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Hong Kong Scholarships for International Students - Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD

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Hong Kong is the fifth most expensive cities to study in, according to Times Higher Education. If you are planning to study in Hong Kong, you can apply for scholarships offered by various universities to support your education in the city.

The tuition fee at government-funded institutions in Hong Kong is around USD 10,000 to USD 15,400 per year. Living in Hong Kong can cost an additional USD 3,827 to USD 7,700 annually.

To cover these expenses, the HKSAR government, higher education institutions, and other organizations extend financial assistance including scholarships and awards to international students.

Level of StudyNumber of Scholarships

A number of scholarships are reserved solely for international students. Most are merit-based and/or need-based, regardless of nationality or residency status of the applicant.

Top Scholarships in Hong Kong for International Students

For Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Scholarship

Who can apply?

Outstanding first-year full-time students hailing from ASEAN countries, India, and Korea, who are enrolled in the eight publicly-funded universities in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and the Vocational Training Council.

Value: USD 10,300 per year for international students. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee of the awardee.

Number of scholarships: Up to ten

Application deadline: June 1 (summer) and December 1 (winter)

Wong Man Kit Scholarship

Who can apply?

Outstanding students with a minimum cumulative GPA score of 3.0 who wish to pursue their Bachelor degrees in any discipline and in any year of study at The University of Hong Kong.

Value: USD 5,800 each awarded to the HKU SPACE Community College graduates who have been admitted into HKU

Application deadline: December 1

Outstanding Performance Scholarship

Who can apply?

Students enrolled in full-time sub-degree or bachelor’s degree programs.

Value: USD 10,300 per year for non-local recipients

Application deadline: July 31

The Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme

Who can apply?

Meritorious students pursuing Ph.D. programs in Hong Kong.

Value: Annual stipend of USD 30,000 and a research-related travel allowance of USD 1,300 per year for each awardee up to three years.

Additional support may be offered to those who require more than three years to finish the Ph.D. degree.

Application deadline: June 1

Belt and Road Scholarship

Who can apply?

Meritorious students from countries/regions along the Belt and Road including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand who want to pursue full-time publicly-funded undergraduate studies in Hong Kong.

Value: All awardees would receive a scholarship to cover their tuition fees. In addition, bursary would be given to financially-weak awardees.

Number of scholarships: Up to 30

Value: Up to USD 15,385 per year to cover the tuition fees of the awardees. Plus, a bursary of USD 6,410 per year will be offered to financially-weak applicants.

Deadline: August 13 (annual)

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship

Who can apply?

for Postgraduate Research Students full-time students in pursuing postgraduate studies by research

Value: USD 6,400 each.

Application Deadline: December 1

Chinese University of Hong Kong BEA Inspiring Student Scholarships

Who can apply?

Students who wish to pursue undergraduate degree programs in Hong Kong. They will be assessed on factors including financial background, extra-curricular achievements, and academic performance.

Value: USD 2,600 each

Number of Scholarships: 20
Deadline: August 1

For Postgraduate studies

For Ph.D. studies

Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme for International Students

Who can apply?

Meritorious applicants with research ability and potential who wish to pursue full-time Ph.D. in publicly-funded institutions, irrespective of their country of origin, prior work experience and ethnic background, should be eligible to apply.

Value: An annual stipend of USD 38,600 and a research-related travel allowance of USD 1,600 per year for up to three years

Number: 250 PhD Fellowships per year

Deadline: December 1 (annual)

Postgraduate Studentship

Who can apply?

Only for meritorius, full-time research students enrolled in government-funded universities and with at least a bachelor’s degree with upper second class honors (or equivalent) or a reputed master’s degree before admission.

Value: USD 2,115 (renewed on a yearly basis)

Maximum award period: Up to 2 years for full-time MPhil students and 4 years for full-time Ph.D. students.

Deadline: August 30

Research Tuition Scholarship

Who can apply?

Only full-time research students with outstanding academic performance enrolled in government-funded universities.

Value: An exemption of one year’s tuition fees
Number: Multiple

Deadline: December 1

Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies Entrance Scholarships

Who can apply?

Meritorious international students who want to pursue MPhil or Ph.D. studies at the City University of Hong Kong.

Value: USD 9,935

Application deadline: June 1

Other Scholarships in Hong Kong

Outstanding Athletes Entrance Scholarship for Non-Local Students

Who can apply?

High-performing international student-athletes who wish to study in the City University of Hong Kong.

Value: USD 1,250 per semester to cover full tuition fees and partial living expenses of each awardee.

Application deadline: December 1

Endeavour Merit Award (EMA)

Who can apply?

Deserving post-secondary students with special educational needs (SEN).

Value:  USD 1,275

Number: Multiple

Application deadline: June 30

Scholarship application process 

Apply at least two to three months before you apply for a Hong Kong student visa. Scholarships can be used as proof of sufficient funds to study in Hong Kong.

  • For government-funded scholarships, apply at Then, apply to your respective university with the HK reference number allotted to you.
  • For university-funded scholarships, apply directly via the university official portal.

Work while you study in Hong Kong

International students are not permitted to take up any paid or unpaid employment in Hong Kong during their course of study. However, the ones enrolled in full-time programs can take up part-time on-campus and summer jobs.

  • The duration of the program must be at least one academic year.
  • For part-time on-campus employment, students cannot work for more than 20 hours per week in a particular academic year.
  • Summer jobs do not have any limit on working hours and location.
  • One can earn up to USD 7 to 20 per hour.

As soon as your Hong Kong student visa is approved, request for a ‘No Objection Letter’ from your institution. The letter should contain details including the type of employment you will be seeking while studying in Hong Kong.

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