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    TOEIC 2020 Registration, Schedule, Exam Format and Scores

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    TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication and measures English language proficiency of the exam takers. It is accepted by organizations and corporations around the world as an instrument for rating English competency.

    • It is conducted by ETS in US and Canada, and in worldwide by its institutional partners.
    • There is no eligibility required for this test. Any person knowing basics of English can appear for the test.
    • It is available in three tests – Listening and Reading Test, Speaking and Writing Test and Bridge Test.

    TOEIC scores are valid upto 2 years from the date of announcement of result as the proficiency does not remain same over the years.

    Read the article to know TOEIC 2020 Schedule, Eligibility, Registration process, format, content and Scores.

    TOEIC Scoring TOEIC Syllabus and Pattern TOEIC Preparation Tips

    TOEIC 2020 Schedule

    TOEIC is conducted in two sessions – Public Test sessions which are the official dates for US and Canada and Institutional Test Sessions which are offered by language schools or other organizations round the year.

    • ETS conducts TOEIC test officially 12 times a year in USA and Canada.
    • Test takers from India and countries other than US and Canada can contact their local ETS Preferred Network (EPN) Office for available test dates and centers.
    • If there are no EPN office in your country you can request information online and ETS will arrange the test nearby to your location.

    The TOEIC dates for the year 2020 in USA and Canada are tabulated below:

    April 13, 2020July 13, 2020October 5, 2020
    May 11, 2020August 10, 2020November 2, 2020
    June 8, 2020September 7, 2020December 7, 2020

    TOEIC Eligibility

    Any aspirant able to read, write, speak and understand some level of English can take the test to receive a globally acknowledged score for academic or professional purpose.

    • There is no age bar for taking the test. 
    • ETS does not ask for any minimum educational qualification.

    How to Register for TOEIC 2020?

    The registration for TOEIC can be done through either online or by mail. Candidates will be required to visit the official website –

    The registration deadline for the Public Testing Sessions is upto 5 PM on Thursdays of the preceding weeks of the test days. For instance, if the preferred test day is Saturday, November 13, 2020 then applicant must register before 5:00 PM on Thursday, November 4.

    Click here to Check Registration Form and Fees 

    Register Online

    Fill the Online Form: Applicants will have to fill the important details asked in the registration form such as background information, name, address and academic details. Candidates have to choose a test day and center and reserve seat of their choice.

    Uploading Photo: A colored, recent digital/scanned photo has to be uploaded at the time of registering online. It should be clicked directly facing the camera with good lighting without sunglasses, caps or any head wears that can cover the face. The photo must be less than 5 MB in size and in JPEG format.

    Payment of Registration Fee: The registration fee can be paid via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or JCB. The fees depends on test centers and nationality, you can expect to USD 85 per component (Speaking and Writing/ Listening and Reading).

     Download Receipt: Once the fee is successfully paid and registration is confirmed, a receipt will be generated which must be saved by the registrants. The admission ticket will be emailed to the applicants.  

    Registration by Mail

    Candidates can register by mail by following the below steps:

    • Visit the registration page.
    • Fill the application form
    • Print and mail the form along with check or money order to the specified address.

    TOEIC Test Format

    There are three tests available in TOEIC to choose from – Listening and Reading Test, Speaking and Writing Test and Bridge Test.

    Check Detailed TOEIC Test Format

    TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Pattern

    This test demonstrates the English Listening and Reading skills essential for the working environment. It is an offline pencil and paper based test having multiple choice questions. There are 100 questions each in Listening and Reading section. Each section has to be finished in specified time.

    A total of 2 hours 30 minutes is required to finish the test.

    • Listening section – 45 minutes
    • Reading section – 75 minutes
    • Biographical questions – 30 minutes

    TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test Pattern

    This test assesses the Spoken and Written English skills which is needed in everyday lifestyle and at professional level. The speaking test and writing test can be taken together or separately as well in the following format:

    ContentSpeaking TestWriting Test
    Number of Questions11 questions8 questions
    Test Duration20 minutes60 minutes
    Score Scale0 – 2000 - 200

    TOEIC Bridge Test Pattern

    This test examines English – language proficiency of beginners to intermediate learners. It is easier than the other two tests. It is a paper and pencil based test comprising of 100 multiple choice questions divided into two sections – Listening and Reading. The test consumes 1 hour and 30 minutes of time.

    • Listening Section – 25 minutes
    • Reading Section - 35 minutes
    • Education and Work History Questionnaire – 30 minutes

    TOEIC Test 2020 Content

    All three tests evaluate different skills of the test takers, based on the requirement they have a varying content/ syllabus which has been tabulated below:

    Listening and Reading TestSpeaking and Writing TestBridge Test
    Listening Section
    • Photographs
    • Question-Response
    • Conversations
    • Short Talks
    Reading Section
    • Incomplete section
    • Error recognition or Text completion
    • Reading Comprehension
    Speaking Section
    • Read a text aloud
    • Describe a picture
    • Respond to questions
    • Express an opinion
    Writing Section
    • Write a sentence based on a picture
    • Respond to a written request
    • Write an opinion essay
    Listening Section
    • Photographs
    • Question-Response
    • Short Conversations
    • Short Talks
    Reading Section
    • Incomplete Sentences
    • Reading Comprehension

    Read TOEIC Syllabus and Content

    TOEIC 2020 Scores

    ETS performs a rigorous scoring process to ensure fair results. The Tests are evaluated and rated by certified and calibrated ETS raters, who are closely monitored during the process. Tests are examined by multiple raters ensuring fairness in the scoring process.

    • Listening and Reading Test is scored on a scale of 5 – 450 each combining to 10 – 900 total points.
    • Speaking and Writing Test will be scored on a scale of 0 – 200 respectively combining total range to 0 – 400 points.
    • Bridge test is scored on 10 – 90 points scale each for Listening and Reading tests.

    Since the tests are used to rate English proficiency of test takers and the proficiency does not remain same over time, the TOEIC scores are valid for upto 2 years.

    Check TOEIC Scoring Conversion Table

    TOEIC Preparation Tips

    English is a language and the best way to prepare for a language test is by blending it in your lifestyle. Aspirants can do many thing in their everyday life to prepare for the test along with taking help from exam oriented books and practice tests:

    Listen carefully to the words of English songs, radio, movies and news reporting. The more you will listen the more you will learn about the accent and pronunciation of the words and the tone and style used to express various emotions.

    Read newspapers, magazines, novels, books and blogs or whatever of your choice and interest in English. Reading improves your vocabulary and grammar which is very necessary to learn a language.

    Speak in English with your family members, friends and neighbors, try to make an English – environment around yourself. It is not important to speak correct or fluent English but to initiate and be habitual to it.

    Write whatever you want to in English in the beginning and with time you will start writing in sensible formats. Your writing skills will become more grammatically correct and expressive by just practicing it regularly.

    Must Read TOEIC Preparation Tips

    Best TOEIC Books – PDF Download

    There is no doubt that books are the best resources to prepare for any test, TOEIC is no exception. Aspirants willing to score good marks must refer to best books to prepare from. It helps in clearing the concepts, topics and doubts, if any. Books are silent teachers.

    The best books for TOEIC in PDF format are available below for free download:

    Name of the BooksDownload PDF
    TOEIC VocabularyDownload
    Speaking and Writing Strategies for TOEFL iBTDownload
    TOEIC 100 Practice TestsDownload

    TOEIC Practice Tests – PDF Download

    Practice tests are the blueprints of the actual paper. It not only gives you the idea about tentative test content, format and difficulty level but you also get the confidence needed prior to appearing for the test. Practice tests train your brain accordingly which will increase your pace and lower the chances of making mistakes.

    Below are the free downloadable TOEIC practice tests for the aspirants:

    Name of the TestTOEIC Practice Tests
    TOEIC Listening and Reading TestDownload
    TOEIC Speaking and Writing TestDownload
    TOEIC Bridge TestDownload

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

    Fee Structure

      NOTE: The fees depend on test centers and nationality, one can expect to USD 85 per component (Speaking and Writing/ Listening and Reading).



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