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    University of Cologne World Rankings, National Rankings, Subject-Specific Rankings 2020-2021

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    University of Cologne is a university in Cologne, Germany and was sixth university to be established in Central Europe. The University was established in 1388 as the fourth university in the Holy Roman Empire. University of cologne is one of the largest universities in Germany with more than 48,000 students.

    Faculty in University of Cologne are well known in their field and has received many prestigious awards. University of cologne has manynotable alumni like Kurt Alder - Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1950, Peter Grünberg -Nobel Prize in Physics, 2007, Heinrich Böll - Nobel Prize for Literature, Karl Carstens - president of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1979–1984, Gustav Heinemann - president of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1969 to 1974 and many more.

    Currently University has 4000 active projects. Some of the recent discovery by the university science department:-

    1. There was a press release where zoologist of University of Cologne had studied fruit flies nervous system and were able to gain valuable results which can further be used for efficient artificial intelligence.
    2. Takaki Maekawa and his college from university has found about a plant which has evolved a familiar immunity system as animal.
    3. Researchers of university also discover mechanism that could restore cell functioning after genome damage.

    University of Cologne World Ranking Highlights

    Overall score given to University of Cologne by CWUR is 78.8.

    Agency Ranking
    THE 145
    QS 282(tie)
    US NEWS 232
    CWUR 212

    University of Cologne National Ranking

    University of cologne is one of the oldest universities in country and has a good reputation in Germany for education it provides.

    Table given below provides ranking of university of cologne in Germany by various agency:

    Agency Ranking
    US NEWS 17
    Unirank 10
    CWUR 13

    University of Cologne Subject Wise Ranking By US News

    Following are the ranking indicators that are used by the agency to rank programs offered at University of Cologne

    1. Global research reputation - 12.5%
    2. Regional research reputation - 12.5%
    3. Publications - 10%
    4. Books - 2.5%
    5. Conferences - 2.5%
    6. Normalized citation impact - 10%
    7. Total citations - 7.5%
    8. Number of publications that are among the 10% most cited - 12.5%
    9. Percentage of total publications that are among the 10% most cited - 10%
    10. International collaboration – relative to country - 5%
    11. International collaboration - 5%
    12. Number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited in their respective field - 5%
    13. Percentage of total publications that are among the top 1% most highly cited papers - 5%

    Table given below is subject wise ranking of University of Cologne by US News:-

    Subject Ranking
    Arts and humanities 134
    Biology and biochemistry 136
    Cardiac and cardiovascular system 181
    Cell biology 81(tie)
    Chemistry 494(tie)
    Clinical medicine 249(tie)
    Economics and business 201
    Geoscience 224
    Immunology 84(tie)
    Infectious diseases 16(tie)
    Microbiology 141
    Molecular biology and genetics 124(tie)
    Neuroscience and behaviour 141(tie)
    Oncology 60
    Pharmacology and toxicology 158(tie)
    Physics 401
    Plant and animal science 108(tie)
    Psychiatry/psychology 166(tie)
    Radiology, nuclear medicine and medical imaging 58
    Social science and public health 248(tie)
    Space science 157
    Surgery 169

    University of Cologne THE Ranking 2021

    • Rankings cover the three main missions of university activity: research, teaching and impact.
    • Research ranking evaluates essential areas of activity: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.
    • Impact ranking calibrated indicators to provide comprehensive and balanced comparisons across four broad areas: research, outreach, stewardship and teaching
    • Teaching ranking is geographically focused and explores four key areas: resources, engagement, outcomes and environment.

    Table given below shows subject wise rank of university of cologne by THE:-

    Subject Ranking
    Arts and humanities 101-125
    Clinical, pre-clinical and health 151-175
    Life science 98
    Physical science 251-300
    Business and economics 251-300
    Psychology 101-125

    University of Cologne QS Ranking 2021

    According to Alexa Internet, it is the most widely viewed university ranking worldwide.

    • Academic Reputation from Global Survey - 40%
    • Faculty Student Ratio - 20%
    • Citations per Faculty from Scopus - 20%
    • Employer Reputation from Global Survey - 10%
    • Proportion of International Students - 5%
    • Proportion of International Faculty - 5%

    Table given below shows subject wise ranking of University of Cologne for three consecutive years:

    Subject Ranking
    2020 2019 2018
    Classics and ancient history 31 39 37
    Archaeology 51-100 51-100 43(tie)
    Anthropology 51-100 - -
    Linguistics 51-100 101-150 101-150
    Philosophy 51-100 51-100 101-150
    Sociology 51-100 51-100 151-200
    Geography 101-150 101-150 101-150
    Morden language 101-150 151-200 151-200
    Art and humanities 164(tie) 161(tie) 191(tie)
    Economics and econometrics 151-200 151-200 201-250
    History 151-200 151-200 151-200
    Biological science 151-200 151-200 151-200
    Law and legal studies 151-200 151--200 201-250
    Psychology 151-200 151-200 151-200
    Life science and medicine 183(tie) 172(tie) 180(tie)
    Social science and management 217(tie) 201(tie) 242(tie)
    Business and management studies 201-250 151-200 251-300
    Medicine 201-250 201-250 201-250
    Accounting and finance 201-250 151-200 151-200
    English language and literature 251-300 251-300 251-300
    Physics and astronomy 251-300 201-250 251-300
    Natural science 321(tie) 294(tie) 278(tie)
    Mathematics 301-350 301-350 251-300
    Environmental studies 301-350 - -
    Chemistry 301-350 301-350 301-350
    Computer science and information system 551-600 - -

    In the above table we see the progresses of individual subjects through the course of three consecutive years.

    University of Cologne CWUR Ranking

    • Research output, total number of research paper – 10%
    • High quality publication, number of papers appearing in top tier journal – 10%
    • Influence, number of research paper appearing in high influential journal – 10%
    • Citation, number of high cited newspaper – 10%

    University of Cologne vs Other Universities: Comparison

    Tabulated below is the comparison between University of Cologne and Technical University of Berlin on parameters important for an international aspirant to compare and pin down on the best suited university.

    University/College Technical University of Berlin University of Cologne University of Munich LMU
    Location Berlin, Germany Cologne, Germany Munich, Germany
    Status Public Public Public
    Research output Very high Very high Very high
    Academic reputation 54.1 39.9 92.9
    Employer reputation 75 42.9 80.7
    International student 74.4 37.4 36.2
    Total percentage of international students 26% 18% 17%

    University of Cologne is one of the best universities foreconomics and has constantly been at top position for law and business, both innational as well as ininternational ranking. As you can see in above comparison that University of Cologne is one of the top universities in Germany for doing masters. It provides students with best professors and education facilities which ensures their development. Exams and curriculum of course is well framed and well-structured for student which will ensure their progress.

    Students who pursue courses in commerce department such as economics and business management where able to get placements in some of thereputed firms because of universities reputation for their education in that particular programme.The university is also very active in research as mentioned in introduction. There are press release related to discoveries the faculty and professors who are also researcher canguidestudents with their vast experience and knowledge.

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