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Visa to Study in Malaysia: Fees, Application Process, Malaysian Student Pass

Anam Shams Anam Shams
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As of late, Malaysia is on the verge of turning into the most popular destination for studying abroad. The country boasts of being home to more than 100000 students from more than 100 countries across the globe. One of the major factors influencing the massive student influx in Malaysia is the fact that the Malaysian student visa is easier to procure when compared to other countries. As of August 2018, Malaysia has accepted 5,598 student visas.

In Malaysia, a student visa is termed as Malaysia student pass. For the Malaysia visa application, students need to start off with the application process 3 months prior to the course commencement. In most of the cases, Malaysia visa application is taken care of by the University of the student itself, though there are other ways as well. A striking feature with regards to Malaysia student pass procurement is the fact that unlike other countries students need not appear for an interview to get their visa to study in Malaysia.

Malaysia student pass validity: 12 months

Visa renewal: 6 weeks before the visa expiry date

Malaysia visa fees:

  • A personal bond fee to the institution. Fee varies from USD 48 – USD 480
  • Student Pass is USD 14 per year or part of the year.
  • Visa fee (varies according to the country of origin and does not exceed USD 12)

How to Apply for Visa to Study in Malaysia?

As per the institution type, students can apply for a visa in two ways:

Apply for Malaysia Visa Online:

  • Only students who have offer letters from Public Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions, can apply for a visa directly
  • Where to apply: Education Malaysia Website
  • Processing time: 14 days

Apply for Visa through Institution

  • After submission of required documents and payment (varies for each institution), they will start the process to get the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) for the applicant
  • If applying for language and skill centers, it is mandatory to submit an application through the institution

Malaysia Student Pass Categories

Depending upon the institution of your choice, you will fall into different categories made by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

CategoryHow to apply?
Foreigner in government/private schoolsApply at the state immigration office via school For students coming in from People Republic of China (PRC), application to be submitted from the university directly to the student pass department of immigration headquarters at Putrajaya
Foreigner at Public Higher Education InstitutionsApply at state immigration office via institution Applicants from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan have to apply directly to the Department of Immigration headquarters in Putrajaya
Foreigner at Private Higher Education Institutions/Training CentersApply for Malaysia visa online on the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) website via the institution
Foreigner in language centersApply via institution to Department of Immigration headquarters in Putrajaya
Holder of dependent pass (Expatriate)Application to be submitted to Expatriate Service Division, Immigration Headquarters in Putrajaya, or at all relevant State Immigration Office

Documents required to get Malaysian Student Pass

As per the norms laid out by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) the documents mentioned below are an absolute necessity on the off chance that you wish to study in Malaysia.

  • Travel documents and passport copies
  • Support letter from Ministry of Education
  • Proof of personal bond
  • Letter of recommendation (LOR)
  • Offer letter from institution
  •  Form Imm.14

Things to keep in mind before applying for Visa to study in Malaysia

  • For few countries, yellow fever certificate is needed
  • Medical insurance is compulsory for students entering Malaysia
  • Medical examination needs to be conducted

Students coming from UK, Japan, US, Australia, South Korea, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey do not have to submit their Medical Exam report. They can submit their Declaration of Health Status.  All Iranian students coming to Malaysia for study needs to submit Letter of Eligibility (LOE) which they can obtain from their respective institution.

Perks given to Student Pass holder

  • Students pursuing their masters and PhD in Malaysia, are allowed to bring their dependents.
  • Dependents only include: Spouse, children, mother and father
  • Documents required for dependent pass:
Form Imm. 38
Form Imm. 55
Copy of Student Pass holder passport
Copies of dependents passport/documents
Confirmation letter from universities/college
Health insurance
Proof of relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate or letter from embassy) certified by the embassy office)
Any other relevant documents
  • Student Pass holders and their dependents will get a Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) during the course of study to go to home country and then return.
  • VOAS (Visa on arrival for students) is given by the Immigration Department of Malaysia for students coming from specific countries.

Reasons for Malaysian Student Pass Rejection

The student visa acceptance rate in Malaysia is 90% which is much higher than countries like USA and UK. This is one of the reasons why many international students prefer Malaysia as their study abroad destination. Even though the country is extremely popular amongst international students and more than 100000 students flock in each year to study, the Malaysian Immigration Department may reject a student pass application on the grounds of:

  • Insufficient funds in the bank
  • Invalid Letter of Recommendation
  • False documents
  • Criminal history
  • Documents in the regional language
  • Unsatisfactory academic records
  • Inconsistent program choices
  • Bad language/communication skills

Students can request the reason for rejection and they will be sent a letter along with the reasons for rejection.

Unlike other study abroad destinations like the USA or UK whose visa application processes feel like a burden, entering Malaysia is pretty uncomplicated. Mostly, student pass applications are accepted in Malaysia. There have been very few cases where a student pass application was rejected. If a student is planning to study in Malaysia, he should know that getting a Malaysian student visa is not as difficult as it seems to be.

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