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Study in Malaysia - Top Universities, Cost, Visa, Scholarships

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While jotting down the list of countries of your choice, do keep Malaysia on top of your list. Study in Malaysia for international students is on the rise with the country advancing towards becoming a center of excellence for students.

  • Malaysia ranks 11th on the most preferred destinations to study abroad.
  • Cost of studying in Malaysia is cheaper as evident and the country holds 2% share of international students (as per UNESCO).

The visa to study in Malaysia is easy to procure when compared to other countries. Many recognized foreign universities have their branch campuses in Malaysia with international students coming in to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses. Scholarships to study in Malaysia are plenty making these branches affordable for students. Here goes the rundown of detailed out reasons as to why you need to study in Malaysia.

Excellent Quality of Education: Top Universities in Malaysia

With the ministry of higher education wanting to turn the country into a center of excellence for students, Malaysia boasts of having some of the top universities as per the QS World University Rankings.Studying in Malaysia for international students is on the rise with colleges and universities offering well reputable degrees.

Some notable universities in Malaysia are listed below.

UniversityTimes Higher Education Ranking (2018)QS Ranking (2018)
University of Malaya351114
Universiti Sains Malaysia601264
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia601253
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia601230
University Putra Malaysia601229
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS601601

Better Life Quality in Malaysia

Malaysia is a rapidly developing country. The infrastructure is state-of-the-art, there are exceptional healthcare and medical facilities,campuses are world-class and the expressway network is one of the best in South East Asia.

Cost of Studying in Malaysia

If you are thinking about your study abroad destination, Malaysia is a country that should bag the first position. This is simply because the cost of studying in Malaysia is comparatively lower than other countries abroad. The table below will give you a cost approximation idea.

CountryLiving Cost/YearTuition Fees/YearTotal Fees
United KingdomUSD 12,000USD 15,000USD 27,000
AustraliaUSD 10,500USD 15,000USD 25,500
CanadaUSD 8,500USD 13,000USD 21,500
MalaysiaUSD 4,000USD 4,000USD 9,000
USAUSD 13,000USD 18,000USD 31,000

Visa to Study in Malaysia

Malaysia has a visa acceptance rate of 90%. Unlike other countries, obtaining your visa to study in Malaysia is pretty simple. As per the institution type, students can apply for visa in two ways:

Apply for Visa directly (online)

  • Only students who have offer letters from Public Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions, can apply for a visa directly
  • Where to apply: Education Malaysia Website
  • Processing time: 14 days

Apply for Visa through Institution

  • After submission of required documents and payment (varies for each institution), they will start the process to get the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) for the applicant
  • If applying for language and skill centers, it is mandatory to submit application through institution

Cultural Diversity in Malaysia

Study in Malaysia for international students is the best thing ever! The country is not at all hostile towards people coming in from different countries, but on the contrary they are extremely welcoming. Even though English and Malay are quite popular in the country, several other indigenous languages find place for themselves in Malaysia.

Scholarships to Study in Malaysia

82% of international students studying in Malaysia receive some sort of financial aid. Scholarships to study in Malaysia for international is offered by both public and private universities.  There are different types of educational financing available in Malaysia are: scholarship awards, education funds by the Malaysian government and private institutions, and loans.

Malaysia is setting a place for itself in the global scenario with a vast number of international students coming to study in Malaysia. With the number of reasons mentioned above, it can be said that the country is not wrong in saying that they wish to make Malaysia a center of excellence with regards to education. With the ease of educational facilities, it can be said that the country is all set to become one of the most sought-after destinations to study abroad.

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