.Sc. Data Science
    Dartmouth College100M.Sc. Engineering
    B.A. Music
    M.Sc. Computer Science
    B.A. in Computer Science
    Master in Chemistry

    *TOEFL score plays a major role for scholarship in Ivy League schools and TOEFL score for scholarship varies based on programs. Candidates can check the university websites and go to the page of courses for a better idea of the exact TOEFL score requirement of their preferred courses. 

    What Is A Good TOEFL Score Out Of 120?

    Well, for universities in any country above 90 can be a good score but when it is Ivy League schools, the TOEFL score needs to be a minimum of 100. It will be great to secure above 105 with a sectional cut of above 26 for Ivy League schools. As you can see that sectional TOEFL cut off is mandatory to get selected in these universities – a high TOEFL score with a good sectional score can serve the candidates to secure a seat for them in the Ivy League schools. 

    It means a candidate planning for admission in Ivy League schools needs to work hard and go through TOEFL preparation tips to secure the highest possible TOEFL score. To sum up, it is undeniable that TOEFL score requirement for Ivy League schools is high but with proper TOEFL practice, it can be achieved. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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