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SOP for MBA in Netherland: Guidelines for Admission into Netherland Business Schools

Sugandhi Sood Sugandhi Sood
Study Abroad Expert

A Statement of Purpose for MBA is a little different from other personal essays. It is required to be more in-depth with information (compared to other programs) and should always include an overview of your personal and professional experiences.

While writing an SOP for MBA in Netherlands, there are a few structural guidelines that applicants need to observe. In addition to emphasizing upon the choice of studying in Netherlands, there are a few features which are common for all the MBA Letter of Motivation required by Netherland universities.

SOP for MBA in Netherlands: Structural Guidelines and Key Elements

A statement of purpose for MBA in Netherlands business school is a combination of written and video essays. The expectations from both type of SOPs are uniform; guidelines for which are mentioned below:

  • Unless otherwise specified, Netherland universities ask applicants to submit a Motivation letter, wherein they have to write essay-type answers to given questions.
  • The recommended word count of a complete SOP for MBA in the Netherlands is a maximum of 1500 words.
  • Since SOPs are generally asked in a question-answer format, you don’t have to worry about the flow of the overall essay. Just keep it precise and informative.
  • As one will expect, you have to answer questions like ‘Why Am I The Best Candidate for Admission?’, 'Why Am I Pursuing an MBA degree from Netherlands?', ‘Why Did I Choose this University or School for the MBA Program?’.

There are a few factors which are common for all the SOPs submitted for MBA in the Netherlands. However, each business school has its own set of requirements and guidelines. So don’t forget to thoroughly check them.

SOP for MBA in Netherlands: Requirements in Netherlands Universities

According to QS Top MBA rankings, around 10 universities in the Netherlands offer MBA. The SOP requirements are mandatory in all institutions. While majority of the universities require a 500-word essay catering to your career goals, there are three universities that have specific guidelines for the Motivational Letter.

SOP for MBA at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Erasmus’s Rotterdam School of Management is known for both its full-time MBA and Executive MBA program. While statement of purpose is mandatory for both programs, its requirements varies:

SOP for Full-time MBA

From applicants of full-time Rotterdam MBA programs, the admission committee requires a pre-prepared essay of about 1000 words. Even though there are no fixed guidelines as to what to include in your, below are a few tips which might help you:

  • Do not emphasize too much on the factual information mentioned in your CV.
  • Try to entwine personal experiences with your professional goals.
  • If you have done any volunteer work/community service, talk about it in detail.

These are a few basic guidelines that you are advised to follow while writing your SOP for MBA in New Zealand’s Rotterdam School of Management.

SOP for Executive MBA

Contrary to the requirements for full-time MBA, an SOP for Executive MBA at Rotterdam comprises of three short 500-word essays, answering the following questions:

  • In detail, explain the most difficult decision you have made and its impact on you.
  • How will you rate your professional progress till now? How will this Executive MBA program help you grow further?
  • Analyse the socio-economic environment around you. How does it affect your decision-making ability? Explain with examples

Note that these questions are strictly for the students planning to apply for the 2021-2022 session.

SOP for MBA at Amsterdam Business School

As a part of your application for a full-time MBA at ABS, you are asked to submit three essays. Of which, two essays are mandatory and the third essay is optional. The guidelines for these essays are:

  • Each essay shall be around 250 words.
  • The theme of all three essays are:
    • What sets you apart from others?
    • Your reasons for acquiring an ABS MBA degree?
    • Plans post completion of the MBA degree.

Well these are the guidelines for the Motivational essay, however, the overall SOP requirement doesn’t end here. Post submission of admission application to Amsterdam Business School, if you are selected, you will proceed to the ABS Assessment round.

The ABS assessment, comprising three short video essays, is a 20 minute procedure designed to check the applicants spontaneity and honesty.

SOP for MBA at Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

Your statement of purpose for a full-time MBA program at Maastricht School of Management requires essay-type answers to questions based on four aspects: Career, Motivation, Personality, Choice. The complete essay (including all 4 topics) should be not more than 3-4 pages in length and should be Helvetica font and 10-15 font spacing.

The questions asked in each section are:

Career Questions:

  1. How will participating in the program influence or upgrade your future career?
  2. Are you currently working? If yes, what type of job is it and what motivated you to apply for an MBA degree alongside it?
  3. What are your career goals?
  4. Do you wish to stay in the Netherlands after graduation?
  5. What field and type of job do you expect or wish to get after graduation?
  6. What skills are you intending to develop for your career with respect to your application?

Motivation Questions:

  1. Why do you think the MSM will be a perfect fit for you?
  2. Why did you apply for this MBA program?
  3. How will MSM benefit from your enrolment and presence at the institution?
  4. What aspects of the program are particularly appealing to you? If there are any, please state them.

Questions About Choice:

  1. Are you currently considering other alternatives?
  2. Are you also applying or have applied to other schools?

Personality Questions:

  1. What are your passions? What do you love doing?
  2. What achievements have you gotten so far? Are you proud of them and why?
  3. Mention three of your weaknesses as well as three of your strengths.

While it is recommended to address all questions, you are not required to stick to the asked questions. Furthermore, you have the freedom to answer the questions in a free-flowing manner.

Writing an SOP for MBA in Netherlands is not tough, applicants only need to be professional in their tone, thorough with information, and honest with details.

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