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Top Architecture Colleges in Germany

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With 6 universities among the top 100 global universities, Germany is one of the most desired study abroad destinations among international students. According to QS world subject ranking for architectural studies, Technical University of Berlin (#24) and Technical University of Munich (#26) comes under top 30 universities in the world. 

Architecture colleges in Germany offer courses at all degree levels: Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral. Students with a bachelor's degree in architecture, can earn around 6000 EUR per month in Germany. This amount increases to 12000 EUR per month with a master's degree. Berlin is one of the highest paying cities in Germany for architects with an average monthly salary of 12,000 EUR.

Most of the German Institutes charge less or no tuition fees. Adding to that, the cost of living in Germany is easily manageable as students are allowed to work for 90 full days or 180 half days in a year. Hence the cost of studying in Germany is rather less than the other contemporary countries. 

Globally Ranked Architecture Colleges in Germany

As a hub of top universities in the world, Germany has copious advantages. Most of the universities of this country are public and sponsored by the state. So students are only required to pay the semester fee which is around 200-300 Euros. 

Below given are few of the top universities in Germany , offering courses of different disciplines in architecture.

University/CollegesQS Ranking 2020Courses Offered
Technical University, Barlin243 Bachelor's Degree, 5 Masters Degree
Technical University of Munich262 Bachelors Degree, 3 Masters Degree, 1 Doctoral Degree
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology51-1002 Bachelor's Degree, 2 Masters Degree, 1 Doctoral Degree
RWTH Aachen University51-1001 Bachelor's Degree , 2 Masters Degree, 1 Doctoral Degree
University of Stuttgart51-1001 Bachelor's Degree, 1 Masters Degree
TU Dortmund University101-1501 Bachelor's Degree, 1 Masters Program
Technical University Dresden101-1501 Bachelor's Degree, 1 Diploma

Degrees and Specializations Offered at Architecture Colleges in Germany

Architecture defines the physical and unifying aspects of buildings and other physical structures. There are various branches of architecture taught in different disciplines in the universities of Germany e.g. landscape architecture, urban planning, restoration, research architecture, lighting architecture, etc. 

Courses Offered at Architecture Colleges in Germany

Undergraduate Courses: 3 years full time bachelor degree as BA, BSc

Graduate Courses: 2 Year full time master degree as MA, MSc

Doctoral Courses: 3-5 Year full time doctoral degree as Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy.

Architecture Colleges in Germany: Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts are the disciplines in which undergraduate courses in Architecture are delivered in Germany. The duration of most of these courses are 3-4 years. 

Below given are a list of courses offered by the architecture colleges in Germany are: 

UniversityCourseDurationTuition Fee/ Annum(in Euro)
Technical University, BarlinB.Sc(Architecture/Landscape Architecture/ Urban & Regional Planning)3 Years307
Technical University of MunichB.A.(Architecture), B.Sc(Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning)4 Years129
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyB.Sc(Architecture), B.A(Art History)3 Years3,330
RWTH Aachen UniversityB.Sc(Architecture)3 Years316
University of StuttgartB.Sc(Architecture & Urban Planning)3 Years3,300
TU Dortmund UniversityB.Sc(Architecture & Urban Design)3 Years300
Technical University DresdenB.Sc(Landscape Architecture)3 Years350

Fees and Scholarship for Bachelors in Architecture in Australia

Most of the universities of Germany do not charge any tuition fees except for a few. The range of fee for pursuing undergraduate in architecture is around 0-3,300 Euro. 

For financial aids students can look for scholarships available for bachelors students in Germany.

Admission Process for Bachelors in Architecture in Germany

You can apply directly through the college website by visiting the international student section. There is also a common admission portal maintained by the German Academic Exchange Services known as uni-assist but that doesn’t include all the universities. 

Intake Season for Bachelors in Architecture in Germany

One can apply to German universities twice a year; summer semester and winter semester. The application for the summer semester can be submitted by 15th October and for the winter semester the applications can be made by 15th July.

Eligibility for Bachelors in Architecture in Germany Admission

  • General Qualifications:Completed 12 years of high school education with minimum average marks of 60% and above.
  • Admission Tests: Students have to clear the entrance test Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) or other subject-specific entrance exams of the university.
  • English Language Proficiency: Minimum scores for TOEFL (internet-based)-550, TOEFL (paper-based)-83 or IELTS-7.
  • German Language Proficiency: International students are required to show language proficiency in German as most of the courses in undergraduate level are delivered in it.
    • DSH 2 or DSH 3
    • TastDAF with TDN 4 for all sub examinations
    • German Language Diploma: Second Level(DSD-II)
    • Goethe Certificate-C2 Level

Documents Required for Bachelors in Architecture in Germany

International students need to submit the following documents along with application: 

  • High school-leaving certificate
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

Additionally, students who have passed entrance exams in their home country have added advantages as well.

Architecture Colleges in Germany : Postgraduate Courses

Graduate courses in architecture are delivered in Germany as master of arts and master of science discipline in different specializations. Few of the popular specializations are Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Art History etc.

Having a Masters in Architecture in Germany increases the expected salary range by almost 93% compared to someone with a bachelor's degree in the same field. Given below are the masters program offered by different universities of Germany.

UniversityCourseDurationTuition Fee/ Annum (in Euro)
Technical University, BarlinM.Sc(Architecture/ Architecture Typology/2 Years307
Landscape Architecture/ Urban Design/ Urban and Regional Planning)
Technical University of MunichM.A.(Architecture/ Landscape Architecture)2 Years131
M.Sc(Urbanism- Urban & Landscape Studies & Design)
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyM.Sc(Architecture)2 Years3,029
M.A.(Art History)
RWTH Aachen UniversityM.Sc(Architecture/ Urban Planning)2 Years287
University of StuttgartM.Sc(Integrative Technologies & Architectural Design Research/Architecture & Urban Planning)2 Years/ 3 Years1500
TU Dortmund UniversityM.Sc(Architecture & Urban Design)2 Years300
Technical University DresdenM.Sc(Landscape Architecture)2 Years350

Tuition Fee and Scholarship for Postgraduate Courses in Australia

Tuition fee for pursuing masters in architecture in Germany ranges from 0-3,500 Euros. Most of the universities of Germany do not charge any tuition fees. You can apply for a scholarship for masters students in Germany for your graduate studies in architecture.

Admission Process for Masters in Architecture in Germany

Applications can be made through the official website of the university or via a common admission portal as uni-assist.

Intake Season for Masters in Architecture in Germany

Universities of Germany have two intake seasons for summer semester and winter semester. To take admission in the summer semester you have to apply before 15th October and for winter semester before 15th July.

Eligibility for Masters in Architecture in Germany Admission

  • Qualifications:Bachelor degree in architecture with min GPA of 7.0 or 70%.
  • English Language Proficiency: Average scores for IELTS- 6.5, TOEFL iBT-88.
  • German Language Proficiency: Few postgraduate courses in architecture are taught in German language for which international students are required to show proficiency in German. TestDAF with TDN 16, The Goethe Certificate C2 and other German language proficiency certificates are accepted.

Required Documents for Masters in Architecture in Germany

Applicants has to provide the following documents at the time of application-

  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Completed resume
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Academic transcripts with clear explanation of applied grading system
  • Evidence of English and German language proficiency

Though not required a good GRE score will help you with your candidature.

Architecture Colleges in Germany: Doctoral Courses

Doctoral degree in architecture is delivered as doctor of engineering or doctor of philosophy in the universities of Germany. The duration is generally 3-5 years and it changes depending on the time it takes to complete the coursework. 

Below given are few of the doctoral degrees in architecture offered by the top universities of Germany.

Technical University of MunichPhD in Architecture3 Years
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyPhD in Architecture3-5 Years
RWTH Aachen UniversityDoctor of Engineering in Architecture3 Years

Tuition Fee and Scholarships for Doctoral Studies in Germany

Public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fee for completing a PhD program but private universities do. However, students have to pay a minimum enrolment fee of about 275 to 350 euros as semester fee for each term.

Aside from this, universities also provide full funding facilities for completing the research programs. There’s also scholarships in Germany for international students in doctoral degrees , research assistantships, stipends, teaching assistantships etc available.

Admission Process for PhD in Architecture in Germany

Application to the doctoral programs in various universities of Germany can be made via the official website of the university.

Eligibility for PhD in Architecture in Germany Admission

Eligibility criteria may vary depending of universities however, the basic requirements are as follows:

  • Academic requirements: Masters degree in Architecture with any specialization.
  • German language proficiency: TDN5 level of TestDaf.
  • English language requirements: TOEFL (internet-based)-102, PBT-575.

Documents Required for PhD in Architecture in Germany Admission

Applicants for PhD programs need to submit:

  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree transcripts
  • Official invitation letter
  • Scores of tests required for studying in Germany
  • Application letter for doctoral program
  • Original certificates of German and English language proficiency

Scholarship Available for Architectural Colleges in Germany

The universities in Germany have a lot of scholarship programs in different categories. Average monthly stipend provided through the scholarship is around 800-1300 EUR. International students can also avail educational loans at ‘zero interest’ and the loan repayment can be delayed by 5 years from the date of completing the degree.

Given below are some of the scholarships for international students in Germany.

Scholarship NameOffered toScholarship Stipend(in EURO)No of Scholarship
DAAD ScholarshipsStudents pursuing Undergraduate degreesHealth Benefits: 1,060 Living Expense: 750N/A
Friedrich Ebert Foundation ScholarshipAll UG and PG students.UG Students: 650 PG students:100040
Heinrich Boll ScholarshipsStudents in all levels having outstanding academic results.For UG and PG students: Tuition fee and Living: 640 Books and Study-related: 3001,200
For Doctorate Students: 1430
MAWISTA ScholarshipStudents of all levels with good academics.5001
HHL Young Leader Scholarships in GermanyInternational students with good academic records.Minimum 25% of the tuition feeN/A

Future Scope and Job Prospect of Architecture in Germany

A person working as an Architect in Germany typically earns around 10,400 EUR per month. Salaries range from 4,770 EUR (lowest) to 16,500 EUR (highest). Individuals with Bachelor’s degree in Architecture earn 6,290 EUR per month. 

While someone with a Master's Degree gets a salary of 12,000 EUR per month, 93% more than someone having a bachelor's degree which is almost 5 times as compared to the salaries of architects in India. 

Below given are some job positions and average expected salary in the field of Architecture.

Job RoleAverage Salary/Annum (in EUR)
Design Architect30,171-48,980
Landscape Architect29,496-70,750
Naval Architect30,000-74,000
Senior Project Architect37,000-81,000
Interior Architect30,000-40,000
Architect (but not Landscape or Naval)26,000-48,000
Project Manager,Architecture45,000-73,000
Land Surveyor29,000-41,000

The mere fact that globally ranked universities don't charge tuition fees makes Germany a quintessential choice among the international students. Around 20,000 Indian students are studying in Germany. The visa acceptance rate is more than 92% and the resident permit after completing the degree can be obtained without major hindrances. Coupled with the above mentioned facts the standard of education, low cost of living and increasing demand of individuals with skills in the field of architecture makes Germany an ideal destination for architectural studies.

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