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TOEIC 2021 Preparation Tips, Books and Practice Tests PDF

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TOEIC aspirants can prepare for the test by enhancing their English skills. It tests four parameters of the language which are listening, writing, reading and speaking. Aspirants have to prepare each aspect to score well in the test.

  • For Listening and Reading Test aspirants should listen English songs, news and radio. Also they should read newspapers, blogs and novels.
  • Spoken English can be practiced by reading texts aloud and conversing in English with your friends and colleagues.
  • You can take help from online available study material, audios and videos to prepare for  TOEIC.
  • Aspirants should practice exam oriented question that may come in the test.
  • They must refer to a few test – specialized preparation books and go through TOEIC Practice tests as well before appearing for the exam.

Find below the preparation tips, tips to attempt the test, recommended books and practice test PDFs.

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How to Prepare for TOEIC Test?

Listening to words used in English movies, radio, television, news, online broadcast and music attentively will help you understand the accent and pronunciation of the language. Also focus on the rhythm and stress pattern of spoken English.

Reading English books, novels, newspapers, and social media content is very helpful in learning the grammar, punctuation and framing of sentences. It also enhances your vocabulary and understanding of proper use of words at right place.

Try to Speak English with your known ones, family members and friends. In the beginning, just aim on becoming habitual to English and later focus on its fluency, pronunciation and sensible use.

Writing short passages on basic topics such as the city I live in or what you want to become in the future will give your writing preparation a good start. Write short and simple sentences using direct meaning words. Try to use correct grammar and keep your writing evaluated by an English teacher or expert.

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Tips to Attempt TOEIC Test 

Listening Test – Listen to the recording very carefully. Listen to it like a story so that you can remember it.

  • Write down certain information like names and dates as you hear them which can be asked in the test.
  • Easy way to memorize the recording is to translate it into your known language in your mind.
  • You must practice your listening skills before appearing for the test.

Reading test – It is the easiest test among all the tests. Read the text in question very carefully and try to understand it in the best relevant sense.

  • It can be a time consuming test, however, a trick to save time is to go through questions once and then read the text so the answer will catch your attention on its own.
  • Always answer questions by referring to the text, It should serve as an evidence to your answer.

Speaking Test – It is considered as the toughest test but if you practice spoken English you will easily score good grade.

  • Practice reading texts aloud at home.
  • Frame and speak simple and short sentences during the test.
  • Your idea should be conveyed exactly as you mean to the evaluator.
  • Don’t worry about the accent as it does not matter but grammar and pronunciation matters.

Writing Test – Before beginning to write the answer read the question closely which will give you the right direction to frame the passage.

  • Never write a negative view about any topic or picture in question.
  • You can address the issue if required but conclude with a solution or its positive aspect.
  • Use short and simple sentences which reduces the occurrence of grammatical errors.
  • Before submitting your response, proofread it once to check for any mistakes or missing point.

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TOEIC Test Preparation Books

Aspirants should choose best suitable study material to prepare for the test. Books must be a part of the study material. Candidates should not choose any random book but a book which specializes in a component of the test. Also, take help from the books having practice tests so that you can test your performance after studying the concepts.

A list of recommended books is mentioned below for the convenience of the test takers:

TOEIC Complete Preparation Book

Name of the Book: Barron,s How To Prepare For The TOEIC Test

Amazon Price: USD 1,968 (including Audio)

TOEIC Practice Test Book

TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Book

Name of the Book: KAPLAN TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Prep Plus

Amazon Price: USD 22.34

TOEIC Listening and Reading test book

TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test Book

Name of the Book: ETS Tactics for TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests

Amazon Price: USD 48

TOEIC speaking and writing test book

TOEIC Bridge Test Book

Name of the Book: Barron’s TOEIC Bridge Test.

Amazon Price: USD 16.55

TOEIC Bridge Test Book

TOEIC Practice Tests Book 

Name of the Book: Barron’s TOEIC Practice Exams.

Amazon Price: USD 14.99

TOEIC Test Practice book

Click here for Free Downloadable PDF TOEIC Books

TOEIC Practice Test Sample Papers 

English is a language and questions can come from anywhere and in any manner. There are no certain formulas that can be memorized and you will score well in the test.

  • The content is unlimited, hence, practice tests must be referred to prepare for the test.
  • It gives an idea about the content, format and complexity level of the exam.
  • Aspirants can keep a track of their pace and mistakes made during practice the sample papers and work on them. Find below the practice test:

Free Download official TOEIC Practice Tests PDF

Name of the Test TOEIC Practice Tests
TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Download
TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test Download
TOEIC Bridge Test Download

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.