Honest Review

    6.8 /10

    I came across Ireland because of English speaking nation that provide advantage of courses being offered in English. The cost of education is lower for Indian students in Ireland than many other international destinations, another advantage is that we can choose to stay back for two years after completing the course. The course duration for masters is also one year. NUIG serve as a perfect platform for me to gain skills and develop my personality for various reasons like repute of the institution, up-to-date curriculum, global exposure, diversified peer group, learned faculty, good infrastructure and resources, accomplished alumni record and career opportunities. NUIG also ranked 238th in the world’s top 1,000 institutions.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course curriculum designed very well. The primary focused on practical skills. They conduct lots of workshops and invite guest lecturers from industries to share their experience and knowledge. The course contains 12modules and every module plays an important role in professional growth. There is a field trip in our course where they take students to the industry for real exposure. There are various things in our course like Digital Debate, Assignments, and Practical projects that provide us ready for real-world experience.

    Exams :

    Admission requirements: Bachelor's score must be higher than 60%, The Digital Marketing program is a master's degree of 1-year duration and it is open to graduates of all disciplines. If an applicant doesn't have a marketing subject in an undergraduate degree then the applicant needs to complete an online Principles of a Marketing test, before the commencement of studies. Overall minimum 6.5 in IELTS with a minimum of 6 in each segment. My scores: IELTS 7; Bachelor's score 80%; Successfully completed online Principles of a Marketing test.

    Placement :

    There is no placement in my course. The university guides us in building a CV and helps us in the searching job but there is no placement opportunity in the university. They prepared us for interviews and also organized various career fairs and workshops that help students to get in contact with various recruiters.

    Events :

    There are more than 124 societies in NUIG for student participation. The campus is huge and has 2librarires for students. Various extracurricular activities for students but due to pandemic not able to feel true campus life yet. Campus trying to conduct online activities for student entertainment like online quiz, movie night, online drinks night, etc. The campus also conducts campus tour and provide Xmas goodies to international students. They also organized an online Diwali celebration event for Indian students. NUIG located in the center of Galway city and the whole campus has a wifi facility for students. The most amazing thing about campus is they have their own cafe named 'SULT'. One of the most favorite places for students.

    Scholarship :

    I got the Business Merit Postgraduate Scholarship for MSc Digital Marketing of €4225. There was a special application for the scholarship where along with I had to write one SoP (Set out below your reasons for choosing this particular course of study, how it relates to your previous study and/or employment, why you have chosen to study in Ireland rather than in your home country and its relevance to your future career/educational plans.).

    Faculty :

    The faculty ratio varies according to the course. In Digital Marketing there is one faculty in an online class of 39 students. Faculties are highly educated and they are industry experts they have great contacts in the industry that would be beneficial for students. They are available by mail for any query or doubt. Not experienced on-campus class exposure yet this is the saddest part for this year. Patricia Mchugh is the course director of Digital Marketing, she is an amazing professor and most impactful person. She has great knowledge and very popular in the digital marketing sector of Ireland.

    Hostel :

    NUIG provide their own student accommodation that starts from 500euro and increased depending on your choice. For exact detail and prices for the room please visit the NUIG website. Upcoming students can also search for privately owned accommodation on and these are the two popular websites for renting a house. But the price can be vary depending on the location. The minimum rent in NUI Galway for a single room is 400euro.

    6.8 out of 10