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    Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL has 4 sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. TOEFL IBT tests the English language skills in these 4 sections and all 4 sections need some tricks and strategies along with sufficient preparation. 

    TOEFL writing is one of the most difficult sections of this exam. To be more specific, the TOEFL writing section consists of two different tasks. The first task is an integrated writing task and the second one is an independent writing task. 

    TOEFL writing task 1 is the toughest part of this section as the candidate needs to read a passage in 3 minutes, listen to a lecture, and write an essay here. The length of the essay is 150-225 words and time for writing is 20 minutes. Candidates need to limit their essays within the information provided within the reading passage and the lecture. 

    TOEFL writing task 2 asks the candidates to construct and write an essay in response to a prompt in 300 words. 30 minutes is the duration of it and the candidate can explain their viewpoints with examples and explanation from their experiences. 

    To achieve a good score in these tasks, excellent preparation will be needed. A few practice papers of TOEFL integrated writing task and TOEFL independent writing task are included here. Aspirants can go through these and practice with this to understand the exam pattern

    Toefl Writing Practice

    SAMPLE PAPER 1.pdf

    SAMPLE PAPER 2.pdf

    SAMPLE PAPER 3.pdf





    TOEFL Writing Independent task sample 1.

    TOEFL Writing Independent task sample 2.

    TOEFL Writing Independent task sample 3.

    TOEFL Writing Integrated task Sample 1.p

    TOEFL Writing Integrated task Sample 2.p

    TOEFL Integrated Task 3.pdf

    TOEFL Integrated Task 4.pdf

    TOEFL Independent Task 4.pdf

    TOEFL Independent Task 5.pdf

    TOEFL independent writing sample 6.pdf

    TOEFL independent writing sample 7.pdf

    TOEFL Writing Integrated Sample 5.pdf

    TOEFL Writing Integrated Sample 6

    TOEFL Writing Independent Sample 8

    TOEFL Independent Sample Essay - Neighb

    TOEFL Independent Sample Essay - Persona

    Pamela Sharpe Ph.D. - Barron's How to Pr

    TOEFL Listening Practice Paper 1

    TOEFL Reading Practice Paper 1

    TOEFL Writing Independent Sample 9

    TOEFL ibt Full Length Test 1

    TOEFL ibt Full Length Test 2

    TOEFL Writing Independent Sample 10

    TOEFL Integrated Sample Essay


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