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Masters in Public Health in Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
Study Abroad Expert

Master in Public Health in Ireland is a 1-2 year course offered full time or part-time. It emphasizes the practical aspects of public health. There are over 5 universities in Ireland providing Masters in Public Health (MPH) and the fees for them range from 9,000 - 20,000 EUR per annum. You can earn an average salary of 35,000 EUR per month after completion of this course in Ireland. 

Why Study Masters in Public Health in Ireland

  • Ireland, called ‘The Land of Saints and Scholars’, offers some of the oldest and famous colleges in Europe like the Trinity College, Maynooth University. They are ranked among the top 5% of universities in the world.
  • It ranks 12th in the Global Peace Index 2019, much above the UK, USA, and Australia.
  • It is the only English Speaking country in Europe. Hence, all the courses are delivered in English.
  • After completing your Master in Public Health, you can stay in Ireland for two more years and gain professional experience.
  • Each year the Irish Government spends 728 million EUR in higher education institutions.
  • There is almost a 10% increment every 15 months for medical and health professionals in Ireland

Key Details

Number of universities offering MPH in IrelandApprox 6
Duration of the course1-2 years
Range of Fees9,000 - 20,000 EUR per annum
Specializations offeredEpidemiology, Health administration and community health, Biostatistics
Job PositionsPublic Health Analyst, Public Health Specialist, Occupational Health Advisor, etc
Average Salaries63,000 - 653,000 EUR per year

Top Universities offering Masters in Public Health in Ireland

There are 5 universities in Ireland that offer a master’s degree in public health. Among them, 4 universities rank within the top 500 universities in the QS World Ranking 2019 for Medicine and Health studies. The universities and their details are:

UniversityRanking QS 2020Degree offeredCourse DurationFees per annum (in EUR)
Trinity College Dublin89MSc in Global HealthFull-time- 1year
Part-time- 2 years
University College Dublin162MPH in Public HealthFull time- 1 year
Part-time- 2 years
University College Cork
College of Medicine and Health
206MPH in Public Health1 year14,000
National University of Ireland317MSc in Public Health (nursing)2 years16,360
Maynooth university-MSc in Immunology and Global Health1 year17,000

Course Curriculum of Masters in Public Health in Ireland

During the Master in Public Health from Ireland, you will be able to gain knowledge and choose from some specialization subjects. This can be your core subject or minor subjects depending on the course structure you have chosen. Here are some of the common specializations that the medical colleges in Ireland provide 

  • Health administration and community health
  • Health policy
  • Epidemiology
  • Health education
  • Biostatistics
  • Environmental health 

Admission Process for Masters in Public Health in Ireland

You can follow the following steps for a smooth and easy admission to study in Ireland.

  • Browse through the universities and go through the course details and eligibility thoroughly.
  • Some universities in Ireland have admission committees who review the admission applications and check the eligibility according to the Irish Education System. You can apply through them or through the university website directly.
  • Choose the funding options best suited for you and apply accordingly. You will get scholarship options as well as loans for your study in Ireland.
  • If you get accepted into the university, you will receive an Offer Letter from the university. Accept the letter.
  • Apply for Health Insurance.
  • Apply for your student visa in Ireland.

Admission Requirements for Masters in Public Health in Ireland

To apply for Ireland universities, you need to fulfill certain academic and language requirements. 

  • Minimum 60% or 2.1 awards at the undergraduate level 
  • Pass certificates of the school secondary exams.
  • Prove of English language knowledge for Non-EU students through some language proficiency tests. 
  • IELTS (a min band of 6.5)
  • TOEFL iBT (min 90) 

Here are some of the other things you would need while applying for a masters in public health in Ireland:

  • Official transcripts
  • Valid Passport
  • Passport size pictures
  • Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
  • Extra-Curricular certificates (if any)

Visa Process for International Students

To study in Ireland, which is a 2-year course, you need to apply for a D-Type student visa. The application fee is 60 EUR. It is advised that you apply for your visa at least 3 months before the commencement of your course. You need to apply through the AVATS online portal. These are the documents usually needed to apply for D-Type student visa in Ireland:

  • 2 recent passport size photographs
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Letter of Acceptance or Offer Letter from the university you would pursue with
  • Receipt of fee payment or payment of the first installment
  • Proof of finances to support your study in Ireland (Min 8,000 EUR)
  • Medical Insurance Documents
  • Proof of language proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL)
  • Accommodation Certificate

Cost Of Studying Masters in Public Health in Ireland

It includes three types of expenses: Pre-arrival Cost, Tuition Fees, and Cost of Living. 

Pre Arrival Expenses

Pre Arrival cost is the cost that you would need to incur before going to Ireland to study. This includes the cost of the language tests you need to take before applying, the visa cost and the application fee.

Type of ExpenseCost in EUR
Ireland Student Visa Fee60
IELTS Fee229-233
TOEFL Fee228
Application Fee50

Tuition Fees of Masters in Public Health in Ireland

The average tuition fees for universities providing masters in public health ranges from 9,000-20,000 EUR per annum. 

Tuition fees of MPH in Ireland

Cost of Living in Ireland

The average living cost of an international student in Ireland can range from 700-1000 EUR per month. This includes monthly rent, transportation cost, grocery, and other essential costs. These costs somewhat depend on the city you are living in and the type of lifestyle you are living in. However, these are some of the living expenses and their average costs.

Types of ExpensesMonthly Cost in EUR
One-room apartment in the city center1,029
1 room apartment in the suburbs863
Monthly Bus Pass105
Meal at a restaurant55
Taxi 1 km1.25
One minute cell phone call0.26

Scholarships for Masters in Public Health in Ireland

Every year the Irish Government spends 728 million EUR on its education industry. Hence, it ensures quality education as well as scholarships and funding options for international students. The National University of Ireland and University College Cork are two universities that offer scholarships on Master studies in Public Health. 

Here are some scholarships for international students in Ireland:

ScholarshipAwarding committeeAward
Postgraduate Merit ScholarshipsNational University of Ireland
2,000 EUR
Max Arthur MacauliffeNational University of Ireland
Full tuition fees
International Student Merit-Based ScholarshipUniversity Cork CollegeVaries according to Undergraduate result.
Go Clean ScholarshipAlltoiletmatters.com3,420
Global Study AwardsBritish Council11,412
The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship ProgramFinancial Sumo1000 EUR
TOEFL Scholarship Program in IndiaEducational Testing Service6,500 EUR

Scope after Masters in Public Health in Ireland

A master in Public Health in Ireland earns an average of 35,000 EUR per month. The average salary per year ranges from 63,000 EUR to 653,000 EUR. According to salary explorer, employees having an experience of 2-5 years earn 32% more than freshers.

  • It has been seen that on average an employee’s salary doubles the initial amount in approximately 10 years.
  • A master in Public Health in Ireland earns approximately 29% higher than a bachelor in the same field.
  • There is almost a 10% increment every 15 months for medical and health professionals in Ireland.

After completing a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Ireland, you will be able to apply for various health care and health policy-making jobs. Here are some job roles in Ireland and their average salaries

Job roleAverage Yearly Salary (EUR)
Public Health Analyst153,000
Public Health Specialist134,000
Medical Director329,000
Advanced Nutrition Aide166,000
Clinical Policy Developer167,000
Occupational Health Advisor167,000
Industrial Hygienist194,000

A Master’s degree in Public Health in Ireland can open new career opportunities in the medical and health care field. With an approximately 10% increment every 15 months in the medical and health care sector in Ireland, it is a good return on your investment. Ireland being an English speaking country, will also reduce the language barriers you would face in other European countries.


Ques. What can I do with a Master’s Degree in Public Health?

Ans. With a master’s degree in Public Health, you will be able to apply for various health care and health policymaking job titles. You can apply for a Public Health Analyst, Public Health Specialist, Occupational Health Advisor, etc.

Ques. How do I become a public health nurse in Ireland?

Ans. You will have to apply for a Master’s in Public Health (nursing) at the National University of Ireland Galway.

Ques. What are the fees of a master's in Public Health in Ireland?

Ans. The fees for a master’s degree in public health in Ireland range from 9,000-20,000 EUR.

Ques. What salary can I expect after a master's in public health in Ireland?

Ans. The average salary of a master’s in public health is approximately 35,000 EUR per month. The annual salary ranges from 63,000-653,000 EUR.

Ques. Which is the Best college to apply for a Masters's in public health in Ireland?

Ans. According to QS World Rankings, Trinity College Dublin is the best college, but it offers an MSc in Global Health. If you want an MPH degree specifically, then University College Dublin is your answer.

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