MS in Computer Science in Germany: Course Guide for International Students

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    MS in Computer Science in Germany is a two years masters degree offered at more than 40 universities. Costing around 288-6660 Euro for a total program duration masters in computer science at German universities, the program is available for study in English, German or both. 

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    • Some universities require Indian applicants to submit GATE exam results.
    • Bachelor in relevant degree is an admission mandate. 
    • Intakes for MS programs: summer & winter. Enrollments for the same can be made in July and January, respectively. 
    • With the advent of technology in the software domain, computer science is one of the most popular master's degrees opted in Germany. 
    • Being one of the biggest European economies, Germany is a great study destination for international students planning a career in the country
    Share in GDP by Country

    Why Study MS in Computer Science in Germany?

    • Around 5 German Universities rank within the top 100 global universities offering MS CS abroad
    • Postgraduates in MS CS are offered cushy median salaries of around 11,500 Euro/month. This is equivalent to 9,38,000 INR
    • As per salary trends, there has been a continuous 4% rise in salaries from 2016 to 2019.
    • Salary comparison across various cities within Germany is given below:
    Average Monthly Salary (Euro) by City

    MS in Computer Science in Germany: Top Universities

    Tabulated below are some of the top-ranking German universities offering the program. The duration of the program in most of the German universities is 4 semesters (2 years). The table summarizes the subject-rankings, program offered, international student population and the total program fees. 

    University THE Ranking/QS Ranking International Student Percentage Program Program Fees (Euro)
    Technical University Munich 26/34 24% MSc. Computational Science & Engineering 288
    RWTH Aachen University 47/51-100 19% MSc. Computer Science No tuition
    Technical University Darmstadt 67 16% MSc Computer Science 1200
    University of Freiburg 69 22% MSc Computer Science 5772
    Technical University of Berlin 70/51-100 22% MSc Computer Science No tuition
    Heidelberg University 101-125 17% MSc Applied Computer Science 764
    University of Passau 151-175 11% MSc Computer Science 640
    University of Stuttgart 151-175 20% MSc Computer Science 6660
    University of Goettingen 176-200 12% Msc Applied Computer Science 1606
    Technical University Dresden 151-175 14% MSc Computer Science 2464
    University of Konstanz 201-250 12% MSc Computer & Information Science 6660

    The mode of instruction for most of the above-mentioned universities is English or dual (English & German). However, there are some top ranking universities in Germany offering MSc. in Computer science with mode of instruction completely in German. Some of these are Free University of Berlin, ULM University, etc. 

    MS in Computer Science in Germany: Admissions

    Studying masters of computer science abroad requires international students to submit various additional documents and fulfill additional eligibility criteria. These vary from country to country, example: requirements for MS CS in USA are different from MS CS in Canada, and others. 

    Where to Apply: Depending on the universities guidelines there are three ways you can apply for a MS in CS in Germany:

    1. Directly through university portal
    2. Uni-assist applications
    3. Applying through DAAD

    MS in Computer Science: Eligibility

    Studying MS in Computer Science in Germany requires international applicants to fulfill the following university specific criteria: 

    University Eligibility ELP Test scores German Language Test Scores Additional Documents Required
    Technical University Munich GRE/GATE Score
    UG in relevant Subject
    TOEFL: 88
    IELTS: 6.5
    Not required 2 LOR, letter of motivate
    RWTH Aachen University UG in relevant subject
    GRE score
    TOEFL: 90
    IELTS: 5.5
    TestDaF (in all four sections at level 4 minimum)
    DSH Stage 2
    Technical University Darmstadt Bsc in relevant subject TOEFL: 88
    IELTS: 6.5
    DSH: 1
    Goethe: C1
    University of Freiburg UG in CS/Maths or closely related field TOEFL: 94
    IELTS: 7.0
    DSH: 2
    Goethe: C1
    Technical University of Berlin Previous degree with CS, IT & methodological science TOEFL: 87
    IELTS: 6.5
    NA Professional degree
    Heidelberg University UG in relevant Subject TOEFL: 90
    IELTS: 5.5
    DSH: 2 NA
    University of Passau 50-59% in relevant UG degree TOEFL: 87
    IELTS: 5.5
    DSH: 1
    TestDaF: TDN 3
    University of Stuttgart Ug in relevant stream TOEFL: 95
    IELTS: 7.0
    NA -
    University of Goettingen BSc CS TOEFL: 81
    IELTS: 5.5
    DSH: 2 CV
    Technical University Dresden UG in relevant degree TOEFL: 80
    IELTS: 6.5
    - Aptitude assessment regulation
    University of Konstanz UG subject relevance TOEFL: 90
    IELTS: 6.0
    NA -

    Documents Required

    1. Transcripts: Evaluated by uni-assist, transcripts from previous years are required along with applications of international students. 
    2. Test score requirements: International students are required to submit scores of tests for studying in Germany
      1. GRE: Scores of GRE are required by some of the universities. 
      2. GATE: Indian applicants can submit GATE scores instead of GRE scores. 
    3. Additional Documents Required: SOP/Letter of Motivation, letter of recommendation, CV may be required by some of the universities in Germany. 

    MS in Computer Science in Germany: Cost of Study

    The cost of study includes various expenses that can be broadly categorized as pre-arrival & post-arrival. A detailed explanation of these expenses is given below:

    Pre-arrival Expenses

    These are expenses that you as an international student will incur before making applications. These include the costs of various examinations, application fees, and other. Tabulated below are some of the expenses:

    Type of Expense Cost (USD)
    Program Application Fees 145*
    German Student Visa Application Fees 84 (75 Euro)
    Health Insurance 90-180**
    IELTS Fees 185-190
    TOEFL Fees 160-250
    GMAT Fees 250
    GRE Fees 205-230
    Airfare 450-1400

    * Application fees vary from university to university. 

    MS in Computer Science in Germany: Tuition Fees

    When studying abroad your post-arrival expenses majorly include tuition fees for studying and cost of living. Given below is a graph comparing the annual tuition fees of the top universities offering the program:

    Annual Tuition Fees by University in Germany

    The universities that do not have tuition fees require international students to submit semester fees. This ranges between 300-500 Euro. 

    Cost of Living in Germany

    The cost of living in Germany includes expenses like accommodation, books & material, lifestyle and others. This cost is highly dependent on the choice of accommodation and living standards. Given below is a table detailing these costs for popular universities:

    University Annual Cost of Living (Euro)
    Technical University Munich 12,000
    RWTH Aachen University 12,000
    Technical University Darmstadt 10,236
    University of Freiburg 12,288
    Technical University of Berlin 8400
    Heidelberg University 12508
    University of Passau 9120
    University of Stuttgart 18,000
    University of Goettingen 9000
    Technical University Dresden 7200
    University of Konstanz 9048

    MS in Computer Science in Germany with Scholarships

    Funding to international students may be available as loans and scholarships available to study in Germany. Some of the popular scholarships for studying at top colleges offering MS in computer science in Germany are listed below:

    University Scholarship Amount (Euro) Additional Information
    TUM TUM Scholarship for International Students 500-15000/semester One-time
    RWTH DAAD Varies Government funded
    TU Darmstadt Thomas WeilandFoundation Scholarship 500/month Eight scholarships are offered yearly
    University of Freiburg Germany Scholarship 300/month Outstanding performing students are eligible
    TU Berlin UNESCO Scholarships Varies Applications are made via British Council

    Looking for more scholarships to study in Germany, click here

    MS in Computer Science in Germany: Scope

    Germany is a country that has fully embraced digitization, making it a hub for IT/CS professionals. With a pool of opportunities in business digitization and public digital services, an MS in computer science for Germany is your way to the new digized age. 

    Though getting a work permit in Germany can be difficult but internships while studying at popular institutes can help you land up with great companies. The country has a 38 working hour per week requirement with a minimum 18 holidays a year. This makes Germany a great work destination. Given below are some of the popular job designations which are offered to a postgraduate in computer science in Germany:

    Job Designation Average Monthly Salary (Euro)
    Computer Hardware Engineer 9630
    Computer Networks Architect 11300
    Computer Technician 8810
    Javascript Developer 10,300
    Application Developer 12,300
    AI Developer 11,100
    Programmer 10,700

    Given below are some salary trends observed in the computer science industry in Germany:

    MS in Computer Science in Germany

    Fig: Discusses the salary comparison by gender as well as education levels. 

    Over the experience of 2-5% you can expect a hike of as much as 32%. This suggests that the growth in the computer sector in Germany is great. Pursuing MS in computer science hence, becomes a great choice of degree. Though there are better ranking universities for computer science in the USA, Canada, pursuing an MS in computer science from Germany is not only a cheaper option but also a lucrative one. 


    Ques. Is German compulsory for MS in computer science in Germany?

    Ans. German is required for pursuing MS in computer science in the German universities where the mode of instruction is German or Dual. 

    Ques. Is GATE required for MS in Computer Science in Germany?

    Ans. GATE score is required for admissions at some of the universities in Germany, like Technical University of Munich

    Ques. What is the cost to study MS in Computer Science in Germany?

    Ans. There are some universities in Germany that do not have tuition fees. However, the cost of studying is around 288-6660 Euro for the complete program. 

    Ques. What are the best colleges to study MS in Computer Science in Germany?

    Ans. Some of the top colleges for studying MS in Computer Science in Germany are TU Berlin, TU Munich, University of Stuttgart, University of Goettingen, etc. 

    Ques. Is Germany good for MS in Computer Science?

    Ans. Studying MS in computer science in Germany is a great option as the cost of study is lower than other popular international student destination, Germany is one of the leading European economies, and advent of technology in the software domain in Germany is on a rise

    Ques. What is the eligibility for MS in Computer Science in Germany?

    Ans. Bachelors in relevant degree, GATE/GRE scores, IELTS/TOEFL score, German language proficiency are some of the basic eligibility requirements for MS in Computer Science in Germany.