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XAT Syllabus 2022 (Updated): Section-wise Syllabus, Important Topics, Books and Preparation tips

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| Updated On - Jul 3, 2021

XAT Syllabus is specified by XLRI. XAT Syllabus 2022 will be divided into 4 sections viz. Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, Decision Making, Verbal & Logical Ability, and General KnowledgeXAT 2022 Syllabus has been revised and does not include the essay writing section. As per the updated exam pattern for XAT 2022, the paper will consist of 100 questions instead of 99, to be attempted in 180 minutes. Check XAT Exam Pattern 2022

Candidates must note that marks obtained in XAT exam GK section are not considered for percentile calculation. Candidates must be aware of the important changes introduced in XAT 2022 exam pattern and syllabus, important topics in each section of XAT syllabus to devise a proper preparation plan. The preparation strategy for XAT 2022 should be devised according to the updated XAT syllabus and exam pattern to avoid preparing for unnecessary topics. Check XAT Preparation Tips

XAT Latest Updates:

  • July 3: Previous Year XAT Question Papers with solutions are available for download. Check here
  • July 1: XAT 2022 Application process is expected to begin in September 2021. Check XAT Registration Process
  • June 30: Top Colleges that will accept XAT 2022 scores for admission. Check here
XAT Syllabus Highlights

XAT Syllabus 2022 Highlights

XAT Syllabus 2022 will have 4 sections. The key highlights of these sections of XAT 2022 Syllabus are tabulated below. 

Part Section  Number of Questions Topics Time Limit
Part 1 Verbal and Logical Ability 26 Critical and Analytical Reasoning, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Logical Deductions 165 minutes
Decision Making 21 Caselet study, Data Arrangement, Decision making in a given scenario, Ethical Dilemma
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation 27 Mensuration, Algebra, Geometry, Number System, Arithmetic
Part 2 General Knowledge 25 Static GK and Current Affairs 15 minutes
Total - 100 - 180 minutes
Note: +1 mark will be awarded to each correct response and -0.25 for every incorrect response. After 8 unanswered questions, 0.10 marks will be deducted for every unanswered question.

XAT Syllabus 2022: Key Changes

Candidates must note that XLRI Syllabus and XAT Syllabus are the same. XAT Syllabus comprises the topics based on their occurrence in the previous years’ XAT papers. The syllabus for XAT exam 2022 will comprise 4 sections having questions from the major topics defined in the syllabus. Some major changes introduced in XAT exam pattern and Syllabus 2022 are given below:

  • The number of sections has been reduced from 5 to 4 as the essay writing section has been omitted from XAT 2022 Syllabus.
  • XAT Syllabus will have only these 4 sections:
    • Verbal & Logical Ability
    • Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation
    • Decision Making
    • General Awareness
  • As per the updated XAT exam pattern, the maximum number of questions in XAT 2022 exam has been fixed to 100.
  • 75 Questions in Part 1 will have a negative marking of 0.25 marks for every incorrect answer.
  • 25 GK questions in Part 2 will not have any negative marking.

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XAT Section-wise Syllabus 2022

  • Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation (QA & DI): 28 Questions can be expected from this section from topics like mensuration, algebra, geometry, number system, etc. The difficulty level of this section is usually high, and for this reason, an accuracy of 70% is considered good.
  • Verbal & Logical Ability (VA & LR): Questions in this section are mostly from topics like critical and analytical reasoning, vocabulary, reading comprehension, logical deductions, etc. As per the previous year's trend, a total of 26 questions of moderate-high level of difficulty can be expected in XAT Verbal & Logical Ability section.
  • Decision Making (DM): 21 questions are expected from this section. This section is an interesting feature of XAT exam and consists of questions from topics such as caselet study, data arrangement, decision making in a given scenario, ethical dilemma, etc.
  • GK: The section is usually of moderate difficulty and there is no negative marking for wrong answers. A total of 25 questions carrying 1 mark each are asked in this section.

A brief XAT 2022 Syllabus for each section has been mentioned in the table given below.

Sections  Topics
Decision Making Ethical Dilemma, Business Decision Making, Complex Arrangement, Caselets, Arrangement of data, Grouping, Assumptions, Premises, Conclusions
Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation Arithmetic, Algebra, Mensuration, Number System, Geometry, Mensuration, Percentage, Surds and Indices, Bar Diagrams, Pie Charts, Tables, Data Interpretation.
Verbal and Logical Ability Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Analogy, Para jumbles, Verbal reasoning, Critical Reasoning, Error Detection, Fill in the Blanks
General Knowledge Management, History, Important personalities, Science & Technology, Economy, Politics, Static GK, Sports, Prizes and Awards, World, Government, Constitution of India, etc

XAT Quant Syllabus

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XAT Syllabus 2022: Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QA & DI)

XAT Syllabus for Quant & DI is vast and covers almost all the topics of maths. Candidates need to give more attention and extra effort while preparing for this section. Topics covered are from that of the 10th standard syllabus.

Quantitative Ability: XLRI has brought significant changes in this section. Numbers, Geometry, and Mensuration questions have become more prominent and around 50% of the Quant questions are based on these areas. Arithmetic, Venn diagrams, functions are other favorite topics on which questions are formed in XAT.

Data Interpretation: Data tables, graphs, charts, bar diagrams, data analysis & comparison are the major topics for DI, and the questions are majorly asked in sets. Some key features of XAT Syllabus for Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation are given below:

  • XAT Quant & DI section is meant to test the student’s calculation and implementation power.
  • 28 questions will be asked from this section and candidates are advised to spend not more than 2 minutes and 17 seconds to solve each question.
  • QA and DI section is considered to be of the highest difficulty level.
  • For DI, 4- 5 questions and for QA 13 – 15 questions would ideally be considered a good attempt.

Check XAT Preparation Tips for Quant & DI

Note: There is no percentage defined between the numbers of questions asked in the QA & DI section.

Important topics for XAT Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (Quant & DI)

Geometry Mensuration – 2D and 3D
Probability Algebra Functions
Profit and Loss Speed & Distance
Quadratic Equations Linear Equations
Logarithm Surds and Indices
Statistics Table
Trigonometry Graphs
Arithmetic Heights & Distance
Direction Sense & Time Clocks
Data Interpretation – Table, Combination Complex Numbers

XAT VA & LR Syllabus

XAT 2022 Syllabus: Verbal and Logical Ability 

Verbal & Logical Ability Syllabus for XAT 2022 has been divided into 3 parts viz. Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, and Logical Reasoning.

Verbal Ability: XAT syllabus you need to cover in this part includes questions based on English vocabulary like fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, correction of sentences, use of right words, etc.

Reading Comprehension: This part will take more time because you have to read the whole paragraph to mark the correct answers and also the share of questions from this part is high in VALR. The topics for RC could be politics, economics, or abstract.

Logical Reasoning: The syllabus for this part is analogy, clocks, inference & judgments, blood relations, seating arrangements, etc. The questions from this part are mostly asked in sets so if you are able to crack one LR question then it means you can answer at least 2-3 questions. Salient features of XAT Syllabus for English and Reasoning are given below:

  • 26 questions of the objective type are expected to come from this section.
  • Approximately 56 minutes are required to complete this section.
  • The section can have moderate to high difficulty level questions.
  • 15 – 17 questions would ideally be considered to be a good attempt from this section.

Check XAT Preparation Tips for Verbal & Logical Ability

Important Topics for XAT Verbal & Logical Ability 

English Usage Topics Reading Comprehension Topics
Grammar Culture
The contextual meaning of words Economy
Para completion and para jumble Psychology and social issues
Error correction Literature and fiction
Vocabulary (Antonyms and Synonyms) Science
Critical Reasoning Narration of Incidents
Arguments -
XAT DM Syllabus

XAT Syllabus 2022: Decision Making (DM)

XAT Decision Making section is unique to XAT exam because this section is not included in most of the MBA entrance exams. But there is no need to worry as this section is not going to be very difficult. 

Salient features of XAT 2022 Syllabus for Decision Making are mentioned below:

  • The syllabus for this section is decision making in a situation, data arrangement tests, etc.
  • There are 21 questions expected from this section.
  • Set-based questions are asked. The difficulty level of the DM section is moderate to tough.
  • XAT Decision Making section has negative marking. Answering 16 – 17 questions is usually a good attempt.

Check Preparation Tips for XAT Decision Making 

Important Topics for XAT Decision Making

Arithmetic Analytical Reasoning
Situational Conditions and Grouping Test
Data Arrangement Test Reading Comprehension
Case lets Decision Making in a situation

XAT GK Syllabus

XAT 2022 Syllabus for General Knowledge (GK)

To score in this section, a candidate needs to remain in constant touch with GK on a daily basis. Important features of General Knowledge XAT Syllabus 2022 are mentioned below:

  • Topics to be covered in this section are history, politics, author names, business, economy, current affairs (national and international), etc.
  • 25 questions will be asked in total. You will be given 15 minutes to complete this section. 
  • The difficulty level is moderate. Most questions are on current affairs and some on GK.
  • 60:40 breakup is defined for GK and Current Affairs.
  • Candidates can go for guesswork as negative marking is not applicable.

Check Preparation Tips for XAT GK

Important Topics for XAT General Knowledge

Politics Nation and States
History Literature
Sports Awards and Recognitions
Business Economics
International Relations Society
Merger & Acquisitions --

Previously asked questions in XAT General Knowledge section

Although, questions in the general knowledge section hold no bounds to a particular topic as per XAT Syllabus. Still, we have mentioned some of the sample questions to have an understanding of the type of questions been asked in the GK section.  

  • Who acquired Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare?
  • Which of the following is not part of VIACOM 18
  • Highest import to India
  • Which Indian bank was the first to issue “Green Bonds” for financing renewable and clean energy projects?
  • Giga fiber to be launched by which company
  • Who is the SBI Chairman?
  • What are the names of Parliament Budget Sessions
  • Name of Liquid for dissolving Gold
  • Name of Rajasthan Snake Dance 
  • 12 – 14 questions would ideally be considered to be a good attempt.

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XAT Preparation Books

Best Books for XAT 2022 Preparation 

Books play an important role in preparation for any competitive exam as they provide the latest syllabus for the exam. It is very important to choose the right XAT books which have been updated as per the revised XAT exam syllabus for comprehensive preparation. Given below are some section-wise recommended books for candidates preparing for XAT 2022:

Book name Section Publisher / Author
Quantitative Aptitude for CAT Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation Nitish K. Sinha
PSC for VA for CAT Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation Nitish K. Sinha
Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation Nitish K. Sinha
CAT 2017 Quantitative Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation Gautam Puri
Wiley's ExamXpert XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation Wiley India (Author)
Jabbing the XAT Mock Tests & Solved Papers Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation R K Jha
Study Notes Material On XAT Paperback – 2016 Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning Sourav sir's classes
Verbal Ability Comprehension for CAT/ XAT/ IIFT/ CMAT/ MAT Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning Bharta Patodi and Aditya Choudhary
XAT 2016 Decision Making Online Coaching by Ravi Handa (Voucher) Decision Making Online book
Target XAT 2017 (Past Papers 2005 - 2016 + 5 Mock Tests) Decision Making Disha Experts
Objective General Knowledge General Knowledge Lucent’s
General knowledge General Knowledge Lucent’s

XAT 2022 Preparation Strategy

XAT 2022 is expected to be conducted in January 2022 by XLRI. XAT Syllabus has no defined boundary, candidates appearing for it are suggested to practice as many sample papers and previous years' question papers as possible. Listed below are major takeaways for XAT Preparations:

  • Before starting the preparations, it is advised to go through all the previous years’ papers to get an idea about all the questions asked in the exam. Doing this will help a candidate to know about the level of questions that are asked from XAT Syllabus.
  • The importance of solving papers cannot be stressed enough. Go through free XAT Mock Tests for advanced preparation.
  • Candidates must make sure to give equal importance to all the sections in order to fetch maximum marks to clear the sectional cut-off set by the conducting authority.
  • As the level of exam is difficult, so managing the time in an efficient way will prove to be an asset. 
  • For the GK section, it is important to keep oneself updated with both static and current happenings around the world. As per the trends, knowing about the past 6 months' news will be sufficient for XAT preparation for this section.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic which resulted in a lockdown, it is recommended that candidates consider online coaching for XAT which is as helpful as the traditional coaching centers.

Read more XAT 2022 Preparation Tips 

XAT Syllabus FAQs

XAT Syllabus 2022 FAQs

Ques. Is the calculator allowed in XAT exam?

Ans. Any type of electronic media is not allowed in the exam center.

Ques. If I opt for a 100-day study plan, what are my chances of getting selected in XAT 2022?

Ans. Well, a 100-day study plan, if followed precisely, will ensure that your study would be completed within time. But your dedication and commitment will make all the difference.

Ques. Can you give me a list of all the topics that are added to XAT 2022 syllabus over XAT 2020 syllabus?

Ans. Well, there are no additions that are officially announced in the XAT 2022 syllabus. 

Ques. I have heard that switching between the sections is not allowed in the XAT online test. Is it true?

Ans. No, there are no such rules on switching between the sections in the XAT. Still, it would be best for you that you complete 1 section and then move on to the next section.

Ques. I want to do prepare online for completing XAT syllabus 2022. Can you give me the name of some websites that I can refer to?

Ans. Sure, you can work with PaGalGuy, money control, test find, cracku, career launcher, and Handa Ka Funda. Also, along with the preparation of other management entrance exams, preparation for XAT can be done.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

XAT 2021 : 6 answered questions


Ques. What is the safe score in XAT that considerably increase your selection in XLRI BM course?

● Top Answer By Aayansh Sharma on 19 Jun 21

Ans. Based on the XAT exam trends in the past few years, a low score of 35 in XAT 2020 mostly leads to a high percentile. XLRI XAT cut-off is likely to be around 96 percentile for the flagship PGDM-BM program.  A low score of 33-34 in XAT 2021 will lead to high percentile experts have predicted this fact based on the trends in the XAT exam over the last many years.  The cutoff for the previous academic year 2020 for all different categories is given below: XAT sections Male Female VALR 74 72 DM 78 74 QA 85 75 Overall 95 93 For the BM course in XLRI, the safe score considered is 35-37 in the XAT exam. In terms of percentile, a 95+ is safe when backed up by the preferable XAT score. It then increases the chance of getting selected in the XLRI BM course without any hassle. For the year 2021, a slight raise may be expected but it is not sure to be considered.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the preparation strategy for the XAT? How much do I need to score in the XAT to get admitted to XLRI?

● Top Answer By Priyanka Deshmukh on 30 May 21

Ans. The preparation strategy of CAT and XAT are more or less similar but have some differences too. Since my friend has already prepared for CAT, the points below are important for the preparation of XAT.  One of the major reasons for you to score well in CAT but unable to succeed in XAT is decision making. For this purpose, you need to get soft copies of GMAT papers (official) and prepare the critical reasoning. The grammar questions of XAT are more difficult than those of CAT. In Quantitative aptitude, the major concern is the selection of questions. Unlike CAT, the cut-offs of XAT are also low. So, you must judge which question to attempt and which one to leave, because accuracy is important. Attempting several mock tests and solving the previous year's papers would help a lot. An overall percentage of about 40% would fetch a 98 percentile in XAT. Having classified general knowledge is beneficial. For the essay part, you need to practice thinking, at least two to three points instantly, as there is a shortage in time. But, as it is not considered in the percentile, it can be taken a little lightly. These are some of the most important preparation tips for XAT. For XLRI, the cut-off percentile for HR is about 93 and that of BM is around 96. You should aim for a 98+ percentile score, which has a good enough weightage. A greater percentile always has more chances for the call to get converted.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What does it take to get into XLRI, Jamshedpur?

● Top Answer By Hema Kumari on 27 May 21

Ans. In order to get admission to XLRI Jamshedpur, you must qualify two steps. Firstly, the entrance exam arranged by the institute itself called XAT, and secondly, the interview.  Here are few things to keep in mind as per the experience of my sister: The question paper of the XAT exam includes different questions of English Aptitude, Reasoning, Mathematics, and different Pictorial Reasonings. For better preparation, there are many coaching centers available in Jamshedpur itself such as T.I.M.E and Career Launcher. These centers can introduce you to different aspects required for MBA in IIM hence helping you to qualify for XAT. The admission is based on the percentile system, hence, the top percentile will be decided by the results of candidates. After being selected, you need to clear an interview where you will be evaluated on the basis of your confidence, knowledge, communication skills, etc. Also, a judgment call will be made according to that particular interviewer. If it's all three ayes, you're in, period. If it's two ayes, then your score will be considered. If there's only one aye or lesser, you won't be considered. Overall, choosing XLRI is an appreciable decision. All you need to do is just prepare well for the entrance exam and interview. In the end, all that matters is your hard work and potential to get into any prestigious institute.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is it possible to convert XLRI BM call with 97.985 percentile in XAT for a fresher?

● Top Answer By Khushi Chitra on 21 May 21

Ans. Yes, it is definitely possible. My brother had a 97.6 percentile in XAT 2018. He converted both XL BM and HRM calls that year as a fresher. XAT percent is just one of the major aspects looked into for selection. Besides XAT there are Other important aspects. Let’s look into them -  Consistent academic profile: Scores in the 10th and 12th boards are also important because they reveal the student's capability. Diverse co-curricular and extracurricular profile: Include your interests, hobbies, extra-curricular, etc. as it will increase your chances of getting admission. Positions of Responsibility: Use your undergrad years to shoulder techno-managerial responsibilities. This will allow you to grow and evolve from a variety of experiences. It will help you build an overall profile and thrive at a B-school. While serving as Vice President of IEEE and Head of Department and College Fests, my brother was a member of his college's editorial board. Research Projects and Internships: During your undergrad, pursue technical projects and internships to build a diverse profile. Apart from interning with ONGC, Teleysia Networks Pvt. Ltd., and Bharti Airtel, my brother also served as a managerial intern at IIM Ahmedabad. Giving your best to a meaningful and learning-oriented work experience will also help you secure and justify a shortlist and subsequent selection with one top B-school.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the XAT Cutoff for SP JAIN, KJ Somaiya, IMT Ghaziabad, TAPMI, and FORE?

● Top Answer By Sakshi Singh on 16 Apr 21

Ans. All of these are some of the most reputed institutions in India. College-wise courses along with their XAT 2021 cut-off are mentioned below: SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai offers PGDM in Management Finance, Marketing and Supply Chain & Operations Management. XAT cut-off for these programs was 85 percentile. KJ Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai offers MBA in General, Retail Management, International Business, Finance. The XAT cut-off went up to 85 percentile. IMT Ghaziabad offers programs like PGDM, PGDM Marketing, and PGDM Finance. The cut-off for all these courses was 95 percentile. TAPMI School of Business, Jaipur: XAT 2021 cut-off for MBA at TAPMI is 85 percentile. FORE School of Management - [FSM], New Delhi - FORE offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management program. XAT cut-off for PGDM is 85. Considering the cut-off, anything above 85 percentile can get you admission to most of the best-reputed colleges.Read more
1 Answer


anitha s
Is there any entrance examination for MSc degree?

Yes. There are many tests which you can attempt based on your college requirement. You can write AIIMS PG, IIT JAM, IGNOU, University of Pune Entrance Exam, etc. For more exams and information regarding the exams, click here.

ankur jain
How many questions are asked from NCERT?
diya suresh

Hi Ankur, The exact number of questions from each section cannot be predicted but the syllabus is quite similar to CAT. From 2021, essay writing has been discarded and there is no fixed number of questions from each topics.

  • For QA and DI number of questions will be appoximately 15
  • For VA and LR, it will be around 26
  • For DM section it will be around 21 questions
  • For GK there will be no negative marking

To know more visit XAT syllabus 2021.

shatakshi patki
Where can I get more sample papers?
manika gupta

Hi, Previous years' XAT question papers are available on Collegedunia for free download. Candidates can download XAT questions papers from it. For downloading the papers, click on the following link, XAT Sample Papers.

Is the exam tougher than NMAT?
manika gupta

Hi, As compared to CAT, XAT, and other such MBA exams, NMAT is definitely easier; but it is not the easiest to crack. In terms of difficulty level of the exam, both XAT and CAT are more difficult than other MBA entrance exams. When compared to each other, it has often been seen that in CAT, the DILR section is more difficult other sections and in XAT, the QA section is often tougher than the rest of the question paper.

shubham sharma
Where can I get the pattern of the exam??
manika gupta

Hi, There is no change in the XAT exam pattern this year. The question paper will have four sections - Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, Verbal and Logical Ability, Decision Making and GK. There will be 100 questions, carrying one mark each. The candidates will get 180 minutes to solve the question paper.

How many seats are available?
neha thasale
What is the syllabus of maths subject?
manika gupta


XAT Syllabus for Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QA and DI)

Algebra Arithmetic Data Analysis and Interpretation
Geometry Percentage Table
Progressions Time and Distance Bar Charts
Polynomials Profit and Loss Data Sufficiency
Functions & Graphs Equations Scatter Plots
arushi thankur
Where can I get previous year sample papers?
gurpreet singh

Hi Arushi

Click here to get the previous year sample papers.

swati srivastava

Hi Arushi, for previous year sample papers please visit: XAT SAMPLE PAPERS

shatakshi patki
Is the syllabus of 11 and 12 class sufficient for preparation?
gurpreet singh

Hi Shatakshi

As XAT exam is one of the toughest exams in the world you need to prepare for it accordingly. So class 11th and 12th books are not enough if you want to prepare for the XAT exams you can find previous years question papers and can see the question patterns and syllabus and which books you need to study.

karan rathod
Will I get access to an on screen calculator during XAT exam 2021?
aditi arun

Hey Karan,

You will be displayed the on-screen calculator as soon as the examination starts and the calculator can be accessed in all the sections.