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    Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences: Courses, Tuition Fees, Application Process, Accommodation and Scholarships

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    Rosenheim or Hochschule Rosenheim is a German University situated in Bavaria. From 1971 to 2019, the university has provided high-quality and wide-ranging courses in its four major areas of study.

    The University has 28% of its students in Law, Economics and Social Sciences with 62% of its students in Engineering Science.

    University is situated in one of Germany’s most beautiful Alps and Chiemsee landscapes which gives students an aesthetic experience while studying.


    Here is a quick review of the University:

    Type Public
    Major areas of study Business, Technology, Design, Healthcare
    Campus setting Urban
    Accredited by Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art
    Official website Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences
    Application Process Online
    Admission helpdesk Tel. +49 (0)8031 / 805 - 2118

    Campus, Programs and Residence


    • All Bachelor programmes are taught in Germany, only two Masters programmes are taught in English.

    These two programmes are Master’s in Wood Technology and Engineering Sciences.

    • Bachelor’s programmes are comprised of 7 semesters- 6 theoretical, 1 practical whereas Master’s programmes are comprised of 3 semesters.
    • These 17 Bachelor courses and 8 Masters courses cover four major areas of study- Business, Technology, Design, and Healthcare.


    University does not provide on-campus accommodation to students but they assist them in finding one. Options provided to students are as follows:

    • Munich Student Union halls of residence.
    • Private rooms
    • Hotels and Private Boarding houses

    Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences Application Process

    • Application Deadline:
      • For Summers: 15 November-15 December/January.
      • For Winters: 1 May-15 June/July.
    • Application Portal/ Where to Apply: Online portal
    • Documents required: Copy of passport, Transcript and certificate of enrollment from home university, Language proficiency certificate in German, Learning agreement, proof of financial requirements.
    • Visa Requirements: EU citizens do not need any visa to enter Germany whereas international students from other countries require a visa.

    Cost of Attendance

    Here is a basic outline of budget for monthly living costs in Rosenheim:

    Cost type Actual Cost
    Hall of residence 250-300 Euro
    Private rooms including utilities 300-450 Euro 
    Health insurance  80 Euro
    Meals 250-300 Euro
    Miscellaneous expenses 100-150 Euro
    Undergraduate tuition fees 750 Euro (annual)
    Postgraduate tuition fees 750 Euro (annual)

    Scholarship and Financial Aids


    • DAAD Scholarship Database – This scholarship finances the study-related and research-related stay in Germany for international students.
    • Scholarships for university graduates from Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe – The Scholarship is for one year but it could be extended up to 3 years.
      • The Amount awarded is 8,820 Euro per year for bachelor students and students with at least one child receives 10,740 Euro per year.
    • Bavarian scholarships for international students – International students with good academic standing looking for financial assistance can apply for the scholarship.
      • The announcements for the grants are published during the summer semester.

    Financial Aids

    • Student Loan – These loans support students in their advanced education. Loan is offered by the state at low interest rates for international students.
    • This loan is for 2 years (maximum) and the amount given is 300 Euro per month. Students can repay this loan 4 years after the first payment of the loan is made.
    • Federal Education and Training Assistance Act – Foreign students can only apply for this assistance if they have- one parent with German citizenship; a German spouse; are a legitimate asylum seeker, stateless or a refugee; one parent was legally employed in Germany for three years within six years of the start of the course; or they were legally employed in Germany for five years before the start of the course.

    3.5 years

    Course Duration

    Jul 15

    Application Deadline

    3.5 years

    Course Duration

    Jul 15

    Application Deadline

    1.5 years

    Course Duration

    Jan 15

    Application Deadline

    3.5 years

    Course Duration

    Jul 15

    Application Deadline

    3.5 years

    Course Duration

    Jul 15

    Application Deadline

    Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences Overview

    Insitution type

    Admission & dates

    Summer Deadlines

    January 15

    Application deadline

    Winter Deadlines

    July 15

    Application deadline

    +49 (0)8031/805 - 2118
    Hochschulstraße 1, 83024 Rosenheim

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