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Masters in Architecture in Germany: Course Guide for International Students

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
Study Abroad Expert

Masters in architecture in Germany is a 1-2 year course which deals with the study of designing and constructing buildings, town planning, smart city design, etc. The estimated cost to study for this program in German universities is around 13000-15000 EUR per year. 

  • Most of the universities that offer a masters in architecture in Germany don't charge a tuition fee
  • The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for a master's in architecture from Germany is a bachelor's degree in architecture or a related field.
  • The average cost of living in Germany is less as compared to the other regions of the European Union
  • The average salary after completion of a master's degree in architecture in Germany is around 11000-13000 EUR per month.

Why Study Masters in Architecture in Germany

As a hub of top universities in the world, Germany has copious advantages. Some of them are tabled below:

  • Most of the public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees. 
  • With a bachelor's degree in architecture, the average salary in Germany is around 6000 EUR per month. This increases to 12000 EUR per month with a master's degree. 
  • Berlin is one of the highest paying cities in Germany for architects with an average monthly salary of 12,000 EUR. 
  • The universities offer various courses with different specializations for masters in architecture in Germany. 
  • The construction companies and the town planning organizations hire the architects for different roles like a construction manager, project manager, architecture and design sales manager, etc.
  • 6 universities among the top 100 global universities are in Germany.
  • German universities do not charge tuition fees.
  • Cost of living is easily manageable in Germany as students are allowed to work for 90 full days or 180 half days in a year

Top Universities for Masters in Architecture in Germany

As per the QS world university rankings, German Universities are in the list of top 100 global universities. Most of the universities are public and sponsored by the state. They only charge an administrative fee that is around 200 EUR per semester.

Some of the top universities for masters in architecture in Germany are as follows:

UniversityGlobal Ranking(As per QS)Courses OfferedDuration of the CourseCourse Fee per Semester (in EUR)
Technical University of Munich55M.A in Architecture2 years131
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology124M.Sc(Architecture/Building restoration)2 years3,029
RWTH Aachen University138M.Sc in Architecture2 years287
Technical University, Berlin147M.Sc in Architecture2 years307
Technical University Dresden179M.Sc in Landscape Architecture2 years350
Technical University Darmstadt260M.Sc in Architecture2 years270
University of Stuttgart279M.Sc(Integrative Technologies & Architectural Design Research/Architecture & Urban Planning)2 years/3 years1500
Technical University Braunschweig521-530M.Sc in Architecture2 years358
Leibniz University, Hannover651-700M.Sc in Architecture & Urban Design2 years786
TU Dortmund University751-800M.Sc in Architecture & Urban Design2 years300

Masters in Architecture in Germany: Course Details

Masters in architecture is substantially the study of designs of any physical structure that is supposed to be constructed. It involves the designing of smart cities, planning of towns, structure of all kinds of buildings etc. 

Architecture defines the physical and unifying aspects of buildings and other physical structures. There are various branches of architecture e.g. landscape architecture, urban planning, restoration, research architecture, lighting architecture, etc. 

In recent times the concept of green buildings has also been added as a new philosophy of architecture. It is also called green architecture as it involves sustainable methods of designing green buildings, where the design and materials are eco friendly.

Admission Process for Masters in Architecture in Germany

The eligibility criteria for admission in masters in architecture in Germany is of a high standard. There are some exams at international levels that need to be cleared in order to get admission in popular universities of Germany

Where to Apply: Applications can be made directly to the college website by visiting the international student section. There is also a common admission portal maintained by the German Academic Exchange Services known as uni-assist but that doesn’t include all the universities. 

Application Deadlines: You can apply for German universities twice a year; summer semester and winter semester. The application for the summer semester can be submitted by 15th October and for the winter semester the applications can be made by 15th July.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Architecture in Germany Admission

  • Bachelor degree in architecture 
  • Minimum GPA required for admission is 7.0 or 70%
  • IELTS or TOEFL scorecard as proof of English proficiency
  • Aptitude assessment for masters
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Motivation statement
  • GRE Test Score(not required but strongly recommended)

Language Proficiency Requirement for International Students

If the program is taught in German language: if the program is taught in German, international students have to submit proof of German proficiency. Two of the most common test scores accepted for this purpose are ‘Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang’ and the TestDaF.

If the program is taught in English language: In order to demonstrate English language proficiency, the international students have to take the IELTS or TOEFL exams. The cut-off score in these exams varies between the universities. 

Requirement by some of the top universities are tabled below:

UniversityIELTS RequirementTOEFL (iBT) Requirement
Technical University of Munich6.588
Freie University of Berlin5.080
RWTH Aachen University6.595
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology6.085
Technical University Dresden6.585
University of Stuttgart6.085
University of Kassel7.095
Technical University Darmstadt5.088
Technical University Braunschweig7.580
TU Dortmund University7.095

Cost of Studying Masters in Architecture in Germany

Cost of studying abroad can be broadly divided into three categories: Pre-arrival Cost, Tuition Fees and Cost of Living.

Pre-arrival Cost

Before arrival to the university, there is some pre-arrival cost that is mentioned below:

Types of ExpensesCost (in EUR)
German Student Visa75
IELTS Fee229-233
TOEFL Fee228

Cost of Living in Germany

The average cost of living in Germany is around 700-800 EUR per month. It includes accommodation, food, outside dining, and another essential context. In German universities, there is a system for student residence which is cheaper than other kinds of accommodations. 

The international students generally prefer the student residence as it is cost-effective and easily available. One can avail it by paying 250 EUR a month. Another cheap way of housing is the interim renting system. The students who move out of their house for a certain period of time usually keep their house for rent. The charges in this system are almost half as compared to other private accommodation.

As far as public transport is considered the ticketing cost is added to the administrative fees and so there is no need to buy additional tickets. Some basic expenditures in context to cost of living in Germany are as follows:

Type of ExpensesCost Per Month (In EUR)
Student Residence250-300
Private Accommodation300-500

Scholarships for Masters in Architecture in Germany

The universities in Germany have a lot of scholarship programs in different categories. Average monthly stipend provided through the scholarship is around 800-1300 EUR. Also, the international students can avail of educational loans at ‘zero interest’ and the loan repayment can be delayed by 5 years from the date of completing the degree.

Some of the scholarship for international students in Germany are as follows:

Scholarship ProgramEligibility CriteriaStipend Paid Per Month (In EUR)
DAADGraduation with above-average results(top 30%)800-1500
Heinrich BollBoth undergraduates and postgraduates can apply800-1200
Development Related Postgraduate CoursesGraduation with minimum work experience of two years750
Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship ProgramMeritorious International Students150

Job Opportunities for Masters in Architecture in Germany

The architects in Germany earn around 12000 EUR per month on average after completing the masters in architecture which is almost 5 times as compared to the salaries of architects in India. The students are selected from the campus by the company that visits the universities.

Some of the basic job roles for an architect are as follows:

  • Controlling projects to ensure innovative and value-oriented designs of construction
  • Making the clients understand the design after identifying their needs
  • Analyzing environmental impact in context to the construction

Some of the most common jobs in Germany for masters in architecture graduates are as follows:

Job RolesJob DescriptionAverage Monthly Salary(in EUR)
Construction ManagerTo supervise the whole process required for the construction of the physical structure11,200
Project ManagerTo analyze the project related context and interpreting the result thereof12,000
Design and Sales ManagerIdentifying the needs of clients and preparing the design accordingly.8,000
Intermediate ArchitectWorking on the development of projects and assisting the project manager.5,000

A Master in architecture in Germany is a course that has a very high output. In a country like Germany, there are always enormous opportunities for jobs in the field of architecture. The universities that are ranked globally don't charge tuition fees and this is enough to be understood as to why Germany is a quintessential choice among the international students. 

Around 20,000 Indian students are studying in Germany. The visa acceptance rate is more than 92% and the resident permit after completing the degree can be obtained without major hindrances.


Ques. What are the requirements to study Masters in Architecture in Germany?

Ans. Graduation with above-average marks(Minimum ECTS must be 180 for 4-semester program and 210 for the 3-semester program.

Ques. How much can a student earn while studying in Germany?

Ans. Students are allowed to work for 90 days while studying and the earnings are around 80-90 EUR per day.

Ques. What is the fee for studying masters in Architecture in Germany?

Ans. The university doesn't charge tuition fees but the compulsory administrative charges that are required to pay is around 200-300 EUR

Ques. What should be the minimum marks in graduation to apply for a master's in architecture in Germany?

Ans. A candidate must have 70% or GPA 7.0 in graduation to apply for a master's in architecture in Germany. 

Ques. Do scholarships in Germany cover the cost of living?

Ans. Yes, some scholarships in Germany do cover the cost of living by providing a monthly stipend.

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