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WBJEE 2018 Paper Analysis: Section-wise Analysis and Paper Review

Updated On - February 13th 2019 by KRITIKA GUPTA

WBJEE Paper Analysis 2019 will be released after the examination concludes, scheduled for May 26. Following the previous year trends, this year too, the entrance exam will be conducted in offline (pen-paper) mode. 

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About WBJEE Paper Analysis 2018

WBJEE 2018 was held successfully on April 22. There were no major hiccups for students as the paper was well within the prescribed syllabus. However, with the restrained time limit, candidates struggled slightly to finish exam on time particularly Paper I (Mathematics).  

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The paper analysis provides information on the difficulty level of the examination based on various sources like expert’s advice, coaching institutes etc. that provide more granular insight to aspirants. Candidates appearing for WBJEE must go through paper analysis as it provides vital information about the important topics and their weightage based on previous years experience.

WBJEE 2018 Paper Review

  • Around 1.25 lakh candidates appeared for WBJEE in offline mode on April 22.
  • Paper I (Mathematics) and Paper II (Physics and Chemistry) were conducted on the same day.
  • The general opinion of both the experts and students was that both the papers were in the easy to difficult level category.
  • As included in the pattern of examination, both the question papers had three separate sets of question paper; each with their marking scheme.

A detailed review for each section is discussed in the article below:


The Physics paper had three sections –  Section A (50x1=50), Section B (15x2=30), and Section C (10x2=20). In section A, questions were of moderately easy level while others were slightly conceptual in nature. Overall, students had no major trouble in getting through the first section.

However, Section B was comparatively tough and lengthy. All the questions were application based. No major surprises or difficulty was awaiting students in Section C.


Physics question paper was also bifurcated into three sections – Section A (30x1=30), and Section B (5x2=10), Section A and B were quite easy to attempt and scoring. As per experts, only two or three questions in the both the section were conceptual in nature.

Section C was really a bonus section. All the questions were quite easy to attempt and based on the prescribed chapters and formula that were part of the 10+2 curriculum. There were actually no conceptual or application oriented questions.


Chemistry kept its reputation of being the easiest section in WBJEE. The question paper has the same pattern in terms of distribution and categorization of questions as Physics. There were no numericals and all the questions were of moderate difficulty level. 

Overall, WBJEE was easier in terms of difficulty level if compared to JEE Main. However, since candidates need to solve 155 questions in 4 hours as compared to 90 questions in 3 hours, many struggled to finish each paper on time. Those who had taken mock tests and solved previous year papers are likely to get better score with their enhanced speed and precisiion.

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Paper Analysis for WBJEE 2018

As per the previous year question papers, the exam could be moderate with a balance between concept-based questions and application-based questions. Though exam may be lengthy, therefore, it is suggested to practice as much as one can, especially Mathematics.

Given below is the expected subject wise analysis of WBJEE 2018:


In case of Physics, it has been difficult in comparison of Chemistry and Mathematics. Candidates can expect a balance between numerical-based questions and theory-questions.


Chemistry has always been easy in a lot of exams. In this section, candidates can gain maximum score. It will help in the overall score. Mostly theory-based questions are expected.


In WBJEE, Mathematics has always been easy, but the catch lies with the time taken to solve the questions. This year, this section is again expected to be lengthy but scoring. One must practice with shortcuts and tricks to solve maximum questions in time.  

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Marks vs Rank

Given below is the table showing the expected WBJEE 2018 Marks vs Rank:


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Important Topics for WBJEE 2018

Given below are the important topics expected for WBJEE 2018. The weightage assigned to each topic as depicted in the charts is based on the analysis of previous years’ question papers

WBJEE 2018 Physics Important Questions

The weightage among all the topics was distributed evenly in the Physics section. Topics were also evenly selected from class XI and XII syllabus. 

Important topicsWeightage
Current Electricity7%
Heat & Thermodynamics6%
Work, Power & Energy5%
Wave Motion5%
Nuclear Physics5%
Solids & Semiconductor Devices5%
Modern Physics – Atomic Models5%
Laws of Motion4%
Rotational Motion4%

WBJEE 2018 Chemistry Important Questions

As pointed before Chemistry is generally easier than other two subjects but there are few topics which might have greater prominence and are important to study. Some major topics to be focused upon are included in the table below.

Chemical Kinetics7%
Chemical Bonding6%
Transition Element d & f Block6%
s – Block Elements6%
General Organic Chemistry6%
p- Block Elements6%
Redox Reactions5%
Ionic Equilibrium4%
Chemical Equilibrium4%
Coordination Compounds4%
Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives4%
Alcohol Phenol Ether4%
Chemical Thermodynamics4%

WBJEE 2018 Mathematics Important Questions

Mathematics has never been easy than what WBJEE offers. One must pay attention to the below-given topics as they are easy but lengthy. Vectors and Probability are the two chapters with generally the highest weightage.

Important TopicsWeightage
Three – Dimensional Geometry6%
Matrices & Determinants5%
Indefinite Integration5%
Sets, Relation & Functions5%
Definite Integration5%
Theory of Equations4%
Permutation & Combination4%
Complex Numbers4%

Paper Analysis of WBJEE 2017

Based on the difficulty level of the previous year, the exam is predicted to be moderate. Given below is the table showing the good attempt count for scoring well.

SubjectQuestion CountGood Attempt Count

In the overall analysis, the exam was moderate while Mathematics and Chemistry were comparatively easy when compared to Physics. For Mathematics, though the difficulty level was low, but it was lengthy  to solve 75 questions in just 2 hours.

Following is the subject wise paper analysis for the year 2017:


The section was blended with easy and difficult questions, but the latter had the majority. There were more of application-based questions than concept-based questions. Candidates who attempted 25-30 questions with around 80% accuracy made a good score.

Given below are the important topics covered in WBJEE 2017 exam:

Laws of MotionHydrostaticsHydrodynamicsAlternating CurrentDual Nature of Matter
Heat and ThermodynamicsRotational MotionKinematicsOpticsElectrostatics
Electromagnetic InductionMagnetismCurrent Electricity--


Based on previous year questions, it was noted that Chemistry has always been easy when compared to other 2 sections. Here, more of concept-based questions were present with few twisted questions to trick the candidates. Like Physics, an attempt of 25 and above questions with 80% accuracy was good.

Equilibriums-block componentsd-block ComponentsAtomic StructureChemical Bonding
HydrocarbonsAldehydes and KetonesHaloalkanesAmines-


WBJEE Mathematics has always been easier when compared to JEE Main. The questions were simple, but the candidate needed a lot of practice. Candidates who had done the same secured good result.

Conic Segments


Fundamental Analytics

Differential Condition

Quadratic Equations

Permutation and Combinations




Matrices and Determinants






*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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