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TU Berlin Ranking: World, Subject-wise and National Ranking

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Technical University of Berlin is considered among one of the top 5 technical universities of Germany. It's focus has always been on ensuring exceptional performance in research, teaching and technological progress. The engineering and science programs of TU Berlin have always been placed among top 100 universities across the world.

TU Berlin’s Center for Entrepreneurship works with more than 250 alumni companies and plays a major role in incubating new business across the world. Its partnership with science and technology related industries has an important effect on its world and national ranking. Perhaps that's why Technical University of Berlin’s score for industry impact has always been above average

TU Berlin Ranking Highlights

QS World Ranking 2021148
THE World Ranking 2021140
US News National Ranking 202023
NTU National Ranking 201831
Uniranking CS National Ranking 20191
QS Graduate Employability Ranking 202098

TU Berlin World Ranking

According to QS World University Ranking, the position of Technical University of Berlin has been improving continuously and significantly since last decade. Its ranking improved from 183 in 2014 to 148 in 2021. Major increase was observed in the year 2018 when TU Berlin’s ranking rose to 144 from 164 in 2017. Then, a slight drop was observed in the 2019 to 147th position. Since then, the university’s ranking has been between 147 to 148.

TU Berlin QS Ranking for 2020-21

Scores given to Technical University of Berlin in various categories by QS News for world ranking in 2021 are as follows:

CategoryScore (out of 100)
Academic Reputation54.1
Employer Reputation75
Faculty Student50.3
Citations per Faculty28.2
International Faculty38.2
International Students74.4

On the other hand, the Graduate Employability Ranking of TU Berlin has been continuously dropping since the year 2017. It came down to 98th position in 2020 from 51-60th place in 2017. It received an overall score of 58 out of 100. Other ranking criterias and their scores are tabulated below:

CriteriaScore (out of 100)
Employer Reputation74.8
Alumni Outcome27.1
Partnership with Employers56.6
Employer-Student Connections77.5

Technical University of Berlin was placed at 140th position, according to THE World University Ranking of 2021. As opposed to QS ranking, here university’s ranking improved significantly from 149 in 2020 to 140 2021. However, according to THE, its ranking has been dwindling a lot since 2015.

In 2015, TU Berlin was at 226 - 250 and jumped to 82 in 2017. Then, again its ranking kept on dropping from 92 in 2018, 131 in 2019 and then to 149 in 2020. Finally, the position slightly improved from 149 in 2020 to 140 in 2021.

TU Berlin THE Ranking for 2021

Technical University of Berlin’s score for various categories as per THE World University Ranking of 2021 are as follows:

CriteriaScore (Out of 100)
Industry Income93.9
International Outlook66.9

TU Berlin has been continuously scoring better for industry outlook. Since its main programs are science, technology and management related, the primary focus is preparing students for career in industries or other organizations.

The ranking of Technical University of Berlin has been consistent for the past three years, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities. TU Berlin was placed between 301 - 400 in 2018, 2019 as well as 2020.

Round University by Russian Federation, which ranks universities on the basis of research and teaching reputation, placed TU Berlin at 122 position. As a result, it was included in the “Golden League”. Similarly, it was ranked at following positions on various criterias:

CriteriaGlobal RankingNational RankingLeague
Financial Sustainability797-
International Diversity1648Golden

TU Berlin Subject Ranking

According to THE, Technical University of Berlin ranked as follows in 2020 for some of the popular disciplines:

Arts & Humanities126 - 150
Engineering & Technology60
Physical Sciences101 - 125
Social Sciences126 - 150
Business & Economics101 - 125
Computer Science55

According to the Round University ranking by Russian Federation, technical sciences was placed at 4th position among top German universities. US News is another agency ranking universities on the basis of subjects. TU Berlin received following score and ranking across the world universities in 2020:

SubjectsRankingOverall Score (Out of 100)
Biology and Biochemistry36533.3
Computer Science11554
Electrical and Electronic Engineering18952.5
Materials Science18047.2
Social Sciences and Public Health23042.4

TU Berlin National Ranking

Among the technical universities of Germany, it received 5th position in 2019, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities. The same ranking agency placed it at 22 - 27 position among universities of Germany for 2019.

According to Thomas Reuters ranking for world’s most innovative universities, TU Berlin ranked at 94th among European universities and 9th among German universities in 2019. The basis of this ranking are 10 parameters revolving around how actively a university or college is involved in research and innovation.

TU Berlin filled a total of 104 patents between 2012 to 2017 with success rate of approximately 64%. Maximum patents were filed for semiconductors and electrical components. Commercial impact score, which indicates the effect on any institution’s R&D in the commercial field, was 38.4 in 2019.

TU Berlin Patents Filled in Various Fields

In August 2018, TU Berlin was ranked at 31st nationally and 440th globally based on the academic performance. This ranking was awarded by National Taiwan University for “Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities”.

German Research Foundation (DFG) Funding Atlas stated that Technical University of Berlin is the most popular host university among engineering scientists with DAAD funding. Overall, it received 21st place with total funding of 121.5 million EUR.

Arts, humanities, social sciences and other related subjects ranking for Technical University of Berlin is not very satisfactory. However, this is because the main focus of university is on science and technology related subjects. TU Berlin has a very good reputation for its industry centered research and development programs.

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