VITEEE Syllabus 2020 for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

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    VITEEE Syllabus 2020 is prescribed by VIT University each year. VITEEE has done some major changes in the syllabus for this year. A new section i.e Aptitude has been added and from this section, 10 questions will be asked in the paper.

    The syllabus for VITEEE is divided into 5 sections viz. Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Aptitude, and English. Candidates must choose to appear for either of the two groups - PCME or PCBE. There will be 125 questions in the question paper of VITEEE. The test is of two hours thirty minutes in total. All questions will be objective in nature. Check  VITEEE Exam Pattern

    Since the exam dates and registrations dates have been postponed due to COVID 19 outbreak, those candidates who had missed the opportunity to apply for the exam can do the same and start their preparations for the exam. Read the article to know about the subject wise syllabus, pattern, books and much more.

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    VITEEE Physics Syllabus

    VITEEE Physics Syllabus 2020

    • Physics is a compulsory subject that candidates cannot skip.
    • 35 questions will be asked from Physics. 
    • Each correct answer will be awarded 1 mark.
    • There is no negative marking.

    ​​Syllabus of Physics

    • Section 1: Laws of Motion & Work, Energy and Power
    • Section 2: Properties of Matter
    • Section 3: Electrostatics
    • Section 4: Current Electricity
    • Section 5: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
    • Section 6: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
    • Section 7: Optics
    • Section 8: Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics
    • Section 9: Nuclear Physics
    • Section 10: Semiconductor Devices and their Applications

    Direct Link to Download VITEEE 2020 Physics Syllabus PDF

    Weightage of Important Topics in Physics

    TopicNumber of expected questions
    Current Electricity3
    Magnetic Effects of Electric Current and Magnetism5
    Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current5
    Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Optics5
    Atomic and Nuclear Physics7
    Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter5

    VITEEE Preparation Books for Physics

    Apart from solving mock tests and previous year question papers, there are some books that candidates can study for scoring high marks in Physics. The recommended books that candidates can study for scoring well in Physics are as follows:

    Book NameAuthor/publisher
    Concept of PhysicsHC Verma
    Arihant SeriesDC Pandey
    MCQ Question BankD Mukherjee

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    VITEEE Chemistry Syllabus

    VITEEE Chemistry Syllabus 2020

    • It is a compulsory subject that candidates cannot skip.
    • 35 questions will also be asked from Chemistry.
    • Each correct answer will be awarded 1 mark.
    • There is no negative marking.

    Syllabus of Chemistry

    • Section 1: Atomic Structure
    • Section 2: p,d and f – Block Elements
    • Section 3: Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry
    • Section 4: Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics
    • Section 5: Electrochemistry
    • Section 6: Isomerism in Organic Compounds
    • Section 7: Alcohols and Ethers
    • Section 8: Carbonyl Compounds
    • Section 9: Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives
    • Section 10: Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Biomolecules

    Direct Link to Download VITEEE 2020 Chemistry Syllabus PDF

    Weightage of Topics in Chemistry

    TopicNumber of expected questions
    Atomic Structure4
     P,d and Block Elements4
    Co-ordination chemistry and Solid-state chemistry4
    Thermodynamics, Chemical equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics4
    Electro Chemistry2
    Isomerism in Organic Compounds2
    Alcohols and Ether4
    Carbonyl Compounds4
    Organic Nitrogen Compounds2
    Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives2

    VITEEE Preparation Books for Chemistry

    Here are some recommended books that candidates can study for preparing for the topics that are included under Chemistry:

    Book NameAuthor/Publisher
    Organic ChemistryRobert T. Morrison, Robert N. Boyd
    Organic Chemistry 8/eBruice 
    Chemistry Textbook Part - 2 for Class - 11NCERT

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    VITEEE Maths Syllabus

    VITEEE Mathematics Syllabus 2020

    • Mathematics is an optional subject. Candidates can choose between Mathematics and Biology.
    • Total 40 questions will be asked from Mathematics. 
    • Each correct answer will be awarded 1 mark.
    • There is no negative marking.

    Syllabus of Mathematics

    • Section1: Matrices and their Applications
    • Section 2: Trigonometry and Complex Numbers
    • Section 3: Analytical Geometry of two dimensions
    • Section 4: Vector Algebra
    • Section 5: Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions
    • Section 6: Differential Calculus
    • Section 7: Integral Calculus and its Applications
    • Section 8: Differential Equations
    • Section 9: Probability Distributions
    • Section 10: Discrete Mathematics

    Direct Link to Download VITEEE 2020 Mathematics Syllabus PDF

    Weightage of Important Topics in Mathematics

    TopicNumber of expected questions
    Applications of Matrices and Determinants4
    Complex Numbers3
    Analytical Geometry of Two Dimensions6
    Vector Algebra2
    Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions4
    Differential Calculus5
    Integral Calculus and its Applications6
    Differential Equations3
    Probability Distributions4
    Discrete Mathematics3

    VITEEE Preparation Books for Mathematics

    Here are some recommended books that candidates can study for preparing for the topics that are included under Mathematics:

    Book NameAuthor/Publisher
    Integral Calculus For JEE main & AdvancedDr. S.K. Goyal
    VITEEE Mock Tests and solved papersArihant
    Objective Mathematics Part I and Part 2R.D. Sharma

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    VITEEE Biology Syllabus

    VITEEE Biology Syllabus 2020

    • Biology is an optional subject. Candidates who have opted for Mathematics do not need to study Biology.
    • Candidates who will not be attempting questions from Mathematics need to answer questions from Biology.
    • Total 40 questions will be asked from Biology.
    • Each correct answer will be awarded 1 mark.
    • There is no negative marking.

    Syllabus of Biology

    • Section 1: Taxonomy
    • Section 2: Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Section 3: Reproduction
    • Section 4: Genetics and evolution
    • Section 5: Human health and diseases
    • Section 6: Biochemistry
    • Section 7: Plant physiology
    • Section 8: Human physiology
    • Section 9: Biotechnology and its applications
    • Section 10: Biodiversity, ecology, and environment

    Direct Link to Download VITEEE 2020 Biology Syllabus PDF

    Weightage of Important Topics in Biology

    TopicNumber of expected questions
    Genetics and evolution4
    Ecology and Environment2
    Human physiology3

    VITEEE Preparation Books for Biology

    These are the topics that candidates must study if they have chosen biology instead of mathematics. Here are some recommended books that candidates can study for preparing for the topics that are included under Biology:

    Book NameAuthor/Publisher
    AC Dutta for BotanyOxford Publication
    Biology Textbook for Class - 11NCERT
    Pradeep’s Biology Guide P.S. Dhami, G. Chopra, H.N. Srivastava

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    VITEEE Aptitude Syllabus

    VITEEE Aptitude Syllabus 2020

    • From this section, candidates will be asked a total of 10 questions.
    • Questions will be asked from Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation.
    • There will be no negative marking in this section.

    Important Topics in Aptitude

    Important Chapters in Aptitude
    ClocksCoding and Decoding
    Data SufficiencyData Interpretation
    Number SeriesSyllogism

    VITEEE English Syllabus

    VITEEE English Syllabus 2020

    • The English paper in VITEEE 2020 will have 5 questions 
    • There are 3 Comprehensionquestions which consist of either short passage of 30-50 lines or few lines of poems or else dialogue – 2 exchanges 
    • There will be 2 questions based on English Grammar and Pronunciation 
    • The passages, lines of poems, dialogues, grammar, etc. are selected according to the level of this exam. 
    • One mark will be awarded to candidates for every correct answer.
    • There is no negative marking.

    Direct Link to Download VITEEE 2020 English & Aptitude Syllabus PDF

    VITEEE Sample Question Papers

    • With the right amount of preparation, scoring well in the exam is easy.
    • Candidates must stay focused on the syllabus and devote time to all the subjects that are included in VITEEE 2020 syllabus. 
    • It is essential to practice as many VITEEE Sample Question Papers as possible. These will help you have a fair idea about the expected VITEEE Exam Pattern and also prepare well for the practical assessment.
    • Candidates should try to identify the important topics and questions that have come in the previous year VITEEE question papers.
    • Candidates can set timers to assess their accuracy and speed in answering all the questions. There are separate sample questions for all the subjects.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Ques. If a candidate only prepares with NCERT Books is that adequate? 

    Ans. NCERT books are the best source to build a strong foundation and yes, most of the questions do come from NCERTs. Although this is the case, the candidate should practise lots of questions from a variety of other sources. There is no requirement to prepare as much as JEE Advanced. 

    Close to 60-75% of the questions that appear in the examination are directly contrived from NCERT textbooks for the Chemistry section. Concurrently with the trend evident in Organic Chemistry, most of the questions that remain require the applications of concepts and mechanisms explained in the text. 

    Another strategy that has also been proven useful is solving previous year’s question papers.Primarily Chemistry, and then Mathematics or Physics. 

    Ques. Do the VITEEE 2020 questions follow the prescribed syllabus? 

    Ans. Yes, the questions are strictly based on the chapters that are prescribed in the VITEEE syllabus. No other chapters are included. You can follow the syllabus and keep practising the previous years’ question papers to have a proper idea of the VITEEE exam. 

    Ques. What are the most important topics for scoring well in VITEEE 2020?

    Ans. Just go through the syllabus released by VIT and ensure that you have covered everything. Read NCERT properly and be thorough with each of the chapters. 

    Ques. Do the questions repeat in VITEEE?

    Ans. Mostly questions are repeated in Chemistry. There are very few chances of questions being repeated in maths and physics frequently. Keep practicing the previous year question papers, as all of the questions cannot be completely predicted. If the trend is to be followed, most of the questions are repeated in Chemistry. 

    Ques. What topics are important to cover in the English section? 

    Ans. Candidates must remember to cover comprehension questions as well as grammar and pronounciation based questions. It is very easy to make silly mistakes in these sections, especially for students who don’t consider English as their strong suit. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

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