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    Otto von Guericke University 2020-2021 Admissions: Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process

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    Otto von Guericke University, founded in 1993, is situated in Germany that offers admissions to an array of diverse bachelor’s and master’s programs in two languages namely, German and English across its nine faculties. The institute is one of the top German universities that has its Faculty for Computer Science ranking among the best group of faculties from German Universities by CHE University Rankings which makes it a coveted choice for international candidates.

    The organization, as per current statistics, has 13,797 students, out of which 3,455 are of international origin which is like nearly 20% of the total student population coming from over 100 countries across the globe. The admission committee at the university evaluates applications based on the prior academic history of the candidate, language proficiency and the ability to contribute to the program. 

    Thus, with a moderate acceptance rate, the institute is accessible to any decent candidate meeting the overall eligibility criteria and holding an impressive academic profile. Some salient points regarding admissions at Otto von Guericke University are as listed below.

    • The university has two intake seasons, summer and winter.
    • International students have to fill the application via uni-assist e.V. The summer semester application must be drafted by January 15 and winter semester application by July 15
    • As an exception, students interested in Medicine or Bachelor’s Psychology courses have to directly apply and not through uni-assist.
    • English language proficiency, resume and letters of recommendation are integral supporting documents for the admission process.
    • If your course requires German language proficiency, then you’ve to produce DSH, TestDAF or other recommended test scores.
    • Some Master’s courses also require GRE or GMAT scores for admission. The higher the score, the better the chances for admission.

    COVID-19 Admission Updates

    The university has shifted its summer semester online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the winter 2020-21 session is expected to begin by October 1 on-campus, which is the usual commencement date. If an accepted applicant finds it hard to study in the current summer semester, he can request for shifting his admission to the winter semester.


    Application Portal Online application
    Application Fee 75 EUR
    TOEFL uni-assist code 2727
    Academic Calendar Semester-wise
    Intake seasons Summer and Winter
    Financial Aid Scholarships, loans and grants
    Work Experience For some programs
    English proficiency test IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge tests
    German proficiency test DSH, TestDAF, ZOP or an equivalent
    Admission Interview For some courses
    Advice and international support

    Admission Deadlines

    The institute provides a range of courses for international students at undergraduate and graduate level, admissions to which are available in 2 intakes. The application deadline for applications drafted via uni-assist are predetermined, however other portal deadlines differ from program to program.

    Intake season Deadline
    Summer Semester January 15
    Winter Semester July 15

    International Student Admissions

    International applicants at the university can either opt for courses with English or German language instructions. However, they will have to prove proficiency in either language in addition to satisfying other admission requirements.

    Application Portal: Uni-assist or university online portal.

    Application Fee: 75 EUR

    Basic Admission Requirements: Applicants of international origin must follow the admission requirements proposed by the university in order to get admitted for desired program-

    • Printed uni-assist online application form.
    • Official school leaving certificate with subjects and grades.
    • Official certificate for higher education entrance examination (if taken).
    • Official certificate of university degree and diploma courses.
    • Official certified copy of entrance exam certificate.
    • Language proficiency proof (German or English or both).
    • APS Certificate from applicants hailing from China or Vietnam.
    • Payment receipt.

    Additional Requirements: Following are the additional requirements that must be produced if the preferred course requires the same-

    • Letter of Motivation.
    • Proof of Internship or Placement.
    • Letter of recommendation.
    • Proof of taking aptitude tests (GRE or GMAT).
    • Study plan.

    How to apply?

    Admission Process: International applicants must thoroughly understand the process before beginning with the application drafting-

    1. Go through the university course catalogue and choose the desired course to study the entry requirements. If you satisfy the course requirements, then proceed ahead.
    2. Register yourself on the admission portal.
    3. Log in to the portal and add personal and academic details. Do plan out the motivation letter and study plan well, as they play an important role in segregation of application forms.
    4. Do provide the Declaration of Commitment that ensures that you’ll stay committed to the course, along with the other supporting documents.
    5. Pay the fees and submit the application.

    *Note: In case your application needs to be drafted via uni-assist, then note that the portal checks if you satisfy the requirements before forwarding it to the university. Thereafter, the university will contact you if you get selected. However, if you fail to meet the requirements, then it will not be processed ahead by uni-assist itself.

    English Proficiency Test Scores

    International students have to produce a document proving their English language proficiency lik TOEFL, IELTS etc. if their native language isn’t English. Some tests and their corresponding scores required by the institute are as follows:

    Test name Minimum Required Score
    TOEFL (iBT) B2 level (78-107), C1 (108-120)
    IELTS B2 level (6.0), C1 (7.0)
    Cambridge test Certificate of advanced English

    Visa Process for International Students

    The University offers two methods of obtaining a German student visa. Either a student can get his student visa before entering Germany or come to Germany as a student applicant and gather all the information about educational possibilities before applying for a student visa. This temporary stay must not exceed a period of nine months.

    Student visa process typically takes three months and thus timely submission of visa application is mandatory. Once the application is filled and application fee paid, you can request an interview with the nearest German Embassy. Do remember to carry your financial guarantee proof (at least 720 EUR per month), academic records, application fee receipt, passport, photograph and acceptance letter.

    Otto von Guericke University Undergraduate Admissions

    Otto von Guericke University offers multiple courses on an undergraduate level in the fields of Statistics, Management, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, etc. Out of the numerous available courses, only International Business and Economics is solely taught in English language.

    Where to Apply: Uni-assist portal

    Application Fee: 75 EUR

    Admission Requirements: Following are the requirements for admission to Otto von Guericke University at an undergraduate level-

    • Printed application form.
    • Official academic transcripts.
    • Official school leaving certificate with grades and subjects.
    • Official copy of university level entrance exam.
    • Letter of Motivation.
    • Letter of Recommendation.
    • English language proficiency.
    • German language proficiency.
    • Application fee receipt.

    Otto von Guericke University Graduate Admissions

    Otto von Guericke University offers numerous courses in Engineering, Business Management, Economics, Psychology, etc for candidates seeking to study in Germany. Graduate admissions at the university require GRE/GMAT scores, English proficiency, as well as official bachelor’s degree/diploma/history of employment.

    Some popular graduate courses at the university are listed below-

    Requirements Business Management/Business Economics M.Sc. in Digital Engineering M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering Logistics M.Sc. in Chemical and Energy Engineering
    Application Fee 75 EUR 75 EUR 75 EUR 75 EUR 75 EUR
    Transcripts Required Required Required Required Required
    Language proof DSH, TestDAF, ZOP or equivalent DSH, TestDAF, TOEFL, IELTS or CAE DSH Level 2 DSH Level 2, TestDAF TOEFL, IELTS or CAE
    Statement of purpose Required Required Required Required Required
    GRE/GMAT Required Required Required Required Required
    Resume Required Required Required Required Required
    References Required Required Required Required Required
    Minimum Grade Point 2.9 Not specified 3.0 3.0 2.3

    Otto von Guericke University has a rather simple admission process. If the applicants meet the admission requirements and have English proficiency and show competency in the field, they are likely to get admitted to the program. However, applicants must apply for admission before the deadlines, which is July 15 for winter semester and January 15 for summer semester. Mostly international applications are drafted via uni-assist, wherein the academic requirements are checked. The application is processed further and sent to the university only if the requirements are met.

    If accepted by the university, one can immediately fill the visa application form and pay the application fee, after which the interview is scheduled. Academic transcripts and financial guarantee proof are two integral documents that must be carried to the visa interview.


    Ques. What portal is used for international admission applications at Otto von Guericke University?

    Ans. Uni-assist e.V. is generally suggested for the international application process at Otto von Guericke University. However, for courses related to Medicine and Bachelor’s in Psychology, application must be drafted via university portal.

    Ques. Is English language proficiency required after submitting GRE scores at Otto von Guericke University?

    Ans. No, Otto von Guericke University does not require English proficiency scores if a candidate has provided GRE scores.

    Ques. What is the amount that must be shown in the financial guarantee proof when seeking admission to Otto von Guericke University?

    Ans. No less than 720 EUR per month will be accepted as financial guarantee proof at Otto von Guericke University.

    Ques. How many intake seasons does Otto von Guericke University have?

    Ans. Otto von Guericke University has two intake seasons, winter and summer.

    Ques. What’s the minimum GPA requirement for a Master's course in Business Management at Otto von Guericke University?

    Ans. 2.9 as per German grading system is required at Otto von Guericke University for admission into Business Management graduate programs.

    Ques. Is German language proficiency required at undergraduate level at Otto von Guericke University?

    Ans. Yes. German language proficiency is mandatory at undergraduate level at Otto von Guericke University. The only program where it is not needed is International Business and Economics which is solely taught in English.

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