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    TOEFL writing is one of the most difficult sections of TOEFL and a candidate has to prove his/her reading and listening abilities along with writing skills. This is the probable reason why the writing section of TOEFL requires the overall grip of the candidates over the English language. The unpredictability of TOEFL writing topics makes this section even more difficult.

    Here, we will discuss TOEFL writing topics but before that have a closer look at the contents of this section.

    TOEFL Writing Section – A Closer Look

    The writing section of TOEFL comprises of two different writing tasks:

    TOEFL Integrated Writing task where a candidate has to write an essay based on a reading passage and a recording of a lecture on the same topic. The allotted time to read the passage: 3 minutes. Essay length: 150-225 words and writing time: 20 minutes.

    TOEFL Independent writing task where a candidate has to write an essay of 300 words based on the prompt within 30 minutes based on a prompt given.

    That’s about the TOEFL writing section; check out the exclusive topics for TOEFL writing here:

    TOEFL Integrated Writing Task: Topics

    The topic of the reading passage can be either academic or generic. For the integrated writing task, a candidate has to

    • Summarize the points from reading passage and lecture
    • Form the essay
    • Include several examples from the excerpts
    • Use compare and contrast techniques throughout the essay

    The topics for TOEFL writing task 1 can be but not limited to:

    Academic topicsGeneric topics
    American historyBusiness deals with the countries
    ArchitectureChanges in the national policies
    BiologyEconomic changes
    ChemistryEducation system
    GeographyEnvironmental documentary
    HistoryForeign policies
    PhysicsNewspaper report on any happening in any province
    RadiologyRecent scientific invention
    WeatherRecent trends
    World economyThe recent changes in politics
    World history – 

    TOEFL Writing Task 1: Task Details and Task Focus

    In TOEFL writing task 1 the candidates need to summarize the passage and the recording and present it in their own words. At the time of doing this, no vital information should be skipped. This task proves how analytical a candidate is when it comes to extracting the information from the passage and lecture.

    Reason Behind Diverse Topics

    Though TOEFL is a language proficiency test, the writing task checks your knowledge on current affairs as well as on different subjects. It also checks how much you are updated with the happenings in the world. ETS by every means ensures that the candidate they are selecting is qualified enough and is able to handle the everyday conversation with neighbors as well as communication in the corporate and educational environment.

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    Penalty Reminder For TOEFL Integrated Task

    For TOEFL integrated writing task, candidates are penalized for

    • Rewriting or copying from the passage or recording
    • Refer to the passage every now and then
    • Never refer to the passage at all
    • Denoting own opinions (It is not an opinion essay, candidates need to hover over what information is provided through the passage and recording)

    On the contrary, candidates can relate the sentences with examples from the reading passage and recordings for a better score in TOEFL Writing. Check TOEFL essay writing topics with answers, which are available online for a better understanding.

    TOEFL Independent Writing Task: Topics

    For this task, there can be given one of the 3 types of prompts based on which candidates need to write their essay:

    • Agree or Disagree Prompt
    • Explain Both Sides Prompt
    • Pick a Stance prompt

    Remember, it is an independent writing task and our views on that prompt are mandatory. For this task, there are several topics and a few are listed here:

    • Alone vs. group
    • Business ideas, leadership, and management
    • Children growth in the era of technology
    • Education system, group study, foreign education, school education system of recent time
    • Game performance of a country or club
    • Innovative ideas
    • Job perspectives
    • Overuse of technology, online and offline
    • Personal experience of fear or happiness or any feeling
    • Personal growth, personal taste, personal values
    • Presentation

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    TOEFL Writing Task 2: Task Details and Task Focus

    For the first prompt, the candidate has to clearly say whether they agree or disagree with the prompt with clear reasons in support.

    For the second prompt, the test-taker needs to explain the sides with the help of compare and contrast. Here the candidate does not need to agree or disagree but explain a situation in two different ways mentioned in the prompt.

    The third prompt is a broad topic where the candidate has to explain the topic by taking a stand.

    All the prompts are focused to extract the opinion of the candidate on the given topic. This task shows the candidates’ perspective and awareness based on the prompts.

    Reason Behind Diverse Topics

    The independent writing task includes a wide array of topics because ETS tries to understand how clear understanding a student has about the topic. Also, this task helps ETS to assess the ability to summarize the thoughts of the candidate in a presentable manner.

    As a candidate will be given a time limit and a word limit to complete this task, writing a lot of factors will not be a smart idea. Apart from checking the viewpoints of the candidates, this task will show how specific the candidates are at the time of explaining their points.

    Penalty Reminder For TOEFL Independent Task

    In TOEFL independent writing task, candidates will be penalized for

    • Going generic
    • Having no clarity
    • Having an unclear or dual opinion

    Remember, this is an opinion essay, so, take a stand and be specific. Clearly point out whether you agree or disagree with the prompt given with a valid explanation.

    It’s not that difficult to secure a good score in TOEFL writing – all you need regular practice with time management. Don’t forget to take regular mock tests to be familiar with more TOEFL writing topics. You can practice with TOEFL writing practice papers as well for outstanding performance in the exam.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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