MS in Business Analytics in Ireland: A Detailed Course Guide for International Students

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    Masters in Business Analytics in Ireland is a one year full-time or a two yea part-time graduate program offered usually as a Master of Science degree. Masters in Business Analytics at universities in Ireland gives you a wide scope of job aspects at a relatively lesser expense than that in the USA or other European countries. 

    The average cost of studying for MS in Business Analytics in Ireland is around 16,000 EUR per year depending on the university you choose. It varies from 19,000 EUR per year at University College Dublin to 12,500 at Dublin Business School and National University Ireland-Galway for the overseas students.

    A basic method to characterize the field of Business Analytics is that it is the way towards collecting, storing, processing and analyzing information to enable businesses to improve productivity and increase revenue. 

    Why Study Masters in Business Analytics in Ireland?

    • Irish Government spends around 3.55% of the GDP in education, out of which it spends around 35.55% on higher education and research purposes.
    • As per QS world ranking 2020, the top 3 Irish universities are among the top 300 universities across the globe.
    • Average starting salary of a Business Analyst is around 14,700 EUR per month, according to
    • There is a requirement of 9,000 skilled professionals in Ireland in the sector. This is because Ireland is the second-largest region for Business Analytics in the world post-USA. 
    • Opportunity to avail research degree is quite high in Ireland, which can give you a salary increment of around 23%. 
    • With each year of experience added to a business analyst worker, the salary increment in Ireland is high. The same is discussed in the graphical image below:
    Business Analyst Salary by Experience
    • As indicated by the Irish Times, the full-time non- EEA students staying in Ireland were about 18,500 in the year 2018. 
    • Ireland stands 12th in Global Peace Index(GPI) Ranking. This makes it an ideal student destination

    MS in Business Analytics in Ireland: Top Universities

    As few of the Irish Universities are among the top universities across the globe, a shift of new international students in Ireland is being observed in the past few years. Referred below are some of the top colleges providing MS in Business Analytics in Ireland with their global QS rank, course, and cost of the program. 

    University QS World Rank 2020 Course Tuition fees (in EUR/Year)
    University College Dublin 185 MSc. in Business Analytics Non- EU Students: 19,900
    EU Students: 14,460
    National University Ireland-Galway 259 MSc. in Business Analytics Non- EU Students:12,500
    EU Students: 8,900
    University of Limerick 521-530 MSc. in Business Analytics Non- EU Students:17,300
    EU Students:9500
    Maynooth University 701-750 MSc. in Business Analytics Non- EU Students: 14,000
    EU Students: 6,200
    Dublin Business School _ MSc. in Business Analytics Non- EU Students: 12,500
    EU Students:8,900
    Specialization in MSc. in Business Analytics
    University College Cork 310 MSc. in Business Information and Analytical Systems Non- EU Students: 18,000
    EU Students: 10,500

    For all the above-mentioned universities, the program duration is 1 year

    MS in Business Analytics in Ireland: Admissions

    To study masters in Ireland you need to have a minimum honors degree with a second class in mathematics, computer science or IT. International students can make applications through the university's official page. 

    The basic eligibility to apply with most of the universities in Ireland offering business analytics are discussed below: 

    Eligibility Criteria for MS in Business Analytics in Ireland

    • A minimum honors degree with second class (60-70 %) in computer and IT 
    • International students can alternately provide an equivalent bachelor's degree in the technical stream.
    • International students with business backgrounds need to have MIS, mathematics or quantitative courses in their degree course.
    • Non-native international students need to qualify English Language proficiency with an average score of 
    • GRE and GMAT are acceptable but not mandatory.
    • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
    • Academic Letter of Recommendation.

    University wise cut-off marks for English Language Proficiency

    Referred below is the structured details of university wise cut off for the ELPs like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. These are the scores of tests required for studying in Ireland

    Name of the University TOEFL IELTS PTE
    University College Dublin 90 6.5 63
    National University Ireland- Galway 88 6.5 61
    University of Limerick 90 6.5 _
    Maynooth University 95 6.5 62
    Dublin Business School _ 6.5 _
    University College Cork 90 6.5 63

    Ireland Student’s Visa

    International students from Non-European nations must apply for an Irish Student Visa. There are two sorts of visas in Ireland for the students-

    • C-Type (Tourist Visa): for students coming to read in Ireland for 90 days and less.
    • D-Type (Long Stay Visa): for students coming to Ireland for a course time of over 3 months. 

    To apply for an Ireland student visa to avail of a course in Ireland, overseas students must apply for a visa through AVATS online portal. The visa application expense for a single passage is 63 EUR, while multiple entry and travel costs around 104.4 EUR and 26 EUR individually. 

    The essential prerequisites for a student visa incorporate a legitimate identification, letter of acknowledgment from an Irish college and evidence of English language proficiency(ELP).

    Documents Required for Ireland Student Visa Application

    Below mentioned are documents that you need to carry while applying for a student visa:

    • 2 Passport-sized photographs along with your passport.
    • Letter of Acknowledgement from the Irish University.
    • University fee payment receipt.
    • Valid proof of finances(with a minimum amount of 7500 EUR)
    • Valid Health insurance details.
    • Valid proof of ELP qualification.
    • Vetting and Accommodation certificate.

    Cost of Studying MS in Business Analytics in Ireland

    We have already discussed the university wise program cost, this section is basically made to feature the overall expenditure that you have to bear while planning your study in Ireland. This includes pre-arrival cost and cost of living as well.

    Pre-arrival Cost

    Pre-arrival cost includes Visa application cost and the cost of ELP tests that you need to qualify before getting a ticket to study abroad.

    Categories Cost in EUR
    Visa Application Cost Single Entry: 60.67 Multiple Entry: 100.71
    IELTS fee 153.5
    TOEFL fee 215
    PTE fee 161.3
    GRE fee 187.86
    Total 777.83 - 817.87

    Tuition Fees for MSc. in Business Analytics in Ireland

    Tuition fee for MSc. in Business Analytics in Ireland ranges to an average cost of 16,100 EUR/Year for the non- EU students whereas 9,800 EUR/year for the EU students.

    It varies a maximum amount of 17,910 in University College Dublin to a minimum amount of 11250 Eur/year Dublin Business School for the overseas students. 

    Cost of Living in Ireland

    Mentioned below are the structured expenses that you need to spend while living in Ireland. The cost of living completely depends on the choice of your lifestyle and the kind of accommodation you choose.

    Particulars Average monthly cost( in EUR)
    Accommodation 242-250
    Food Expenditure 206
    Transportation 20
    Miscellaneous 250
    Total 726

    So, the total yearly cost for studying MSc. in Business Analytics in Ireland stands up to an average of 25,000-26000 EUR, which includes both tuition fees as well as cost of living. This amount is equivalent to INR 20.6 -21.4 Lakhs/year.

    Scholarships for MS in Business Analytics in Ireland

    Cost of studying in Ireland may not be that expensive as it is in the US or any other European countries but still, 20 Lakhs/year is a handsome amount for an Indian student. This makes international students run for some financial help. These can be availed in different forms such as scholarships for overseas students in Ireland, loans as well as part-time jobs.

    Mentioned below are few of the university wise scholarships available with their benefits:

    Name of the Scholarship Name of the University Benefit Application Deadline
    Aspire Scholarship University College Dublin 50% of the tuition fee. May,2020
    Taught Master’s Scholarships Maynooth University 2000 EUR June, 2020
    International Student Merit-Based Scholarship University College Cork Maximum: 20% off on tuition fees.
    Minimum: 1000 EUR
    May, 2020
    Post Graduate Merit Scholarship National University Ireland- Galway 2000 EUR April, 2020
    Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship
    (Indian Students only)
    National University Ireland-Galway 100% of the tuition Fee. April,2020
    DBS International Student Scholarship Dublin Business School 500-1000 EUR _

    All the above-mentioned scholarships are offered to international students who want to pursue a masters degree in Ireland. Looking for more scholarships to study masters in Ireland? Click here

    Didn’t get a Scholarship? Don’t Worry!!!

    On a student visa, students in Ireland get an easy work permit for part-time jobs. They can work up to 20 hours a week during their semesters whereas they can work up to 40 hours during their vacation. You can earn a minimum wage of about 14 EUR per hour.

    Some the popular part-time jobs in Ireland

    • Tutor: You can earn up to 20 EUR/hour.
    • Restaurant staff: 15 EUR/ hour
    • Events Staff: 30 EUR/hour
    • Freelance Creator:90 EUR/month


    While studying you can also opt for internships in different positions at different firms, if you are having good scores in your academics. The preferred areas where you can opt for internships are- marketing, data visualization, human resource, etc. which will give you the knowledge of the current market scenario and will improve your CV as well.

    Job Prospects Post MS in Business Analytics in Ireland

    Students studying MSc. in Business Analytics in Ireland have good job prospects at different sectors with good starting salaries. Some of the renowned companies are Kerry Ingredients, Accenture, Calor Gas. The average starting salary of an MSc. graduate in Business Analytics is around 90,000-95,000 EUR/Year.

    Not only finding jobs in Ireland but also getting a work permit of two years is easy in Ireland. Listed below are some of the popular job profiles along with their average salaries.

    Designation Average salary (in EUR/month)
    Business Consultant 15,000
    Business Analyst 14,700
    Business Development Specialist 14,400
    Market Analyst 13,400
    Cost Estimator 11,750

    The average salaries offered in various cities in Ireland are compared in the graph below:

    Salary by City

    Research Opportunities post MS Business Analytics in Ireland

    After completing MSc. in Business Analytics you can opt for doctoral programs in Irish universities. You can avail Ph.D. degree in Business Analytics from top Irish institutes like University College Dublin, Trinity Business School, Maynooth University. The increment in the salary of a Ph.D. graduate in Ireland increases by 23% to that of a master's graduate.

    Studying MSc. in Business Analytics in Ireland gives you promising job prospects as well higher education opportunities. Irish Universities provides you with international workshops and seminars which increase your marketing and business idea and leads to achieving excellent placements in the top organizations. Ireland also provides post-study work permit for up to 2 years, which again makes it a good choice for the students to avail masters courses in Ireland.


    Ques. Is Ireland good to study MS in Business Analytics?

    Ans. Top 3 universities providing MSc. in Business analytics are among the top 300 universities in the world as per QS world ranking. Universities in Ireland are less expensive as compared to the USA or other European countries and provide quality education. Along with this Ireland is the second-largest region for Business Analytics in the world post USA making it a perfect study destination for business analytics studies. 

    Ques. What is the cost of studying MS in Business Analytics in Ireland?

    Ans. The average tuition fee to avail MSc. in Business Analytics in Ireland is around 16,000 EUR/year for the overseas student, and the average cost of living stands at around 9,000 EUR/year which takes the total amount to around 25,000 EUR/year.

    Ques. What are the top Universities providing MS in Business Analytics in Ireland?

    Ans. University College Dublin, National University Ireland-Galway, University College Cork are the top 3 universities in Ireland offering MS business analytics. 

    Ques. What is the Eligibility Criteria to pursue MS in Business Analytics in Ireland?

    Ans. To study masters in Ireland you need to have a minimum honors degree with second class (60-70%) in Mathematics, Computer or IT or an Equivalent bachelor’s degree in technology. Students with business backgrounds must have MIS, mathematics or Quantitative courses in their curriculum. Overseas students are also required to qualify ELP examinations with good scores.

    Ques. What is the average starting salary of MSc. in Business Analytics graduates?

    Ans. Average starting salary of a MSc. in Business Analytics graduate is around 90,000-95,000 EUR/annum. This is equivalent to 74Lakhs INR/year.