Universities Accepting Only TOEFL Score 90 In Europe

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    TOEFL is nonetheless a difficult language proficiency test for the non-English speaking candidates and it makes meeting the TOEFL Score requirements of foreign universities even more difficult. We have found a few European universities with low TOEFL score requirements. Check the findings to know the universities accepting only TOEFL score 90 in Europe.

    Minimum Requirement of TOEFL Score In Europe

    To be specific, the more renowned university, the higher the score requirement will be. TOEFL IBT score in the renowned institutes of Europe is often 100 or higher.

    However, there are universities in Europe that give the opportunity to the mediocre students to take part in the programs. Sometimes the European universities require proficiency in the local language along with English before allowing the candidates admission. In such cases, 80-90 TOEFL score is also accepted.

    European Universities with TOEFL Requirements 90 Or Below

    Check this table below and target the TOEFL score to prepare accordingly:

    University nameCountryTOEFL IBT requirementSpecial requirementBest programsNumber of courses offered
    Radboud UniversityNetherlands90Not less than 18 in any section of TOEFLM.Sc. in Computing Science37 bachelor Degree programs
    M.Sc. in Transnational Ecosystem-based Water Management
    M.Sc. in Science, Management and Innovation
    M.Sc. in Data Science76 master degree programs
    B.Sc. in Computing Science
    Lund UniversitySweden90N/ABachelors in Fine Arts8 undergraduate courses
    Bachelors in Development Studies
    Bachelors in Mathematics
    Bachelors in Economy and Society
    Bachelors in Physical Geography and Ecosystem system100+ postgraduate courses
    Bachelors in International Business
    Bachelors in Physics
    Leiden UniversityNetherlands9090 is the minimum requirement of TOEFLB.Sc. Political Science50 bachelor
    B.Sc. in International Relations and Organisations
    M.Sc. in Computer Science and Science Communication and Society
    M.Sc. in Computer Science75 master’s degree programs
    M.Sc. in Computer Science and Advanced Data Analytics
    Erasmus UniversityNetherlands90The master’s degree courses demand a TOEFL score 100M.Sc. in Management of Governance Networks13 International Bachelor programs
    B.Sc. in Management of International Social Challenges
    M.Res. in Business and Management50+ post-graduate courses
    Ph.D. in Management – Marketing
    Jonkoping UniversitySweden90Satisfactory understanding of the local languageM.Sc. in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management80 Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs
    M.Sc. in Sustainable Building Information Management
    M.Sc. in Global Management
    M.Sc. in Global Management
    M.Sc. in Digital Business
    Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyGermany90Knowledge of local language happens to be a plus pointM.Sc. in Computer science1 bachelor’s degree
    11 master Degree programs
    M.Sc. in Technical Economics5 doctoral programs
    Chalmers University of TechnologySweden90Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electronic engineering, and architecture, and material science may require a higher TOEFL scoreM.Sc. in Computer Science: Algorithms, Languages, and Logic13 different departments with several UG and PG programs
    M.Sc. in Quality and Operations Management
    M.Sc. in Data Science
    M.Sc. in High-Performance Computer Systems
    M.Sc. in Maritime Management

    * for program-specific TOEFL scores, the candidates need to visit the university portal and go to the program page. From the list of programs, they need to search for the program they are looking for and check the TOEFL score requirements for that program.

    What Is A Good TOEFL Score For A European University?

    Though this article is about the European universities accepting 90 in TOEFL, there are a huge number of universities which ask 100 or above TOEFL score. For the universities listed here, 90 is a sufficient score for a few courses. It will be better to target a TOEFL score of 100 because enrolment will be even easier with this score.

    So, these are the universities that accept lower TOEFL score in Europe. Alternatively, candidates can check the list of US universities that accept TOEFL score 65. Even though TOEFL score 90 or 65 appears low – but it does not mean it is easy to obtain. To crack TOEFL, proper TOEFL preparation tips and thorough TOEFL practice is mandatory. So, keep practicing and get ready to study abroad.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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