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Scholarships, Student Loans, and Financial Aids to Study in Malaysia

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When it comes to selecting a study abroad destination students may be in a fix as the budget exceeds what they had anticipated. There are other monetary concerns like airfare rent and visa cost. But, with Malaysia there are numerous types of financial aids given to students. There are different scholarships and study loans from both private and public sectors. Notwithstanding, the government remains the biggest provider of financial aid to study in Malaysia.

Government backed financial assistance bodies include:

  • Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN), MOHE
  • The Ministry of Higher Education (Scholarship Division)
  • JPA Scholarship Programme
  • State Foundations
  • Government Linked Companies

Other than these, funding in Malaysia for education is also provided by private sector NGO in the form of grants, scholarships to study in Malaysia and study loans in Malaysia.

Scholarships to Study in Malaysia

There are different kinds of scholarships to study in Malaysia. Scholarships in Malaysia for international students are plenty. Some of them being:

Global Scholarships for International Students in Malaysia

Malaysia Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

  • For: Students from commonwealth countries
  • Level of study: Masters and PhD
  • Application deadline: July, 31 
  • Number of scholarships given: Multiple
  • Value of scholarship: Air tickets, tuition fee waiver, grants for books and travel within the country, health insurance
  • Duration of scholarship: 12-24 months (Masters courses) and 3 Years (PhD courses)

Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS)

  • For: All international students
  • Level of study: PhD and Masters
  • Application deadline: July, 31
  • Number of scholarships: Multiple
  • Value of scholarship: Air tickets, tuition fee waiver, grants for books and travel within the country, health insurance
  • Duration of scholarship: During entire course of study

International Shari’ah Research Academy Scholarship

  • For: Students from all countries
  • Level of study: Master’s and Doctoral studies
  • Application deadline: January, 15
  • Number of Scholarships: Not specified
  • Value of scholarship: Book allowance, sustenance allowance, tuition fee waiver (excluding registration fee, accommodation fee, deposit fee and personal bond fee)
  • Duration of scholarship: Masters (2 years) and PhD (3 years)

Country Specific Scholarships to Study in Malaysia

United Nations University IIGH Scholarship

  • For: Students from developing countries. Women are encouraged to apply.
  • Level of study: Research (Topics to be related to UNU-IIGH themes)
  • Application deadline: July, 31
  • Number of scholarships: Not mentioned
  • Value of scholarship: Monthly stipend
  • Duration of scholarship: 12 months

TWAS/USM Postgraduate Fellowship for Young Scientists Malaysia

  • For: Developing countries (does not include Malaysia)
  • Level of study: PhD and Fellowship
  • Application deadline: August, 31
  • Number of Scholarships: Standard monthly allowance
  • Value of scholarship: Monthly stipend
  • Duration of scholarship: up to 3 years

University of Nottingham Scholarship Program

  • For: Developing and third world countries
  • Level of study: Masters
  • Application Deadline: October, 13
  • Number of scholarships: 10
  • Value of scholarship: Full fee waiver
  • Duration of scholarship: Whole course of study

Albukhary Foundation Scholarship

  • For: Developing countries (Students from marginalized backgrounds)
  • Level of study: Undergraduate studies
  • Application deadline: 31, August
  • Number of scholarships: Up to 10
  • Value of scholarship: 100 % tuition fee waiver, accommodation, meals, uniforms, insurance, monthly allowance (Depends upon case to case)
  • Duration of study: Depends upon course to course

Scholarships given by Top Universities in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that dwells on providing top-notch higher education facilities to all its students with the help of scholarships and grants. Here goes of the list of top universities in Malaysia offering scholarships to both local and international students.

  • Sunway University, Malaysia
  • Monash University, Malaysia
  • University of Reading, Malaysia
  • Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
  • Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation
  • Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Taylor’s University Malaysia

Financial Aid Providers to Study in Malaysia

In a country like Malaysia, having a rapid influx of international students, financial aid providers come in from various backgrounds. They include governmental and non-governmental organizations, private and government linked companies, and several trade associations. Some of the biggest financial aid providers in Malaysia are mentioned below.

  • Ministry of Higher Education – Scholarship Division
  • The Public Service Department Programmes (JPA) – Local and overseas
  • Kojadi Education Loan to study in Malaysia
  • The Star Education Fund
  • Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship
  • Kuok Foundation
  • Sin Chew Daily Education Fund

Study Loans in Malaysia

Even though there are plenty of students who apply for scholarships to study in Malaysia, not all of them get the same. An alternative to scholarship is a financial loan. Lately, many financial loans are available to students who wish to study abroad. These loans help them get through their tuition fee, airfare charges, accommodation charges and other living expenses. A study loan is only granted in Malaysia if there is a guarantor, i.e. someone who would ensure that the loan taken is repaid. If this is not the case, then the student will not be given any kind of study loan Malaysia.

Study loans in Malaysia are given by, governmental, non-governmental and privately backed bodies. Some of the biggest study loans providers in Malaysia are:

  • PTPTN Study Loan
  • KOJADI education loan
  • Kuok Foundation

Studying in Malaysia, is one of the best choices that a student can make. Firstly, the cost of studying in Malaysia is comparatively cheaper than other countries. Not only this, there are many ways in which students can procure financial assistance to study in Malaysia as seen above.

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