Truly great institute: Eindhoven University of Technology

    7.2 /10

    Compared to other countries, the price to quality of education ratio is the best in the world in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, the TU/e is the best university for my respective program where the course is taught in English so it was a fairly straightforward choice for me once i was accepted.

    Course Curriculum :

    It is highly relevant to the industry today but also very rigourous at the same time. There exists a quartile system as opposed to a semester system. This means that you have about 10 weeks to master 3 courses and be tested on them and this might be too intense for many. But besides that the quality of education is high and a high degree of focus is placed on practical learning.

    Exams :

    My scores: CBSE overall 92.2 & IELTS - 8 Entry minimums: For CBSE, Math and Physics are compulsory subjects (even Chemistry for certain majors) for admission. Math and Physics must be a grade of A1 or A2. The other 3 subjects should have a grade above B1. All of the subject grades must be atleast 70%. For english proficiency, a minimum score of 6.5 is needed with atleast 6 in each section.

    Internship :

    None yet

    Placement :

    Most students move on to their masters after their bachelors. However opportunities are plenty in the country especially for technical roles

    Events :

    Not the biggest campus compared to ones in the US but it is still big enough (250 acres) and accomadates everything a student needs from libraries to sports facilities etc.

    Fees :

    11k euros and living would be around 750 - 1000 eur p/m

    Scholarship :

    No scholarships available to indian students at TU/e in bachelors. For masters however, there are options.

    Faculty :

    The faculty is highly qualified and knowledgable to begin with. Even associate professors are PhD's. The classroom sizes are very very big and can go as high as 400 sometimes. However the professors are very approacable during the breaks or in their offices.

    Hostel :

    Average rent for a room varies from 350-800 eur p/m. There is no hostel concept here unlike other countries and mostly shared apartments. In most cases you share your bathroom and kitchen with your flatmates.

    7.2 out of 10