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Application deadlines for Universities in the Netherlands

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Most universities in the Netherlands hold only one academic session in a year. The academic year officially commences with the winter session in the first week of September every year. Some universities in the Netherlands also have a summer session which begins in the first week of February each year.

The admission process for the September session of the upcoming academic year usually starts in October of the present year and continues till August of the following year.

The admission process for the upcoming February session of the present academic year begins in October of the present year and continues till January of the following year.

Students must apply for the bachelor's programmes on before the mentioned deadline. The application for graduate programs must be completed on the official website of the universities.

Given in the table below are application deadlines for all the universities in the Netherlands.

Application Deadline for Universities of Applied Sciences

The application process in the Netherlands for the September 2019 session will commence in October 2018 for most the colleges listed below.

The same for the February 2019 session will begin in November 2018.

UniversityProgrammesSeptember Session(2019)February Session(2019)
 - -EU studentsnon-EUEU studentsnon-EU
Aeres University of Applied SciencesAll1st May1st May - -
Amsterdam School of the ArtsAll1st May1st May - -
Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesAll1st May1st May - -
ArtEZ Institute of the ArtsBachelor's1st May1st May - -
Master's1st June1st February - -
Avans UAS Bachelor's1st August1st June - -
Breda University of Applied SciencesBachelor's1st May1st May - -
Master's15th August1st June -
Christelijke Hogeschool EdeBachelor's1st May22nd March - -
Codarts, University for the ArtsBachelor's1st February1st February - -
Master's16th February16th February - -
EuroCollege University RotterdamInternational Business & Entrepreneurship21st September21st September1st February1st February
Inholland UAS Bachelor's1st June1st May --
Fontys UAS Bachelor's15th August15th May - 15th June15th January15th November 2018
HAN UAS Bachelor's15th August1st June15th January1st December 2018
Hanze UAS Bachelor's15th August1st June - -
Hotelschool The HagueBachelor's1st May1st May - -
Master's1st July15th June - -
HU UAS Utrecht Bachelor's1st August15th June - -
HZ UAS Bachelor's15th July15th June - -
New Business School Amsterdam - - - - -
NHTV Breda UASBachelor's1st September1st May - -
Master's1st July1st June - -
Saxion UASBachelor's1st July16th June20th December 201822nd November 2018
Master's5th July5th July - -
Stenden UAS Bachelor's31st August31st May27th January1st November 2018
TIO UAS Bachelor's1st July1st July1st November 20181st November 2018
The Hague UASBachelor's1st May1st May - -
Master's20th August31st May - -
University of Applied Sciences LeidenAll1st May1st May31st January31st January
University of the Arts, The HagueAll1st May1st May - -
Van Hall Larenstein UASBachelor’s30th August1st August - -
Master’s30th August15th August -
Wittenborg UAS Bachelor's2-4 weeks prior to start date6-8 weeks prior to start date - -
Windesheim UAS Bachelor's15th August1st July - -
Zuyd UASBachelor's1st May - 1st August1st May - 1st August - -
Master's1st May - 1st July1st May - 1st July - -

Application Deadline for Research Universities

Registration for September 2019 session will begin in late September or early October 2018.

The same for the February 2019 session will begin in November 2018.

UniversityProgrammesSeptember Session (2019)February Session (2019)
 - -EU studentsnon-EUEU studentsnon-EU
Radboud University Nijmegen Bachelor's1st May1st April 1st December 2018 1st November 2018
Tilburg UniversityBachelor's1st May1st April - 1st May - -
 -Master's1st July1st April1st October - 1st December 20181st October 2018
University of Amsterdam Bachelor's1st April - 15th May1st February - 1st May - -
University of TwenteBachelor's1st March - 1st July1st March - 1st May - -
 -Master's1st July1st May 1st December 20181st October 2018
VU University AmsterdamBachelor's1st April - 1st May1st April - -
 -Master's1st June1st April - -
Delft University of TechnologyBachelor's1st April1st April - -
 - -1st April1st April1st October 20181st October 2018
Erasmus University RotterdamBachelor's1st May1st April - 1st May - -
BSc International Business Administration15th January15th January
 -Master's1st May - 1st July1st April - 1st June - -
Leiden UniversityBachelor's15th June1st April - -
Master's15th June1st April1st December 201815th October 2018 -
Maastricht UniversityBachelor's1st May1st April -
Master's1st June1st April - 1st May1st - 15th December 20181st October - 1st November 2018
Eindhoven University of Technology Bachelor's1st May1st April - 1st May - -
University of Groningen Bachelor's1st March - 1st July1st February - 1st June - -
Utrecht UniversityBachelor's1st May1st April - 1st May -
Master's1st June1st April15th October 20181st September 2018
Wageningen University Bachelor's15th July1st May1st December 20181st October 2018

Application Deadline for University Colleges

UniversityProgrammesSeptember Session (2019)February Session (2019)
 - -EU studentsnon-EUEU studentsnon-EU
Amsterdam University College Bachelor's1st February1st February1st November 20181st November 2018
University College Utrecht Bachelor's1st February1st February15th September 201815th September 2018

Application Deadline for Business Schools

UniversityProgrammesSeptember Session (2019)February Session (2019)
 - -EU studentsnon-EUEU studentsnon-EU
Duisenberg school of financeFull-time MSc and LLM programmes1st August15th May - -
Maastricht School of ManagementMSc in Management1st March1st March - -
 -Full-time MBA1st August1st July - -
 -Part-time MBA1st July1st July1st December 20181st December 2018
Nyenrode Business UniversiteitBBA1st July (starting in August)1st July (starting in August) 
 -International MBA15th July (starting in October)15th July (starting in October)  - -
MSc in Management30th June (starting in late August)30th June (starting in late August)  - -
Rotterdam Business SchoolBachelor's31st July1st May -
 -Master's31st July1st May1st January1st November 2018
TIAS Business SchoolFull-time MBA21st July (starting in late September)21st July (starting in late September) -
MSc in Business Administration1st June1st June - -
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