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Hong Kong University Application: When to Apply, Requirements, Process

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Hong Kong is home to 8 public and more than 10 private autonomous institutions. Hong Kong university application varies from university to university and from course to course. Students who wish to study in Hong Kong will be given admission based on academic and non-academic achievements.

In some cases, students are called in by the respective universities in Hong Kong to attend interviews and their performances at the same are taken into consideration. Hong Kong university application differs from university to university and students are advised to get all the details from the institute prior to commencing off with the application process.

When to Start Off With Hong Kong University Application?

For students who wish to study in Hong Kong, the academic year begins by September.

  • Students need to do their research on the universities in Hong Kong for international students before applying to various courses.
  • Hong Kong University application process mostly starts in April and end by September (following year)
  • Various universities in Hong Kong have mid intake rounds as well.
  • In case of some universities in Hong Kong, students should apply by end of December.
  • Late applications are taken into consideration at times, though students should make it a point to send their applications on time.

Study in Hong Kong: Admission Requirements

To study in Hong Kong, students need to start preparing the documents required for the application process step-by-step. The first and foremost is to obtain the English language test scores. These scores differ from university to university in Hong Kong.

English Language Requirements to Study in Hong Kong 

  • Most universities in Hong Kong do not require SAT or GRE scores. Though, GMAT is taken into consideration for some MBA programs in Hong Kong.
  • IELTS Scores Accepted: Band of 6.5 (Master’s Courses) and Band of 6.0 (Bachelor’s Courses)
  • Students who have scored more than 70% in 12th Standard English are eligible to get a waiver for IELTS.

General Requirements to Study in Hong Kong

Hong Kong university application process requires each student to have:

  • Personal identification document
  • Academic transcripts of previous university/school
  • Letter of recommendation issued by previous university
  • Resume not exceeding more than 4 A4 size pages

Visa Requirements to Study in Hong Kong

The following are the visa requirements for Hong Kong university application.

  • Proof of admittance to a university in Hong Kong (Acceptance Letter)
  • Passport with validity of entire duration of study
  • Hong Kong identity card or travel document
  • IELTS scores
  • Academic transcripts of previous university
  • Scholarship letter (if any)
  • Financial support proof. A student needs to have a minimum amount of USD 15,300 to study in Hong Kong.
  • Accommodation arrangement proof

How to Apply for Admission in Hong Kong Universities?

Once the student has made sure that all his documents are in place, he can apply to the universities in Hong Kong by following the below mentioned steps.

Choose the Right Course and University

Hong Kong boasts of many renowned universities. There are many universities in Hong Kong that rank among the top in the QS World Rankings. Universities in Hong Kong offer a wide range of course in collaboration with several prestigious universities of the world.

List of Top Universities in Hong Kong 

UniversityQS World Ranking (2018)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology#37
The University of Hong Kong#25
The Chinese University of Hong Kong#49
City University of Hong Kong#55
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University#106
Hong Kong Baptist University#277
Lingnan University#601

Submit Application

Once you are through with the course and university in Hong Kong you are required to submit an online application on the university website. While submitting your application make sure that you have the following documents.

  • Identity proof
  • Academic transcripts of previous university/school
  • Proof of financial capability
  • Passport 

In case of most universities, application account is only valid for 15-30 days. Students should submit their entire application along with the required documents within this time.

Application Processing

Students who wish to study in Hong Kong need to wait for a span of 1-1.5 months before universities start responding to their application. Until they get a response from the University of their choice they can start arranging for funds and start exploring scholarships in Hong Kong for international students.  

Accept Offer

If a student has been admitted to a university in Hong Kong, he or she will receive the acceptance letter within 15 days. Students need to make sure that they respond to same with their confirmation in 10 days else their application will not be taken into consideration.

  • Students need to pay the tuition fee for the first semester once they get the acceptance letter.
  • Start looking for accommodation options online
  • Start planning for the academic year ahead

Post Offer Acceptance

Once the student has accepted offer from a university in Hong Kong for international student, he is required to –

  • Apply for student visa
  • Arrange travel tickets
  • Arrange accommodation
  • Organize health insurance

Prepare to Go

Before leaving to study in Hong Kong make sure that you have all the required documents in place.

Hong Kong university application is a pretty much hassle free process. A student needs to go through all the details about the course and university of his choice before applying to a university.

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