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VITEEE Exam Pattern has revised by VIT, the exam will be conducted in Online Remote Proctored Examination (ORPE) due to COVID-19 pandemic. This year, there will be a total of 80 questions in VITEEE 2021 which candidates can attempt in a duration of 90 minutes. Last year a new section i.e Aptitude section was added. Now, the exam will consist of 5 sections namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology, English and Aptitude. Check VITEEE Syllabus

Latest Updates

  • May 7: VITEEE 2021 Application form deadline extended until May 20, 2021. Apply Now
  • May 5: VITEEE Online Remote Proctored Examination guidelines released. Check Here

There will be no negative marking in the exam. In VITEEE 2021, the maximum number of questions will be asked from Biology/Maths that is 25 and the minimum number of questions will be asked from English that is 5

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VITEEE 2021 Exam Pattern Highlights

Exam Particulars Details
Number of sections 5
Duration of exam 90 minutes
Number of questions 80
Total Marks 80
Language English
Type of questions MCQs
Mode of examination Online Remote Proctored
Marking scheme 1 mark for each correct answer no negative marking 

VITEEE 2021 Question Paper

  • All the questions will be MCQs type.
  • MCQs will be divided into 5 parts.
  • Part 1 – Mathematics/Biology, Part 2 – Physics, Part 3 – Chemistry, Part 4 – English, Part 5 – Aptitude.


  • MPCEA – Candidates appearing for Maths/Physics/Chemistry/English/Aptitude will be eligible for all the engineering degree programs.


BPCEA – Candidates appearing for Biology/Physics/Chemistry/English/Aptitude will be eligible for only B.Tech Bio Stream degree programs as follows:

  • Bio-engineering - VIT Bhopal
  • Biotechnology - VIT Vellore
  • CSE with specialization in Bioinformatics - VIT Vellore
  • ECE with specialization in Biomedical Engineering programmes - VIT Vellore

NOTE: BPCEA candidates have to register for Mathematics as a bridge course.

Download VITEEE Practice Papers 

Exam Pattern 2021

VITEEE 2021 Exam Pattern

The section-wise number of questions and maximum marks for VITEEE 2021 are tabulated below:

Name of the Section Number of Questions Maximum Marks  Duration
Physics 25 25 Cumulative duration of 90 minutes
Chemistry 25 25
Mathematics/ Biology 25 25
Aptitude 3 3
English 2 3
Total 80 Questions 80 Questions 90 minutes

Syllabus 2021

VITEEE Syllabus Important Topics

VITEEE Syllabus for Physics

The physics section in VITEEE 2021 will comprise 25 questions. The questions are majorly asked from the following topics:

VITEEE Important Topics in Physics
Laws of Motion & Work, Energy, and Power Optics
Properties of Matter Electrostatics
Current Electricity Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics
Nuclear Physics Semiconductor Devices and their Applications

Sample Questions for Physics in VITEEE 2021

VITEEE Physics sample Paper

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VITEEE Syllabus for Chemistry

Chemistry section in VITEEE 2021 will comprise 25 questions from the following topics:

VITEEE Important Topics in Chemistry
Atomic Structure, p,d and f – Block Elements Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry
Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Biomolecules
Electrochemistry Isomerism in Organic Compounds
Alcohols and Ethers Carbonyl Compounds
p,d and f – Block Elements Carbohydrates, Amino acids, Lipids

Sample Questions for Chemistry in VITEEE 2021

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VITEEE Syllabus for Mathematics

The maximum number of questions are asked from this section. Mathematics section in VITEEE 2021 will comprise 25 questions from the following topics:

VITEEE Important Topics in Mathematics
Matrices and their Applications Differential Calculus
Trigonometry and Complex Numbers Integral Calculus and its Applications
Analytical Geometry of two dimensions Differential Equations
Vector Algebra Probability Distributions
Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions Discrete Mathematics

Sample Questions for Maths in VITEEE 2021

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VITEEE Syllabus for Biology

Those who have opted for BPCEA will get the maximum number of questions from this section. Biology section in VITEEE 2021 will comprise 25 questions from the following topics:

VITEEE Important Topics in Biology
Taxonomy Cell and Molecular Biology
Reproduction Genetics and evolution
Human health and diseases Biochemistry
Plant physiology Human physiology
Biotechnology and its applications Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment

Sample Questions for Biology in VITEEE 2021

viteee biology sample paper

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VITEEE Syllabus for Aptitude

This is a newly added section in the VITEEE exam. This section will have questions from Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation. With good and regular practice you can master this part. Aptitude section in VITEEE 2021 will comprise 3 questions from the following topics:

VITEEE Important Topics in Aptitude Section
Data Interpretation Data Sufficiency
Syllogism Number Series
Coding-Decoding Clocks
Calendars  Directions

VITEEE Syllabus for English

  • English section in VITEEE 2021 will comprise 2 questions on Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Pronunciation.
  • The passages, lines of poems, dialogues, grammar, etc. will be asked as per the level of this exam. 
  • Candidates should read the passages and the attached questions carefully.
  • You have to choose the best suitable answer from the options given for each question.
3 Questions Reading comprehension: Short passages (30-50 words) or 2-3 lines of poem or a dialogue 
2 Questions  Grammar and Pronunciation

Check Detailed VITEEE Syllabus 2021

Reference Books 2021

VITEEE 2021 Reference Books

VITEEE 2021 Physics Books 

viteee books for physics

Other than the standard NCERT books, candidates can also refer to some of the most recommended Physics books given below:

Name of the Book Author
Understanding Physics Series (Set of 5 Books) DC Pandey
Concepts of Physics (both volumes) HC Verma
MCQ Question Bank D Mukherjee

VITEEE 2021 Chemistry Books 

viteee chemistry books

Other than the standard NCERT books, candidates can also refer to some of the most recommended Chemistry books given below:

Name of the Book Author
Handbook Chemistry: Key Notes Terms Definitions & Formulae Hansraj Modi
Chemistry MCQ (Multiple-Choice-Question Bank) Vinod Kumar Ahluwalia , Ashis Kumar Ghosh
Organic Chemistry O P Tandon

VITEEE 2021 Mathematics Books

VITEEE Mathematics Books
Name of the Book Publication
Objective Mathematics Volume – 1 Arihant
Objective Mathematics Volume – 2 Arihant
Complete Mathematics Mcgraw Hill

VITEEE 2021 Biology Books 

viteee biology books

Other than the standard NCERT books, candidates can also refer to some of these recommended Biology books:

Name of the Book Author
S. Chand's Biology for Class XI P.S. Verma and B.P. Pandey
Pradeep’s Biology Guide P.S. Dhami

Mock Test 2021

VITEEE 2021 Mock Test Series

The authorities will release the VITEEE Mock Test series for candidates who have applied for the exam. These tests series will help you in getting a better idea about the type of questions, difficulty level of questions, etc. By solving these papers regularly, you can improve your time management skills, increase the speed and accuracy level required before taking the actual exam.

Besides the mock tests, VIT will also release VITEEE sample papers and questions for all the subjects of the exam - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English, and Aptitude. Check Here

Important Instructions 2021

VITEEE 2021 Important Instructions

Candidates can follow the below instructions while they sit for VITEEE 2021.


  • On the allotted computer, candidate’s details (Name, photograph etc.) will be displayed
  • At the scheduled time (usually 10 minutes before the exam), candidates have to enter ‘Username’ as instructed in VITEEE 2021 Hall Ticket
  • After entering username and Password click on “Sign In” button

VITEEE Reading Instructions

  • Read instructions carefully as they will provide all the exam related information.
  • Click on “I am ready to begin” button
  • Timer count starts after clicking the button “I am ready to begin”.

VITEEE Test Taking Process

  • There is an option to click on the question number in the Question Palette at the right of the screen to go to that numbered question directly.
  • Select any answer out of the four options, by clicking on the circle button beside the option.
  • To change the already chosen answer, you can click on the circle button of another option. If you want to cancel the answer, click on the Clear Response button.
  • To save your answer, you MUST click on the Save & Next button, otherwise, it will not be saved
  • In case, you want to mark the question for review, click on the Mark for Review & Next button. If a question is marked for Review, that answer will be considered in the evaluation.
  • Submit button will not be available till the completion of the exam time. The system will automatically submit your answers after Exam Closure time.
  • Exam summary will be displayed on the screen with Subject Name, Number of Questions, Answered, Not Answered, Marked for Review, and Not Visited.
  • Please confirm by clicking ‘Yes’ button


  • The countdown timer will start ticking down after you click the button “I am ready to begin”.
  • The countdown timer in the top right corner of the computer screen will display the remaining time available to complete the examination.
  • When the timer reaches zero, the examination will end by itself. There will be no need to end or submit your examination.

VITEEE Sections (Subjects) Navigation 

  • Sections in this question paper will be displayed on the top bar of the screen.
  • Questions in each section can be viewed by clicking on the name of the section.
  • The section which the candidate is currently attempting is highlighted.
  • Candidates can change the section by clicking on the respective section name, anytime within the exam. Check VITEEE 2021 Expected Cutoff

Frequently Asked Questions

VITEEE 2021 Exam Pattern FAQs

Ques. What is the duration of VITEEE? 

Ans. VITEEE is a 90 minutes long exam. A total of 80 questions will be asked from 5 different sections: Maths/Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, Aptitude. Aptitude is the newly added section in VITEEE exam. 

Ques. Is there negative marking in VITEEE?

Ans. No. There is no negative marking for any question answered wrongly in VITEEE. +1 Mark will be awarded for every correct answer. Candidates can attempt all the questions. A maximum number of questions will be asked from the Biology/Maths section that is 25 and minimum number of questions will be asked from English that is 2. 

Ques. Will I be allowed to carry a calculator to the VITEEE exam? 

Ans. No, you are not permitted to carry a calculator in the exam hall.

Ques. Has VITEEE 2021 paper pattern changed? 

Ans. Yes, the exam pattern of VITEEE has changed. This year, there will be a total of 80 questions in VITEEE 2021 which candidates can attempt in a duration of 90 minutes. 

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

VITEEE 2021 : 3 answered questions


Ques. How tough is VITEEE as compared to BITSAT?

● Top Answer By Palak Jain on 20 Jan 21

Ans. VITEE is conducted by VIT University, Vellore for admission to undergraduate engineering courses annually. While BITSAT is conducted by BITS Pilani for admissions to integrated undergraduate programs. BITSAT is way tougher and competitive than VITEEE, for the following reasons. Comparison: The BITSAT entrance exam is held annually and has a vast syllabus. The questions in BITSAT are tougher and tricker. The marking scheme contains negative marking. Every year over 3 lakh candidates appear for BITSAT which makes the exam far more competitive. The University offers a total of 2000 seats. There are no provisions for reservations in BITs. It is the only university that doesn’t offer reservations or management quotas to its candidates. VITEEE  The mode of exam for VITEEE is a computer-based test. The questions appearing in VITEEE are easier when compared to BITSAT. There is no negative marking in the exam; this allows students to attempt all the questions. Every year approximately 2 lakh candidates appear for VITEEE. The University offers a total of 5000 seats. There are provisions for reservations in VITEEE.  Exam VITEEE BITSAT Mode of Exam Computer-based Test Computer-based Test Duration 2. 5 Hours 3 Hours Total Questions 125 Questions 150 Questions Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions Multiple Choice Questions Negative Marking No Yes (- 1) Syllabus Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, and Aptitude Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Logical Reasoning  Try to focus on BITSAT because it is far tougher than VITEEE. The syllabus for the two entrance exams is more or less the same so prepare thoroughly for BITSAT. BITS Pilani is also more popular and prestigious. It offers a better peer group and a less crowded campus than VIT University.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. I got 568 rank in AEEE and 13617 rank in VITEEE. For CSE, which is better: Amrita Coimbatore or VIT Chennai?

● Top Answer By Harshavardhan Babu on 08 Jan 21

Ans. Both the colleges are considered to be top-notch institutes and going by the cutoff for recent years, it is safe to say with a 568 AEEE rank and 13617 VITEEE ranks you will be eligible to take admission at both institutes. If you have to select a college between these two, you can look at the information given below, it will help you in making the right decision. Academics Amrita Coimbatore: The course curriculum is research-based and updated. In each semester there will be an end-semester exam and two written exams called periodical tests. The internals constitutes project work and different sets of assignments regarding each subject. VIT Chennai: For CSE there will be a total number of 160 credits that will be secured in a total of 8 semesters. You will have a wide range of choices in choosing elective subjects. Faculty: Amrita Coimbatore: Teachers who are in college are highly qualified. The college classes are interactive and there are frequent seminars held so that there is an ease of learning for the students. VIT Chennai: The faculties here are professionals, they have excellent industry knowledge and experience. Placements: Amrita Coimbatore: In the year 2020, the institute received 182 job offers. The college recorded a 100% placement percentage. The highest domestic package which was offered went up to Rs 43 LPA. The average package was recorded as Rs 5.3 LPA. VIT Chennai: The highest salary which was offered was Rs 39 LPA and the average salary which was recorded was Rs 6.12 LPA. Some of the top companies that visited the college included Amazon and Microsoft. Therefore, if one has to choose a college between the two, they can look at the information given above.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How difficult is the AEEE (Amrita Engineering Entrance Exam), as compared to the SRMJEE, VITEEE, and MU OET?

● Top Answer By Kumar Shiwam on 08 Jan 21

Ans. If you have covered all the syllabus, revised, and are thorough with the concepts, you have no reason to worry. However, to bring into perspective, Easy or tough depends on one’s preparation. By getting more information about the entrance examination conducted by AEEE, you can get acquainted with the entrance and can secure a seat and a good rank. AEEE: More information about the college and the entrance exam is given below. Syllabus: The syllabus of AEEE 2021, will be from topics and subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. These are the subjects that the candidates need to study for. Students should note that the syllabus of AEEE 2021 will consist of class 11th and 12th topics from all the subjects. One is also advised to check the previous year’s papers to get an idea about the types of questions coming in the entrance exam. There will be a total of 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The number of questions for the different subjects is as follows. Physics – 30 Chemistry – 30 Mathematics – 40 More Details: Total marks: 300 Marking Scheme: For every correct answer, 3 marks are awarded, while for each incorrect answer 1 mark is deduced. Mode of Exam: It’s both i.e. pen and paper and computer-based exam. Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes The medium of paper: English AEEE Preparation Tips: You should go through the exam pattern in detail. Prepare a study plan. Every subject should be given equal time for preparation. You should stick and refer to the books suggested by experts and toppers. A candidate should be clear with the fundamental concepts that might come in the exam Candidates should solve previous year’s question papers. SRMJEE, VITEEE, MU OET: AEEE entrance, in perspective with other exams, is given below. Exam Syllabus SREJEE Physics, Maths, Chemistry, English, and Aptitude. (125 Marks) VITEEE Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Aptitude (40,35,35,10,5 questions respectively) MU OET Mathematics- 70 Questions, Physics- 50 Questions, chemistry- 50 Questions, English & General Aptitude- 30 Questions All of these three exams are Online computer-based (CBT) with a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. One mark is provided for every correct answer and there is no negative marking. Therefore, as compared to the SRMJEE, VITEEE, and MU OET the entrance examination of AEEE Is comparatively easier than the others mentioned. The questions that are asked are direct and a student can answer them with ease.Read more
1 Answer


kashish tomar
From which book should I prepare for Physics?
shivangi srivastava

You may refer to your standard NCERT books for Physics syllabus. Some other top recommended Physics books for the preparation of VITEEE and other competitive level examinations, are mentioned below for your further reference: 

  • Understanding Physics Series (Set of 5 Books) – DC Pandey 
  • Concepts of Physics (both volumes) – HC Verma
  • MCQ Question Bank – D Mukherjee 
puja sao
During the exam, am I allowed to use calculator?
shivangi srivastava

Well it is for your general reference that calculators are not allowed to carry at the examination centres, while appearing for VITEEE 2021 as per their own laid guidelines. No electronic devices are permitted basically that includes calculators as well. For any more information, please check the official website and rules thereby.

ankur jain
Can you please explain me the weightage of physics topics?
diya suresh

There will be around 25 questions asked from Physics section and there will be total 5 sections in the exam. Some of the important topics from the section are Laws of Motion & Work, Energy, and Power, Optics Properties of Matter, Electrostatics Current Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current, Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Semiconductor Devices and their Applications.

jatin sharma
How should I prepare for chemistry section ?
shivangi srivastava

Hello Jatin, according to the candidates who appeared for 2019 examination the maximum weightage of 60% was given to the 12th standard syllabus. The chemistry section included more questions from Physical Chemistry than that from Inorganic Chemistry. You can prepare for this section from the standard NCERT Books. You can get more preparation book suggestions, syllabus and tips from the link mentioned: VITEEE Preparation 2021

vivek singh
mca addmision pattern kya hai
shivangi srivastava

Hello Vivek, M.C.A. is a full-time 2 year program offered by VIT. The candidates seeking admission must have passed Graduation of minimum 3 years duration in B.C.A., B.Sc. (IT/Computer Science) with Mathematics as a course in 10+2 or equivalent with 60% aggregate. VIT conducts VITMEE exam for admission under this course. It is a computer-based test. Apart from VITMEE, the candidates who qualified GATE are also eligible to apply. Students can apply online. 

shiya devi
Shall I prepare for the physics portion from NCERT or do I need to do it from HC Verma as well?
diya suresh

Most of the syllabus for the entrance test is based on NCERT syllabus of 12th class and hence it is suggested to cover the same first. However no preparation is enough for qualifying the entrance test with good marks, therefore candidates can refer other books as well from different authors for preparation. Some of the suggested books are:

  • Understanding Physics Series by DC Pandey
  • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma
  • MCQ Question book by D.Mukherjee and many more

Find more details at VITEEE 2021 preparation tips

Can you please tell me the important topics of maths and physics?
diya suresh

There will be questions asked from sections of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Some of the important topics for physics are Laws of Motion & Work, Energy, and Power, Optics, Properties of Matter, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current, Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Semiconductor Devices and their Applications.

Important topics to cover under section of maths are Matrices and their Applications, Differential Calculus, Trigonometry and Complex Numbers, Integral Calculus and its Applications, Analytical Geometry of two dimensions, Differential Equations Vector Algebra, Probability Distributions, Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions, Discrete Mathematics.

Find more details at VITEEE exam pattern 2021.

sravani divvela
What about weightage of mathematics and is there any counselling after the exam and how to manage highest score in exam
bhawna vedwal

Hello Sravani, 40 questions will be asked from Mathematics. Counselling process starts after result announcement. Try to make notes and time table.

Make sure that you cover full syllabus , no doubts remain left.