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    Hamburg University of Applied Sciences 2020-2021 Admissions: Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process

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    Hamburg University of Applied Sciences with the country rank 80 is one of the finest universities which offer courses in every field officially recognized. As of 2019-20, the institute had 17,049 students out of which 15.5% of students were international coming from 100 countries to study in Germany. For 2019 admissions at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences , the institute received 18,015 applications for undergraduate level out of which 4,337 were admitted. Hence, the university recorded an acceptance rate of around 24%. A student will have to show academic excellence to get a seat. 

    • Popular programs at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Aeronautical Engineering, Biotechnology, Communication Design, and Logistics Studies to Public Health, Sound-Vision-Games and a lot more.
    • There are 37 bachelor’s degree courses (including three from Shanghai) to opt from. There are myriad courses in fields from Engineering & Computer Science, Life Sciences, Design, Media & Information, Business & Social Sciences. A total of 1864 students got their bachelor’s degree in 2020.
    • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences assigns applications for summer and winter seasons.
    • HAW Hamburg International Office awards scholarships to International students. These scholarships are in funding by the Karl H. Ditz Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and the City of Hamburg.
    • Every scholarship is bestowed for one year and amounts to 300 EUR/month. Total donation of 1,800 EUR enables a student to concentrate more strongly on their education for one year.
    • Application for scholarships should be submitted by 30 March for the summer semester and 30 September for the winter semester.
    • Due to the ongoing Pandemic COVID-19, the admission process is presently completely online for the coming winter semester 2020-21. Also, the preliminary review documents that were initially valid for 2 years are valid for only 1 year for the session 2020-21


    Type Public
    Admission Portal Official website of University
    Acceptance Rate 24%
    Application Fee(non-refundable) 75 EUR
    Mode of Payment Online (Master Card, etc.)
    Academic Calendar Semester-based
    Intake Season Summer/Winter
    Work Experience Not required
    Financial Aid Scholarships/Grants etc.
    Campus Setting Urban
    Admission Helpdesk Studierendensekretariat (@)
    Tel. +49.40.428 75 - 9898

    Admission Deadlines

    Aspiring students should necessarily submit their application forms before the stated deadlines as specified by the Foundation for Hamburg University admissions. In case of late application submission, consideration is not guaranteed. The deadline for enrolling into the different semesters is provided below:

    Term/Semester Deadline
    Winter Semester June 1- July 15
    Winter Semester/Following summer semester February 15
    Summer Semester December 1- January 15

    For certain courses, the deadlines vary, some of which are mentioned below:

    Course Deadlines
    Bachelors of Science (Foreign Trade/International Management) Winter season: July 1 - August 20
    Summer: December 1 - January 15
    Bachelors of Science (Information Engineering) Non-EU applicants: April 1st - July 31
    EU applicants: June 1 - August 20

    Hamburg University of Applied Sciences International Students Admission

    The Hamburg University of Applied Science is one of the prominent institutions located in Germany and the student applicants from all over the globe enroll in the institution. The University maintains a consistent rigor study environment and endeavors the brightest applicants in its selection process. Though the criteria for selection are mostly similar for domestic and international applicants, additional selection requirements need to be fulfilled by the international candidates.

    Application Portal: The students first have to register on After successful registration, the students will receive an applicant ID (applicant identification number) and a BAN (applicant authentication number). These two numbers will be required later when they apply in the myHAW application and student portal.

    Application Fees: Normally there is no application fee for applying at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. In case the application registration is done through uni-assist, an application fee of 75 EUR.

    Pre-requisites for Admission:

    • Linguistic Requirements for English and German
    • Documents as per the application process according to the preferred program

    Admission Procedure: The steps to the procedure for any program at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences are:

    • The preferred course is chosen and based on the course the documents to be submitted vary
    • Applying on the application portal and submit the required documents along with it.
    • Additional documents are required for international applicants as mentioned below:

    Most of the degree programs at the HAW Hamburg require a completed self-test for the application. The list of courses with self-tests can be found here: .

    English Proficiency Test Scores for International Students

    Tests Required Scores
    IELTS 6.0
    Cambridge PCE Grade B CAE CPE
    TOEFL  Ibt- 87 PBT- 550 CBT- 220
    PTE PTE General Level 3 PTE Academic 59
    BULATS 65

    German Proficiency Test Scores for International Students

    Acceptable certificates or evidence for Proficiency in the German Language for International Students (if a course is undertaken in German):

    • Goethe Institute: certificate C1
    • TestDaF: minimum score of 16 points with atleast 4 in each component
    • Telc C1 university
    • Level DSH2 or DSH3 from an affiliated German University
    • German Diploma Certificate or DSD from the second stage of the Conference of Ministers of Education
    • Acquired small/large German Language Diploma from Goethe Institute
    • Vocational qualification in the German Language
    • 7th Grade completion of a German school
    • Completion of Linguistic studies with German as the First Language
    • Graduated from college

    Visa Process for International Students

    Studying in German doesn’t require a visa or a residence permit if the applicant is a citizen of the European Union (EU) country i.e. Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein. Also, citizens from the countries Canada, Israel, Japan, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, and the United States can enter Germany without a visa. However, they are required to register themselves in a valid address and should apply for a residence permit in a 90-day time period. Other than the above-mentioned countries, citizens from all other countries require a visa.

    Information about the visa is provided below:

    • Student visa applicants can stay in Germany for a maximum period of three months. It is possible to convert this visa into a study visa in case of a secured study place in Germany
    • If the visa is applied in case of preparatory college, the validity period is a maximum of two years
    • Visa is also applied for study purposes if the applicant is admitted into the University

    The application process for residence permit requires the following documents:

    • Application form
    • Confirmation of Registration
    • Passport and biometric
    • Health insurance proof
    • Proof of Funding
    • Enrolment certificate from the University

    Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Undergraduate Admissions

    Hamburg University of Applied Sciences stands at an excellent reputation with a dynamic and beautiful campus culture. The University offers courses in engineering, design, economics, as well as social sciences. A robust curriculum is followed to maintain the level of excellence.

    Application Portal: The students first have to register online. After successful registration, the students will receive an applicant ID (applicant identification number) and a BAN (applicant authentication number). These two numbers will be required later when they apply in the myHAW application and student portal .

    Application Fee: Normally there is no application fee for applying at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. In case the application registration is done through uni-assist, an application fee of 75 EUR.

    Admission Requirements: Aspiring student candidates must submit the required documents as mentioned below at the time of admission:

    • General Higher education entrance qualification i.e. completion of high school
    • Masters according to the trade regulation
      • Language certificates
      • The other required documents can be obtained from the course page corresponding to the preferred course

    German Proficiency (if the course is taught in German)- Following certificates are acceptable for the proof for the same.

    • Goethe-Institut C1 certificate
    • TestDaf (minimum of 16 points with at least 4 points in each part)
    • telc C1 Hochschule
    • DSH2 or DSH3 (from German University)
    • Deutsches Sprachdiplom (DSD) (second level)
    • Kleines/Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom from the Goethe-Institut
    • Vocational qualification
    • Certificate of 7th Grade completion in German School
    • Degree in language subject (with German as the first language)
    • Completion Certificate of Studienkolleg

    Applicants for the design courses "Illustration", "Communication Design," Fashion Design "," Costume Design "and" Textile Design "have to take an artistic aptitude test in October and November before they can apply online for the summer semester.

    Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Graduate Admissions

    Hamburg University offers courses in a master’s degree in fields such as engineering, arts, science, public management, public health as well as business administration. The admission requirements for attaining admission into the graduate programs are mentioned below.

    Admission Portal: Online Application

    The table below provides information about the requirements of some of the graduate programs

    Requirements M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering M.Sc. in Health Science M.Sc. in International Business M.Sc. in Process Engineering M.A in Information, Media, Library
    Language of Instruction English English English English English
    Academic pre-requisite Bachelor's degree (in a related discipline) qualifying the applicant for a professional career or a comparable course of studies, or a university Diploma degree with 210 CPs A first university degree in the field of health sciences providing a qualification for professional practice with at least 180 ECTS or an equivalent university degree is required Bachelor or equivalent degree in “International Management” or “International Business” or in a major field of studies in economic sciences with a strong international reference. A Bachelor's (or equivalent) degree in process engineering or in a field of engineering related to the course Bachelor or diploma (at least 3 years / 6 semesters / 180 CP), at least grade good (2.5)
    Transcripts Required Required Required Required Required
    GRE/GMAT GRE Not required GMAT/ TM-WISO GRE Not required
    Statement of Purpose Required Required Required Required Required
    Professional CV/Resume Required Required Required Required Required
    Recommendations Optional Not required Not required Not required Not required
    Additional requirements Curriculum vitae & professional experience (optional) Curriculum vitae Curriculum vitae/ Proof of additional qualifications Relevant work experience/Scientific achievements Proof of practical phases of at least 15 weeks in total

    Note: All the students need to show basic German proficiency even if the courses are taught in English.

    Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has a wide range of programs to choose from. Applications are to be submitted online within the mentioned deadlines. If there is rejection in the first attempt, another application can be submitted in the next semester. Submit the documents well and a non-refundable payment of 75 EUR is to be made after the approval of documents. A confirmation mail will be sent in order to notify the application status. The mail will contain further protocol about the admission.


    Ques. What to do after admission has been offered?

    Ans. After the institute offers admission, you need to accept the offer. To do so, you need to fill out an acceptance form, submit some additional documents (e.g. proof of health insurance coverage) and pay the semester contribution. If you do not accept the study place by the deadline, it will be given to someone on the waiting list.

    Ques. What are the major specializations available at Hamburg University?

    Ans. Degree course of Information Engineering is one of the major specializations offered at the institute. Students have the privilege of getting scholarships and funding with a good academic record.

    Ques. What are the minimum admission criteria into Hamburg University?

    Ans. For entering into the University, HZB or Hochschulzugangsberechtigung is required which is a qualification for school-leaving. Also, an APS certificate is required for further process.

    Ques. Where can one look for information on admissions?

    Ans. Information regarding admission can be checked through visiting Information PDF available in German.

    Ques. Can I study without an Abitur or Fachhochshulreife certificate?

    Ans. Yes. You can also study without an Abitur or Fachhochschulreife certificate, under the Hamburg Higher Education Act.

    Students with the following criteria have higher education entrance eligibility:

    • Master tradespeople (Meister*innen) under the Trades and Crafts Code (Handwerksordnung)
    • Certified business administrators (Fachwirt*innen)
    • Individuals with equivalent advanced studies certificates under sections 53 and 54 of the Vocational Training Act.
    • Applicants who obtain a grade of 2.0 or above on their aptitude exam at HAW Hamburg for a Design degree and are 18 years or old can also be allowed without a higher education enrollment qualification.

    If you do not relate to one of the above-mentioned groups and do not have a higher education enrollment qualification, you can take an entrance exam under section 38 of the Hamburg Education Act to obtain this qualification.

    Ques. How many times I can apply for Hamburg University?

    Ans. A student can submit two applications per application semester. There can be a possibility of receiving a license for both the courses of studies.

    Ques. If my goal is a Master’s degree, what course is suitable for me?

    Ans. A student should choose an appropriate course for Bachelor’s course. Once it is completed then, the master’s in any discipline must be chosen.

    Ques. When will the admission for bachelor’s be granted?

    Ans. Applications will be analyzed after the application deadline. The offers for admission will be rolled out in mid-August. If the student’s grade for the processing purposes exceeds a certain mark, the admission is granted immediately. The applicants are informed through about licensing.

    Ques. Do I need to have English Proficiency scores too for any bachelor’s degree?

    Ans. English Proficiency scores are required for only a master’s degree if that course is taught in English. HAM Hamburg accepts TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificates, Higher education entrance qualification., or proof of studying in English speaking country for the same.

    Ques. What will be the per semester cost in Hamburg?

    Ans. The per semester cost at Hamburg ranges between €4,500–€5,800. This includes semester contribution, health insurance, accommodation, living costs, and residence permit.

    Ques. Do I need a residence permit to stay in Germany?

    Ans. Citizens of all other countries except Israel, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australia, United States need a visa and a residency permit to stay in Germany.

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