TOEIC Test Format, Syllabus and Scoring Guide

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    TOEIC is an English Language proficiency rating test accepted worldwide for academic and professional purpose. It is conducted by ETS, a non-profit organization and its institutional partners.

    • There are three tests available in TOEIC namely Listening and Reading Test, Speaking and Writing Test and Bridge Test.
    • The number of questions, mode of paper and duration varies depending on the test as each test is designed to assess certain parameter of English proficiency.
    • It is conducted officially 12 times a year in US and Canada by ETS, however institutions or language schools can schedule the test any time in accordance to ETS. Check TOEIC Dates and Registration Deadlines

    Read further to come across the detailed test-wise format, content and scoring of  TOEIC 2020.

    TOEIC Test Format 2020

    TOEIC consists of three tests- Listening and Reading Test, Speaking and Writing Test and the Bridge test. All tests are set in a way to evaluate certain aspects of exam takers English proficiency. Candidates can choose the test suitable to them as per their needs. An overview has been tabulated below:

    TOEIC Test FormatListening and Reading TestSpeaking and Writing TestBridge Test

    Listening Test

    Reading Test

    Speaking Test

    Writing Test

    Listening Test

    Reading Test

    Duration2 hours 30 minutes1 hour 20 minutes1 hour 30 minutes
    Number of Question200 questions19 questions100 questions
    Mode of testObjective typeDescriptive and viva-voceObjective type
    Negative markingNoNoNO

    Detailed format of each test is described right below.

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    TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Format

    This test is conducted in pen and paper based mode. It can be further divided in Listening Test and Reading Test. All the questions are multiple choice type questions. Both tests carry 100 questions each.

    The test has to be attempted in 2 hour 30 minutes. However, each section has to be finished in stipulated time:

    • Listening section – 45 minutes
    • Reading section – 75 minutes
    • Biographical questions – 30 minutes

    TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test Format

    This test includes two sections – Speaking Test and Writing Test. There is an option of taking both the tests together or one at a time. Candidates have to speak and write on the topics discussed in the content section below in the article.

    • Speaking Test has 11 questions that have to be attempted in 20 minutes.
    • Writing Test consists of 8 questions which consumes about 60 minutes.

    TOEIC Bridge Test Format

    Bridge test is suitable for the beginners to intermediate level. It contains Listening Test and Reading Test. It is an easier version of TOEIC Listening and Reading Test.

    • It carries 100 multiple choice questions to be attempted in 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Listening section has 50 questions and consumes 25 minutes.
    • Reading section also consists of 50 questions requiring 35 minutes to complete them.
    • Both above sections involves some education and work history questionnaire that can be finished in 30 minutes.

    TOEIC Scoring Guide

    ETS performs a meticulous scoring procedure to make sure each test taker is awarded with right grade. Multiple certified ETS raters rate the tests to ensure fairness evaluation. Each test is scored on a varying scale range:

    Click here to Check TOEIC Score Conversion Table

    Name of the TestSectional Scoring ScaleTotal Scoring Scale
    Listening and Reading Test

    Listening Test: 5 – 450

    Reading Test: 5 – 450 

    Total Score: 10 - 900
    Speaking and Writing Test

    Speaking Test: 0 - 200

    Writing Test: 0 – 200

    Total Score: 0 – 400
    TOEIC Bridge Test

    Listening Test: 10 – 90

    Reading Test: 10 - 90

    Total Score: 20 – 180

    Since, a person’s proficiency level of a language keeps on changing over time, TOEIC score will be valid for a period of 2 years from the date of result declaration.

    TOEIC TEST Content 2020

    The content/syllabus for all three tests – Listening and Reading Test, Speaking and Writing Test and the Bridge test is unique. Since these tests evaluates different skills and ability of the exam takers, the content of the test is set accordingly by ETS, the conducting body of TOEIC. Each test is divided in two sections. Detailed section wise content for all three tests are described below:

    TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Content

    Listening Test:- In the listening test, test takes are made to listen an English recording of short conversation and then they have to answer the questions based on what they understood from the recording. There will be hundred questions from the following topics:

    • Photographs
    • Question-Response
    • Conversations
    • Short Talks

    Reading Test:- In the reading test, candidates have to answer questions based on a text. They have to read the text on their own pace. There will be hundred questions on the following topics:

    • Incomplete Sentences
    • Error Recognition or Text Completion
    • Reading Comprehension

    TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test Content

    Speaking Test:- In the speaking test, test takers are examined on their speaking skills. They should speak as much as possible in the stipulated time period and also they should speak clearly making relevant sense to question asked. They will have to speak for about 20 minutes for the following questions:

    • Read a text aloud for 45 seconds after preparing time of 45 seconds.
    • Describe a picture displayed on screen for 45 minutes for which preparation time is 30 seconds
    • Respond to 3 questions asked by a panel in 15 seconds for first two questions and 30 seconds for third question. No preparation time is provided for these responses.
    • Respond to 3 questions using provided information in 15 seconds for first two questions and 30 seconds for third question. The information can be read in 30 seconds only and no preparation time is provided.
    • Propose a solution for a problem presented in 30 seconds. Test takers will have to speak for 60 seconds and address how they acknowledge the problem and how should it be dealt with.
    • Express an opinion about a specific topic asked. They have to speak for 60 seconds after preparing in 15 seconds.

    Writing Test:- In the writing test, test takers are presented with questions which tests their ability to write correctly and effectively. They have to write on the given type of format and directions in stipulated time:

    • Write a sentence each based on 5 pictures using two words or phrases given in the questions.
    • Respond to 2 written request emails in 10 minutes each including reading time.
    • Write an essay in no less than 300 words as a response to an issue presented in the question explain your views and solution to it. 

    TOEIC Bridge Test Content

    Listening Section:- In the listening test of Bridge test, candidates will be made to listen recordings of statements, short conversations and short talks and questions in English and will have to answer 50 questions of following kinds:

    • Photographs (15 questions)
    • Question – Response  (20 questions)
    • Short Conversation and Short Talks  (15 questions)

    Reading Section:- In the reading test, exam takers will have to answer questions based what they understand by given single sentences and texts. There are 50 questions on following topics:

    • Incomplete Sentences (30 questions)
    • Reading Comprehension (20 questions)

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College




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