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Exams for Hong kong

International English Language Testing System [IELTS]

International English Language Testing System(IELTS) is an international standardized test that measures the level...

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Test of English as a Foreign Language [TOEFL]

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an international standardised test conducted to assess the level of English fluency of non-native speakers...

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Pearson Test of English [PTE]

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is an English language proficiency test conducted by Pearson PCL group in association with Edexcel. Any person whose na...

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Graduate Record Examination [GRE]

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an international standardized test required for admission into Graduate schools in the United States...

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Graduate Management Admission Test [GMAT]

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is conducted by GMAC for admission to nearly 5400 management courses in various Business Schools...

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Scholastic Aptitude Test [SAT]

SAT is an international standardized test required for admission into most of the colleges in the United States. It is also accepted...

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Study in Hong Kong

With around 50 universities and 3 globally ranked universities, Hong Kong has featured among the world’s top 15 cities for students. It is the world’s most impressive hub of internationally ranked institutions. 

Hong Kong has beautiful skyscrapers which illuminate the skies, culturally fast life and a dynamic city-state, makes it as an emerging and a leading study destination for international students.

Acceptance Rate 90%
Average Study CostUSD 34,000
Total Institutions20 

Why Study in Hong Kong?

Studying in Hong Kong comes with its benefits. The following reasons force the students to study in Hong Kong:

Higher Education Powerhouse

  • Hong Kong is home to some of the highest ranked universities as per the QS World University Rankings. 
  • Having government funded and internationally recognized universities that offer dozens of areas of study, there is something for each international student.

Accessibility and Convenience

Having the cosmopolitan spirit in its truest sense, the universities in Hong Kong guarantee residential hall accommodation to its students in their first year.

No Language Barrier

  • As a former British nation and later a part of China, one of the major languages spoken in the country other than Chinese and Cantonese is English.
  • There is no language barrier for international students studying in Hong Kong. The medium of instruction for most of the degrees is in English.

Lower Cost of Education

  • The government of Hong Kong spends more than 20% of its expenditure on education. This is an attempt to make the country an educational hub. 
  • Universities in Hong Kong are reasonable when compared to overseas.

Easy Immigration

Unlike other countries which are making student visa norms stringent, entering Hong Kong for studies is relatively easier due to its simple immigration process. 

Employment Opportunities 

  • The government of Hong Kong aims to attract talented individuals from across the globe to work in the country. 
  • This step proved to be highly beneficial for international students, wanting to pursue studies in Hong Kong.

Cost to study in Hong Kong

Tuition Fees & Other Charges
Average Tuition Fees (UG)Per Year9500USD
Average Tuition Fees (PG)Per Year11000USD
Average Tuition Fees (Doctorate)Per Year11500USD
Note - Fees in Hong Kong can vary as per the citizenship of the students. Health insurance is not mandatory but some institutes may ask for it.
Food Cost
Groceries CostMonthly150USD
Three Course Meal in a RestaurantMonthly60USD
Transportation Cost
Through TransportMonthly39USD
Public Transport PassMonthly64USD
Car (After Purchase)Monthly32000-
Other Cost
Entertainment (Sports, Movies, Pub)Monthly101USD
Total Living Cost (Rent Excluded)Monthly933USD
Room Charges/Type to Choose
Home StayMonthly700USD
Student Halls of Residence (Dormitory)Monthly500USD
First Time Charges
VISA FeesOne Time37 USD
Living Expenses for One Year as GuaranteePer Year20000USD
TOTAL -20,037USD
Allowed 20 Hours Per Week of EmploymentMonthly340USD
Note: During Vacation You Can Get Full Time Work Permit

Application Cycle

Hong Kong Admission Cycle

  • Hong Kong’s university application deadlines are between December and May. The academic year starts in September with two semesters.
  • Semester 1: Fall semester runs from early September to late December.
  • Semester 2: Spring semester runs from mid-January to May.

Top Scholarships for Students in Hong Kong

1. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Scholarship

  • For: Non-local students in 8 UGC funded universities, HKAPA and VTC
  • Benefits: 10,300 USD or full tuition fee cover
  • Apply at: Participating Universities websites
  • Deadline: September

2. Self-Financing Post Secondary Education Fund (Outstanding Performance Scholarship)

  • For: Non-local students displaying higher academic performance 
  • Benefits: 10,300 USD
  • Apply at: ContactSDO Office
  • Deadline: September

3. Belt and Road Scholarship

  • For: International students from Belt and Road countries, i.e., Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
  • Benefits: Tuition fee cover or bursary or 15,385 USD scholarship
  • Apply at: Publically funded local award winning institutions
  • Deadline: Year around depending on the availability 

4. The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

  • For: PhD aspirants globally displaying higher academic standards and research potential
  • Benefits: Annual Stipend of 1,600 USD up to 3 years
  • Apply at: Participating University
  • Deadline: December