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    University of Duesseldorf World Rankings, National Rankings, Subject-Specific Rankings 2020-2021

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    University of Duesseldorf is one of the top leading research public universities in Germany. It maintained its position among the top 1000 universities for many years. It maintained its ranking on the basis of the quality of education, good academics, student satisfaction, teaching and learning experiences, and faculty.

    It ranked 201st in European Teaching ranking as per Times higher education. The University of Duesseldorf received a grant for the cluster of excellence CEPHAS by the German state and federal governments. It is involved in many national and international research programs that made it recognized.

    University of Duesseldorf World Ranking Highlights

    There are ranking agencies that release a list of global rankings every year. They have certain sets of criteria or factors on how they rank them. These rankings are mostly based on academics, faculty, student satisfaction, reputation, retention rate, employability, and placement.

    University of Duesseldorf is among the top global universities over a few years and one of the best to study abroad. Keeping its research work and academics the topmost priority, and maintained its position.

    So here are some ranking agencies with their respective ranking are given below :

    Ranking Agency 2021 Rankings 2020 Rankings
    QS Rankings 751-800 751-800
    UniRank To be announced 475
    CWUR 329 334
    U.S. News 383 358
    AWUR To be announced 301-400

    University of Duesseldorf QS Ranking 2021

    As per QS ranking, it ranked in top 1000 world universities. Ranking agencies have their criteria for how they rank. So, some of the criteria that are being considered by QS Ranking are mentioned below:

    Criteria Score
    Academic Reputation -
    Employer Reputation -
    Faculty Student 30.2
    Citations per Faculty -
    International Faculty -
    International students 18.1

    The overall score of University of Duesseldorf is not mentioned.

    The ranking of university over a few years is shown in the data below:

    Year 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
    Rank 751-800 751-800 701-750 651- 700 601-650 551-600

    University of Duesseldorf: Times Higher Education Ranking

    There’s no mention of the university on THE 2021 or 2020.

    • 201+ in European teaching ranking 2018

    University of Duesseldorf: US News Ranking

    According to the U.S. News, It ranked among the top 500 universities. Similar to the QS ranking, there are certain categories on which ranking is calculated. Some of the ranking indicators are mentioned below:

    Ranking Indicator Relative ranking Weightage
    Global research reputation #651 12.5%
    Regional research reputation #283 12.5%
    Publications #374 10%
    Books #548 2.5%
    Conferences #1221 2.5%
    Normalized citation impact #438 10%
    Total citations #352 7.5%
    Number of publications that are among the 10% most cited #327 12.5%
    Percentage of total publications that are among the 10% most cited #330 10%
    International collaboration- relative country #989 5%
    International collaboration #516 5%
    Number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #302 5%
    Percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #339 5%

    The overall global score of the university is 54.6

    University of Duesseldorf: CWRU Ranking

    According to CWRU, there are some considered criteria on the basis of that they rank. The criteria is mentioned below:

    • Quality of Education rank: 213
    • Alumni employment rank: -
    • Research performance rank: 302
    • Overall score: 76.3

    University of Duesseldorf National Ranking in Germany

    University is recognized globally and nationally and maintains its reputation and academic quality. It ranked in top 35 universities in Germany.

    Some national ranking are given below:

    • 26th in best global universities in Germany - U.S. News
    • 26th in National rank - CWUR
    • 32th in National rank - UniRank

    University of Duesseldorf Subject-Wise Ranking

    Ranking agencies also ranks on the basis of subjects also. Programs offered by University of Duesseldorf are judged according to the quality of academics, student satisfaction, teaching and learning experience. There are some subject rankings are given below:

    Subject US News 2021 QS Ranking 2021
    Cell Biology #168 #751-800
    Biology and Biochemistry #232 #208
    Physics #543 #451-500
    Chemistry #518 #301-350
    Clinical Medicine #247 #201-250
    Pharmacy and pharmacology - #101-150
    Plant and Animal Sciences #110 #208
    Neuroscience and behaviour #85 #208
    Philosophy - #151-200
    Psychiatry/Psychology #181 -
    Microbiology #190 #751-800
    Radiology, Nuclear medicine and Medical imaging #76 -
    Life Sciences and Medicine - #208
    Social Sciences and Public Health #465 -

    University of Duesseldorf Vs Other Top Universities of Germany

    Tabulated below is the comparison between University of Duesseldorf with Bielefeld University and University Ulm.

    University/College University of Duesseldorf Bielefeld University University Ulm
    Rank 751-800 801-1000 344
    Status Public Public Public
    Age <100 <100 <100
    Research High Very High Very High
    International Students Not mentioned 7% of total students 12% of total students
    Popular programs Neuroscience and behaviour, radiology, nuclear medicine and medical imaging, plant and animal sciences, Psychology, Oncology, Chemistry, Microbiology and Cell biology Biology and biochemistry, Physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Social sciences and Public health Biology and biochemistry, Clinical medicine, Immunology, Surgery, Computer science, Molecular biology and genetics.
    Employer reputation score Not mentioned Not mentioned 5.2
    International student score 18.1 Not mentioned 24.1
    Academic reputation score Not mentioned Not mentioned 7.9

    Why choose the University of Duesseldorf?

    • University offers more than 50 undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
    • University has excellent research facilities.
    • Students have access to various facilities such as a library, theatres and classrooms, office and study spaces, open green spaces, laboratories and computers with wi-fi in addition to that counselling services.
    • Summers are fine whereas winters are a bit cold and chilly. But overall, the weather is quite pleasant in Duesseldorf.
    • Financial aid is provided by the university and it ranks among the top 5 providers of scholarships in Germany. It also provides scholarships to international students too.
    • University helps in jobs and placements. It is in contact with several businesses that ultimately helps in the professional life of students by encouraging more workshops and internships.
    • On- Campus housing is available.
    • University is on a more budget side than other universities.
    • Great academic, quality courses, best teaching and learning experiences.

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