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    Goethe University Frankfurt 2020-2021 Admissions: Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process

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    Goethe University is a leading public research institution based in Frankfurt, Germany that was established in 1914. It is one of the largest universities in Germany and Europe to offer advanced and undergraduate degrees with 200 options in 16 different faculties. It is home to over 48,000 students, with 7600 international students from more than 136 different countries. The university holds partnerships and collaborations with about 700 institutes across 80 countries and facilitates multiple student exchange programs.

    Some points to be kept in mind while applying to the Goethe University Frankfurt are listed below:

    • The university has a two-step application process that can be completed through the university website.
    • All students must register through the uni-assist portal in order to make an application.
    • Apart from the application fee, students that are looking to apply for additional courses are required to pay an extra 30 EUR for each course of study.
    • Non-EU applicants willing to apply for a program in medicine or dentistry must submit applications by August 20.
    • Once the required documents have been submitted, all student applications are processed within the span of 4 to 6 weeks.
    • 5% of the total seats in programs related to medicine, dentistry and pharmacology are reserved for international applicants.
    • Programs with restricted admission have 10% of the available seats reserved for international applicants.
    • Applicants for programs with no admission restrictions are guaranteed a place if they fulfill minimum requirements like university entrance qualification and language proficiency.
    • ‘Numerus Clausus’ policy is followed for programs with restricted admission wherein applicants from Germany and the EU are differentiated from international applicants during the selection procedure.


    Application Portal Uni-Assist
    Application Fee UG: 75 USD
    PG: No application fee
    Mode of Payment Credit card
    Semester Intake Summer and Winter
    Academic Calendar Semester-based
    Language of Instruction English and German
    Financial Aid Scholarships Available
    Work Experience Required for some graduate programs

    Goethe University Frankfurt Admission Deadlines

    Students seeking admissions at Goethe University are required to check the individual course requirements and eligibility criteria before submitting an application. The University is strict in terms of deadlines and does not accept any late applications.

    The application deadlines for the summer and winter semesters are as mentioned below:

    Semester Commencement Date Bachelor’s Application (with no restriction) Preparatory College at the ISZ DSH Preparatory Course
    Winter Semester October 1 September 30 (extended deadline) May 1 June 1
    Summer Semester April 1 February 28 (extended deadline) November 1 December 1

    All the master’s degree courses have individual set deadlines therefore students must check the stipulated deadlines for the required course before submitting an application.

    Goethe University Frankfurt International Student Admissions

    The application process for international students is quite similar to domestic students barring a few additional prerequisites that students are required to fulfill before securing confirmed admissions at Goethe University.

    Application Portal: Goethe University Application

    Application Fee: 75 EUR

    Basic Admission Requirements: The documents that need to be submitted while making an application are as follows:

    • Graduation certificate or high school leaving certificate with subjects taken and marks achieved.
    • Transcripts in any language other than German or English must be translated by a certified translator.
    • All the academic transcripts and documents that are submitted need to be verified with legal certification.
    • Proof of knowledge of German - at least certified as B1
    • Valid Passport
    • English Language Proficiency Test scores
    • TestAS and OSA (online self-assessment) test scores, depending on the course selected.
    • GMAT or GRE scores for admission to a few graduate programs.

    Individual courses may require an additional aptitude test, letter of motivation, CV, or work experience in order to fulfill admission criteria and process applications.

    All supporting documents required to be submitted by mail must be sent to:

    c/o uni-assist e.V.
    D-11507 Berlin

    Language Proficiency Test Score for International Students

    Goethe University offers the majority of programs in the German language. There are some courses that are taught in both German and English. Apart from that, there are fully English taught courses that students can also opt for. Therefore, proficiency in both English and German language is required:

    The language requirements for English taught courses are as given below:

    Test Minimum Requirements
    IELTS Overall 7.0
    TOEFL Internet-based: 110
    Computer-based: 270
    Paper-based: 637

    Students need to prove language proficiency at DSH- 2 level at HRK registered location.

    Test Accepted Score
    TestDaf Level TDN 4
    KMK Examination Class DSD 2 with Level C1 throughout
    Deutsche Sprachprüfung (Entrance Exam) Level 2
    Goethe Certificate C2

    Visa Process for International Students

    Once students have received an official letter of acceptance from the university, they are required to apply for a student visa to study in Germany by visiting a German embassy in their country of residence. Students are required to submit the following documents in order to apply for a student visa:

    • An official letter of acceptance from the university
    • A valid passport
    • Proof of financial resources (currently amounting to 10,236 EUR for the first year)
    • Recent passport-sized photograph
    • Medical Records (if required)

    The visa application and processing take about two months so it is advised that students make an application well in advance to receive their visa on time. In case students do not receive their visas within the stipulated dates, they are required to contact the international office by sending an email at

    Goethe University Frankfurt Undergraduate Admissions

    International students are required to complete their application process through the uni-assist online student portal which further forwards the required applications to Goethe University. It offers a number of multi-disciplinary certificate and undergraduate courses that students can choose from.

    Where to Apply: Uni-Assist

    Application Fee: 75 EUR

    Admission Requirements: The following documents must be submitted at the time of admission:

    • Proof of graduation from high school or school leaving certificate with a summary of subjects studied and grades achieved.
    • Relevant academic transcripts
    • TestAS may be required for medicine/ dentistry students
    • English language proficiency test scores
    • Proficiency in the German language (at least B1)
    • Copy of passport (must be valid)
    • Participation in Online Self Assessment (OSA) must be confirmed by the applicant.
    • Letter of Motivation

    Goethe University Frankfurt Graduate Admissions

    Goethe University offers a number of master’s degree courses all of which have different academic requirements and deadlines. Therefore, students are required to check the individual course criteria before making an application.

    Where to Apply: Masters Portal

    Application Fee: Free

    Admission Requirements: The following documents must be submitted along with the application for admission:

    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent certificate
    • Relevant Academic transcripts
    • English/German Language Proficiency Test scores
    • Aptitude Test for some courses
    • Copy of Passport

    Students must ensure that all the documents and transcripts provided are certified.

    Here are specific academic requirements for some of the most popular courses at Goethe University:

    Requirements MSc in International Management MSc in International Economics and Economic Policy Master of Arts in Linguistics Master of Arts in Modern East Asian Studies Master in Money and Finance
    Application Deadline June 15 May 15 Winter semester: August 31
    Summer Semester: February 28
    July 15 May 15
    Academic Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related subject area. Bachelor’s degree preferably in economics or business. Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, political science,
    economics, business administration, law, history, anthropology or related areas.
    Bachelor’s degree preferably in economics or finance.
    Transcripts Required Required Required Required Required
    GMAT/ GRE score Optional but recommended Not required Not required Not required Required, minimum 50th percentile GMAT or GRE scores
    Letter of Motivation Not required Required, within 750 words Not required Required Required, within 750 words
    CV Required Optional Not required Required Optional
    References Recommended Optional but recommended Not required Required, at least one reference Optional but recommended
    Work Experience Recommended Optional but recommended Not required Not required Optional but recommended
    International experience Recommended Not required Not required Not required Not required
    ELP scores TOEFL – IBT:100
    IELTS: 7.0
    TOEFL – IBT:100
    IELTS: 7.0
    Niveau B2 TOEFL – IBT: 95 or equivalent IELTS TOEFL – IBT:100
    IELTS: 7.0
    Additional Requirements None None None Research proposal within 2,000 words None

    * International experience includes study abroad, internships abroad, knowledge of a foreign language, etc.

    Goethe University Frankfurt assigns admission scores to applicants based on various criteria. These scores are used to determine eligibility for admission to the University. Factors such as bachelor’s degree, ECTS, GMAT or GRE test scores and international experience have weights assigned which are used in the final admission decision.

    All students who receive an official letter of acceptance from the university must ensure to check the fee structure, payment methods and dates before enrolling for the course. After arriving in the country, students also must register with the Residency Registration Office by submitting a copy of their passport and a letter from the landlord. After successfully submitting the required documents, students shall receive an official residency permit.


    Ques. Can I apply for a Master’s program at Goethe University Frankfurt if I have not completed my Bachelor’s degree yet?

    Yes, depending on the credit points you may apply for a master’s degree before completion of a bachelor’s degree. Students who have completed 80% of the total number of credits are eligible to send their application to the registrar’s office for admission to the Goethe University.

    Ques. Can I apply for more than one program offered at the Goethe University Frankfurt?

    Yes, you may apply for up to three Master’s programs at once for admission to Goethe University Frankfurt.

    Ques. How long does it take to hear from back from the Goethe University Frankfurt after applying?

    For programs with admission limits, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline.

    Ques. After applying online do I also have to send my documents by mail?

    If you have completed your undergraduate degree from outside Germany, you are required to send copies of your documents by mail.

    Ques. Do I have to send my application form through mail to apply for admission to the Goethe University Frankfurt?

    If you are an international student, you are required to send a printed copy of your application form along with other relevant documents via mail in order to be considered for admissions.

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