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Top Computer Science Colleges in Germany

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German Economy is normally driven by the manufacturing and technology industries, thus studying Computer Science courses in Germany makes it a good choice for the overseas student with regard to both quality of education as well as placements.

As per QS World ranking, the 10 engineering colleges in Germany are among the top 250 colleges on the globe. This makes studying in Germany a fruitful choice.

  • With the world’s fourth-largest GDP, Germany spends around 2.8% of its GDP on research and development of the IT and Engineering sector.
  • Most of the German Institutes charge less or no tuition fees. Hence the cost of studying in Germany is rather less than in other contemporary countries.
  • The average salary of a Computer Science Engineer in Germany is around 55,000-60,000EUR/year.
  • According to PayScale, employees with a certificate or diploma in computer science from Germany earns an annual salary of around 30,000-35,000 EUR.
  • Around 32,500 students on average graduate from German Engineering Colleges each year.

Computer Science Colleges in Germany: Global Rankings

When planning to study computer science in Germany, international applicants must note that the country offers a plethora of programs in public universities. Mentioned below are a few of the top-ranked universities providing Computer Science courses along with their QS rankings and program details.

Name of the UniversityQS World Ranking 2020 (Computer Science)Computer Science Programs Offered
Technical University Munich361 Undergraduate course, 4 Postgraduate courses, 1 Certificate Course.
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology51-1001 Undergraduate Course, 1 Postgraduate Course,
Ludwig Maximilian University- Munich51-1003 Undergraduate Courses, 1 Postgraduate Course,
RWTH Aachen University51-1002 Undergraduate Courses, 1 Postgraduate Course, 1 PhD. Course
Humboldt University-Berlin101-1501 undergraduate Course, 1 Postgraduate Course
Technical University Darmstadt101-1503 Undergraduate Courses, 2 Postgraduate Courses
Saarland University151-2002 Postgraduate Courses, 1 PhD. Course
Freie University Berlin201-2502 Undergraduate Courses, 4 Postgraduate Courses
Technical University Dresden201-2501 Diploma Course, 2 Undergraduate Courses, 1 Postgraduate Course
University of Stuttgart201-2502 Undergraduate Courses, 6 Postgraduate Courses

Computer Science Colleges in Germany: Degree Types & Specializations

In Germany, there is a wide spectrum of degree specializations available for computer science courses. With each course, the chance of getting higher pay increases accordingly.

  • As per the ongoing study by European Journal of Engineering Research and Science, the employment rate of computer science graduates has gone up to around 95%.
  • The recent study also says that a diploma holder in computer science earns up to 17% more than that of high school graduates.
  • Computer science courses in German Universities offer different levels of degrees:

Along with these degree courses, there are many short courses(Certification Courses) available in different German Colleges.

Among the vast specializations available in computer science courses, mentioned below are few of the popular computer science specialties offered by the German Institutes.

Network SecurityMobile and Web Computing
Human-Computer InteractionSoftware Engineering
BioinformaticsInformation Management
Artificial IntelligenceRankings
Database Management SystemsInternet of Things(IOT)

Computer Science Colleges in Germany: Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Computer Science courses in Germany are basically 3 years long. This section elaborates on some of the popular bachelor courses in Computer science provided by the German Colleges with their fee structure.

ProgramName of the University/UniversitiesTotal Program Fee (in EUR) Duration (Years)

BSc. in Computer Science

Humboldt University Berlin0
Technical University Dresden1615
Freie University Berlin0
University of Stuttgart8,966
BSc. in Computational LinguisticsLudwig Maximilian University Munich03
BSc. in Media Computer ScienceTechnical University Dresden2,9613
BSc. in Computer EngineeringRWTH Aachen University03
BSc. in Information Systems TechnologyTechnical University Darmstadt1,6153

Eligibility for Bachelors in Computer Science in Germany

Different Universities providing undergraduate courses in computer science in Germany have different eligibility criteria, but overall colleges have common entrance requirements that a candidate needs to qualify for studying a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Germany.

  • Students need to hold a school diploma or an equivalent 12 years of educational certificate, with a minimum aggregate of 65% and above.
  • Non-Native students must provide proof of English language proficiency(ELPs)

The average cut off required to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Germany is: IELTS:6.5| TOEFL: 80-85| PTE:55-58

  • German Language Proficiency is required for the international students, as most of the bachelor’s courses in Germany are taught in the German Language

German Language Proficiency cut-offs:

  1. TestDAF with TDN-16
  2. German Language Diploma: Second Level(DSD-II)
  3. Goethe Certificate-C2 Level.

Fees and Funding for Bachelors in Computer Science in Germany

Cost of studying a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in Germany is relatively low as compared to other European and American universities. Most of the state-funded German universities do not charge any tuition fees, rather other colleges and universities too have quiet affordable tuition fees. The cost of studying for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in Germany costs around 0-9,990 EUR for the total program.

There are many scholarships available for international students in Germany. Some of the universities like Ludwig Maximilian Universities, Freie University Berlin and RWTH Aachen University provide departmental scholarships to few of the selected students on a merit basis.

Computer Science Colleges in Germany: Postgraduate Courses

Germany as a nation has huge choices as far as higher education is considered. Most of the top universities provide postgraduate courses in Computer Science. An individual with a Master's Degree is granted a normal yearly compensation of 29% more than those with a four-year college education.

Students who are eager to go ahead with their advanced education in Computer Science from Germany can monitor the accompanying colleges, alongside the projects, term and cost required:

ProgramsName of the University/UniversitiesTotal Program Cost (in EUR)Duration (Years)

MSc. in Computer Science

Humboldt University Berlin0
Saarland University0
Technical University Dresden1992
Freie University Berlin0
University of Stuttgart5,997
MSc. in Software EngineeringTechnical University Munich2582
ME in Software EngineeringMOF University of Applied Sciences12,6002
MSc. in Computational Science and EngineeringTechnical University Munich2582
MEd. in Computer EngineeringRWTH Aachen University02
MSc. in Visual ComputingSaarland University02

MEd. in Computer Science
Freie University Berlin0
University of Stuttgart5,9972

Eligibility Criteria for Pursuing Postgraduate degree in Computer Science in Germany

To pursue postgraduate courses in computer science in Germany you need to have:

  • A Bachelor's degree in the field of science or technology with mandatory skills in mathematics and applied computer science with an aggregate of around 60-70%.
  • B2 or B1 Certificate.
  • Average GRE score of 310-320, this varies from university to university.
  • English Language Proficiency Proof: You need to have good scores in ELPs like IELTS and TOEFL.
    Average scores for IELTS: 6.5| TOEFL: 80-90
  • A minimum of 2-3 years of work experience is compulsory.
  • German Language Proficiency is partially required, as most of the university teaches masters courses in the English language only.

.Fees and Funding for Postgraduate Courses in Computer Science

The approximate cost of studying masters in computer science in Germany is in the range of 0 EUR-12,600 EUR for the total program. Most of the universities charge low tuition fees, among which universities like Saarland University, RWTH Aachen University, Freie University Berlin do not charge any tuition fees at all.

Most of the colleges provide departmental fellowships for the limited number of students on a merit basis. International students looking for scholarships to pursue a master's in computer science, click here.

Computer Science Colleges in Germany: Doctorate Degree

As per Salary Explorer, Computer Science graduates in Germany with a P.H.D degree have an extent of acquiring 23% more than those having just a graduate degree while doing the same occupation, and this makes the reality obvious that a P.H.D degree can help aspiring Computer Science professionals

Below mentioned are the few universities which provide PhD. courses in Germany, along with their fees and course duration.

ProgramName of the UniversityDuration (in Years)
PhD. in Computer ScienceUniversity of Gottingen3
PhD in Computer ScienceUniversity of Kaiserslautern3

Eligibility to Pursue Doctoral Computer Science Programs in Germany

Students looking to pursue a doctoral degree in computer science in Germany need to have:

  • An Equivalent Master’s degree in the relative field of science with a good score and other academic transcripts.
  • Scores of exams required to study in Germany
    • English Proficiency Score: IELTS:6.5 and above| TOEFL: 80 and above
    • GRE scores are partially required, it varies according to the university norms.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • PhD. Research Proposal
  • Letter of Acceptance from the Chairman of the Doctorate Committee.
  • Two Reference Letters along with a Graduate Declaration.

Fees and Fundings for the Doctoral Students

The cost of pursuing a doctorate/PhD in Germany is mostly free. You just need to have good scores in your masters along with two reference letters.

Scholarships Offered at Computer Science Colleges in Germany

The expense of studying Computer Science courses in Germany is very less as compared to that of the expense in other European or American nations. Yet at the same time scholarships help the universal students to cover most pieces of the educational costs as well as their living expenses. Underneath referenced are few of the notable scholarships and their advantages.

Requirements for Scholarships in Germany

  • Students must have good academic as well as co-curricular records.
  • Admission confirmation letter is mandatory to avail of any scholarships.
  • The selection process of some of the scholarships is examination based.
  • Age proof can be asked by few of the universities.
Name Of the ScholarshipOffered toBenefit (Yearly)
CCSE Undergraduate ScholarshipStudents Pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science4,490 EUR
Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship programApplicable to Bachelor degree students2,250 EUR
BL Madhana ScholarshipsIndian Students pursuing Bachelor’s degree2,250 EUR
Heinrich Boll ScholarshipsAll level of studentsFor UG and PG students: Tuition fee and Living: 640 Books and Study-related: 300;
For Doctorate Students: 1430
Global Study AwardsBachelors and Masters pursuing students.11,200 EUR
MAWISTA ScholarshipsTo all Level of Students6000 EUR

Looking for more scholarships to study in Germany, click here.

Computer Science Colleges in Germany: Jobs

Before plunging into the employments in the Computer Science sector in Germany, one must know about the post-study work visa prerequisites.

The extent of Computer Science Engineering jobs countrywide is huge. Given underneath is a picture looking at the pay offered in the computer science sector in different urban areas of Germany:(can be demonstrated graphically)

Average Salaries by Cities

From a simple 4 years bachelor’s degree to a doctorate degree, the chance of getting highly paid increases with the higher degrees achieved. Higher education also confirms good positions in the world’s top organizations like Microsoft Corp., Northrop Grumman Company, Google INC., Lockheed Martin Corp., IBM Corp. etc. . Below mentioned are a few of the highest paid jobs in the computer science field.

Designation Average Salary (in EUR/Annum)
Software Engineer61,000-126,000
Systems Engineer50,000-108,000
Database Administrator46,000-110,000
Quality Assurance Engineer (Computer Science)47,000-101,000
Software Developer50,000-104,000
Computer Engineer41,000-99,000
Network Support Engineer57,600-96,000
Software Tester39,000-87,000

As most German tech organizations are engaged with advanced and applied research, Germany will consistently require science, manufacturing and research professionals in the coming years. Finding jobs in Germany would require the applicant to be familiar with the German language for proficient communication. As per the recent statistics, Germany has the second most noteworthy number of engineers among all representatives in the EU.

With a pay hike of 5% every year, the computer science field in Germany is a good choice to pursue higher studies. 75% of Computer Science background professionals earn more than 70,000 EUR/Annum, whereas the experienced employees with 2-5 years of work experience can earn upto 36% more than that of the fresher or junior employees. Post-study, you can also apply for a residence permit(EU Blue Card) easily.

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