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    UPSEE MBA 2021 is one of the most reputed & intellectual based exams which will test not only the candidates writing and intellect but will initially check the candidate’s ability to manage certain situations and accuracy. It's immensely important to practice the syllabus rigorously to target all the questions and that's where the practice paper comes into play effectively. It is advised to solve at least 2 practice or mock papers to understand the strength and weakness, increase accuracy, readiness & manage the wheel of time.

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    AKTU has more than 200+ colleges affiliated under its wings, consisting of both government aided colleges and private colleges. The exam will check four sections of the candidate, English Language, Numerical Ability, General Awareness, Thinking and Reading Ability. Thus, start preparing about 6 months prior to the scheduled examination, that will provide immense time to incorporate each concept in hand.

    Check the detailedUPSEE MBA 2021 Syllabus

    When to start preparing for UPSEE MBA 2021?

    UPSEE MBA 2021 will be tentatively conducted on 1st week of May 2021. It depends on a candidate’s own intellect and understanding the topics to prepare for the examination. On an average, it requires approximately 6-8 months to prepare well for UPSEE MBA.

    Candidates can organize a stipulated time frame for an effective UPSEE MBA 2021 preparations: 

    • Conceptual learning of the syllabus layout- 3 months
    • Practice the related questions in an elaborated way- 3 month
    • Practice and attempt mock tests as much as possible - 2 months.
    • UPSEE MBA 2021 preparation also depends on the candidate's desire and passion to be able to clear the test. One should be more logical to attain a good UPSEE MBA 2021 Result. The syllabus must be read thoroughly and identifying one’s weak and strong aspects can boost up their preparations and confidence.

    UPSEE MBA 2021 Preparation Strategies

    Its always advisable to follow the particular way where you are comfortable with the entire surrounding. Different candidates have vivid ways to absorb a concerned concept or topic, thus make a time-table, plan it accordingly and execute it, so that you don’t face any difficulties during preparations. Accordingly, the best strategies that can shape your mindset are mentioned below:

    • The first step for preparations of UPSEE MBA 2021 entrance test is to collect all the relevant study material as per the stated syllabus.
    • Join a well-reviewed coaching institute that can help them in their preparation and give them some valuable tips and tricks and make them give practice test for the same.
    • Initiate by studying each topic one by one with conceptual clarity. Most of the syllabus is based on 10+2 topics. Those who were academically sound in school, might get benefitted.
    • Do not neglect English section as many students tend to do so and later, stuck in the main examination of UPSEE MBA 2021.
    • It is always recommended to practice questions with a timer and avoid making use of calculators which would increase their efficiency with time constraints in their mind as well.
    • Identify your strengths and weaknesses by practicing each topic properly.
    • Make a list of candidate’s strong and weak areas in resolving questions. In the initial phase of preparations, one must put emphasis over strengthening the weak areas.
    • Instead of solving 20 questions of one type, candidates must solve 4 questions of 5 types from each topic of the syllabus.
    • Candidates must take as many mock tests as early as possible. They might score less initially but one must remember practice makes a man perfect.
    • Analysing and re-attempting the same mock test can make their strategy better in terms of pre-exam preparations. It is always recommended to take at least 1-3 mocks in a week or so.
    • Once the entire syllabus is covered, candidates must focus primarily on mock tests only which can take them to zenith.
    • In the last month before the commencement of main examination, one should not prepare any new topics. Instead, they should strengthen the prepared ones.
    • Attempting the previous years’ UPSEE MBA question papers is always a good idea which can make the applicant’s skills more efficient and qualitative.
    • Studying is important but not without taking adequate breaks and getting enough sleep while preparing for UPSEE MBA 2021.

    CheckUPSEE MBA 2021 Practice Papers

    UPSEE MBA 2021 Subject-wise Preparation Strategies

    1. Preparation Strategies for English

    English section is all about the verbal, writing and reading ability of the language. It does scare a lot of applicants but there are many who take this section for granted as well. In order to get results in this section, one should possess very deep knowledge of the section. It consists of below mentioned sub topics:

    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Uncommon words
    • Sentence completion
    • Synonyms
    • Antonyms
    • Relationship between words and phrases
    • Comprehension of passages.

    Tips and tricks for English Section

    • Candidates must read fiction and non-fiction novels, newspapers, business magazines and suchlike in order to get better at this section.
    • To excel in any language, one must learn the basics of grammar. Similarly, for English language, grammar topics like articles, adjectives, tenses, modifiers, etc. must be practiced well.
    • Learning new words everyday can boost a candidate's vocabulary. So, the idea is to create a cue card to put down all the new words that they come across.
    • One trick that some aspirants may miss is that they should get in a habit of going through the questions first instead of the passage in the comprehensions.
    • Do make combinations and attempt the ones with an easier vibe.
    1. Preparation Strategies for Numerical Ability

    Numerical Aptitude has a lot to do with applicant’s quantitative ability that covers the following areas of mathematics:

    • Numerical calculation
    • Arithmetic
    • Simple algebra
    • Geometry and trigonometry
    • Interpretation of graphs
    • Charts and tables.

    Now, this section in UPSEE MBA 2021 is the most contradicting as either it can take the whole universe of time or it can be solved in no time, depends on a candidates’ mathematical skills and practice of all the short cut tricks that is usually taught in most of the coaching Institutes for UPSEE MBA 2021.

    Tips and tricks for Numerical Ability

    • Conceptual clarity and laying the foundation: If your basics are clear, there you are with a best score. So, to be good at mathematics one must brush up their concepts and basics of all the topics, to resolve the complexity of questions.
    • Time-saving techniques: Time saving is one of the most essential aspects for any examination. Here, time could be saved effectively by learning tables till 40, squares up to 30, cubes up to 20, percentage equivalent of fractions till 25 and suchlike. Apart from this, one must practice solving the related questions within 2 minutes which is the average time that should be spent on each question in this section.
    • Formulas in mathematics: Mathematics is all about formulas which is the key to attempt any question. Candidates are suggested to maintain a formula book where they can note down all the formulas as per the elaborated syllabus and go through it on a regular basis.
    • Analysing difficulty level: It is always advised to break the entire section into three parts, in UPSEE MBA mock test papers, as per the difficulty level of the questions which could be easy, moderate, or difficult.
    • Questions solving strategy: One must be strategic while attempting the UPSEE MBA 2021 main entrance examination. The questions must be resolved in less time and it is better to resolve 3 easy questions than 1 difficult one.
    • Practice: The last piece of advice for UPSEE MBA 2021 aspirants is that they must practice a lot. Practice makes a man perfect.
    1. Preparation Strategies for Thinking and Decision Making

    The third section, thinking and decision making in UPSEE MBA 2021 is more related to candidate’s Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning skills. This could be one of the most difficult sections as it is more logical than intellectual. One cannot mug up the content and perform best in examination. They must understand the logic behind the question and then answer it.

    All the topics for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning is bulleted below:

    • Creative thinking
    • Unfamiliar relationships
    • Verbal reasoning
    • Finding patterns trends
    • Assessment of figures and diagrams.

    Tips and tricks for Decision Making

    • Candidates must practice quick calculation and analysing/observing capability.
    • Solving puzzles like Sudoku and crossword can sharpen one’s ability to think and make appropriate decisions.
    • If it takes 10-15 minutes to resolve 20 questions, try resolving it in 8-12 minutes. It will be a good practice to watch out time consumption.
    1. Preparation Strategies for General Awareness

    General awareness is basically general knowledge that a candidate holds. Although, UPSEE 2021 official have focused on few majors in which the questions will be prompted as bulleted below:

    • Knowledge of current affairs and other issues related to trade
    • Industry
    • Economy
    • Sports
    • Culture
    • Science

    Tips and tricks for General Awareness

    • One must read newspapers daily to keep themselves updated with the latest.
    • One can also read the magazines that talk about all the latest stuff as per the syllabus.
    • Candidates who join the coaching institute, will be provided with general awareness study material which would be quite useful.
    • Keep yourself updated with the current affairs, that is the latest news should be on tips.

    UPSEE MBA 2021 Mock Test

    The candidates can encounter the real time question paper like situation by solving the mock test papers for UPSEE MBA 2021 that will be available for download in the university official website. This will help them to acquire vivid knowledge about various concepts, also working on the time management skills and testing their real time accuracy.

    The students can get a general idea of the paper by solving the sample or mock questions available in different websites or they can buy the sample paper books available to test their knowledge and the time that will initially slated to be 180 minutes.

    UPSEE MBA Preparation 2021 FAQs

    Ques. How much prior to the exam I should start preparing?

    Ans. It’s better for the candidate to start preparation 6-8 months before the examination.

    Ques. Why is it important to solve mock test papers for UPSEE MBA 2021?

    Ans. The candidate needs to solve the sample papers as it will help them to know the exam pattern, marking scheme, conceptualize various concepts and ideas and also increase the time management skills.

    Ques. How should I start preparing effectively for UPSEE MBA 2021?

    Ans. Follow the steps before preparing for exam:

    • Conceptual learning of the syllabus layout- 3 months
    • Practice the related questions in an elaborated way- 3 month
    • Practice and attempt mock tests as much as possible - 2 months.
    • UPSEE MBA 2021 preparation also depends on the candidate's desire and passion to be able to clear the test. One should be more logical to attain a good UPSEE MBA 2021 Result. The syllabus must be read thoroughly and identifying one’s weak and strong aspects can boost up their preparations and confidence.

    Ques. How many mock tests are sufficient to practice before the exam?

    Ans. More or less, 30-35 mock tests are sufficient to be practiced before the actual exam. The important point is to work on your weak topics and mistakes.

    Ques. Is the study material provided by the coaching institute reliable?

    Ans. The study material provided by the coaching institute is updated on the basis of past data. There is no harm in referring to a book but candidates should not lose focus on self-study.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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